Bitcoin Wealth Review – Is It A Scam?

Bitcoin Wealth Review

There is no question that trading Bitcoin and other cryptos has become one of financial markets’ most common forms of profiting. The trade prospects are infinite, with so much uncertainty. As Bitcoin trading has risen worldwide, so have the tools that improve the accuracy and efficiency of trading.

  • An online quest will provide you with a wide range of trading applications, trading signals, advanced analytics and more.
  • Our task is to analyze and reveal what every product has to offer; the good, the bad and the ugly.
Bitcoin Wealth Review 2020 – Is the Bitcoin Wealth Scam Real?

Today we are going to be concentrating on Bitcoin Wealth.

If you visit the Bitcoin Wealth website, you’ll read that it’s a secure and easy high-tech platform that allows everyone to profitably trade Bitcoin. You’ll also get a chance to learn more about Max Carney, the founder of the Bitcoin Wealth app.

So, let’s start a more thorough analysis of this software.

The Bitcoin Wealth App

Bitcoin Wealth Review 2020 – Is the Bitcoin Wealth Scam Real?

To begin with, Bitcoin Wealth is marketed as a program focused on innovative blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Using these technologies, the app can offer high-quality trading signals that increase the potential for profit, while raising trade risks.

  • To top it off, all trading takes place on a simplified platform that allows everyone to profitably transact Bitcoin.
  • On the first glimpse, the software sounded like an effective trading tool that yields profits.
  • Nonetheless, the issue is that we have been testing items for a long time and so when we entered the web we quickly figured that the Bitcoin Wealth platform was essentially a clone of another site called Crypto Wealth.

The thing is, we are aware that Crypto Wealth is a fraud and that it was built by the same Max Carney, so you don’t have to be a genius to figure out whether Bitcoin Wealth is the real thing, or just an extension of ongoing scams generated by the so-called Max Carney.

If we pause for a moment and look at a legitimate trading app, like Bitcoin Trader, you’ll be able to instantly compare top quality with a complete scam.

How Deep Does the Bitcoin Wealth Scam Go?

Okay, so let’s try to set aside the obvious and let’s really dissect what Bitcoin Wealth has to offer.

Award Winning App?

Bitcoin Wealth notes that they have a security score of 100 percent and that 9 out of 10 financial experts believe that their program is the most secure profit-generating software of our time. We did thorough research and could not find any financial expert to recommend Bitcoin Wealth.

In contrast, it notes on the Bitcoin Trader website that they have received a variety of awards for their app’s effectiveness. We did an online search, and it quickly became evident that the Bitcoin Trader program is legit and highly regarded in the financial space.

Let’s move on to another feature.


Bitcoin Wealth says their program is 100% legal and there is no risk involved because the software never loses a tarde! Okay, the truth is you don’t have to be a professional online trader to know this really isn’t real. If we were all to exchange, and never lose trades and wealth, we would all be billionaires.

  • Financial markets are unpredictable and asset prices are continuously changing, and no computer in the world can reliably measure such fluctuations with a 100 percent accuracy.
  • In contrast, Bitcoin Trader is even more straightforward and explicitly notes that its program is more than 98 percent accurate.
  • Although the Bitcoin Trader has a powerful algorithm searching the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets to find potentially lucrative trading opportunities, some of the trades that you are going to join will end in loss.

The Bitcoin Trader algorithm has the advantage that it works with a time leap of 0.01 seconds. This means that even before you open a trade it knows in which direction an asset is going. This puts you in a very strong financial-market position. You can watch the video on their site to get a little more insight into Bitcoin Trader and how the software operates.


Looking at testimonials and other user reviews is the best way to review any product.

When you visit the Bitcoin Wealth section, you’ll be given the opportunity to read feedback from Bitcoin Wealth users from around the world who claim to make big daily incomes. Let’s look at one of those feedbacks, then.

  • We’ll begin with a claim from Moe Zanner, who says he can quit his job soon thanks to the Bitcoin Wealth system.

We did an online search to get some more information about Moe Zanner and were not so shocked to find he doesn’t even exist. In fact, his picture can be found on Thinkstock, a stock photography site.

Let’s look at another testimonial, that of Matteo Ormaz, who claims he’d made money within 34 minutes of using the Bitcoin Wealth software. Back to our detective work and we find out that Matteo doesn’t really exist and that he is, in fact, just an iStock stock picture.

Should we go on?

The truth is, we tried Bitcoin Trader and within a short period of time we were able to make profits. On that basis, we know the user’s testimonials are valid. Another aspect we’ve always enjoyed using the Bitcoin Trader software is that we just had to put in about 20 minutes of work a day. That is, you can configure the software and select your parameters for the trading.

This includes how much you want to spend in every trade, what assets you want to trade, the amount of risk you want to make and even the methods you want to use.

Once the Bitcoin Trader finds a trading opportunity which matched the parameters of the trading program, it will automatically open a trade without our interference.

An automated trading program, like Bitcoin Trader, is perfect for someone who has no hours to sit in front of their computer and study the markets. Another nice feature of the Bitcoin Trader is that at any time you can switch to manual mode, so you can be in full control of your trading activities.

How Does it Work?

We think it’s pretty easy to see that the Bitcoin Wealth app is a scam so far. Let’s explore how the scam works. According to the app’s founder, Max Carney, he’s mastered the art of making money through Bitcoin trading and trading cryptos like Neo, Ethereum and others. He notes that because his tools and techniques work for everybody, everyone can make money.

  • He also notes that once you gain entry to the app, you’ll get full support and he’ll show you how it’s mathematically impossible to fail by using blockchain technology and as a result, profits are easily created daily.
  • We know this isn’t real.
  • Any program that promises quality and performance at 100 percent should be totally ignored.
  • When we look at the site of the Bitcoin Trader it is very clear what their method is.
  • That is, you can sign up for the account and activate it free of charge. You must give some basic personal data, such as your full name, email address, country and phone number.
  • When your Bitcoin Trader account is activated, you’ll then need to make a $250 deposit to have trading capital available for trading purposes.
  • One of Bitcoin Trader’s best strengths is that they’ve collaborated with the industry’s biggest, dependable brokers.
  • These brokers are the ones that give you direct access to the trading platform where the crypto-trading is done.

The Bitcoin Trader app operates smoothly with all its favorite broker platforms. We also liked the fact that each broker provides a range of other services and features, such as safe banking options, access to a robust educational centre, powerful trading resources and qualified and attentive customer support.

Don’t Get Caught in the Bitcoin Wealth Scam

Bitcoin Wealth is about persuading people to sign up and make a deposit. They do this by offering riches and giving false testimonies from people who allegedly made tons of money. They are also introducing the element of urgency by asking you to sign up quickly before the free offer expires.

Bitcoin Wealth Review 2020 – Is the Bitcoin Wealth Scam Real?

We’ve been monitoring this platform for a couple of months now, and still no expiry!

We’ve been reviewing brokers, software and other services for a long time and finding a scam is often easy, and Bitcoin Wealth is one of those apps that falls perfectly into the category of scams.

Take the time to try other automated tech solutions for trading, such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole and Crypto Genius, where customer support is top notch and the technology works well.

Know that the Bitcoin and crypto-currency markets offer a wide variety of lucrative trading options. Don’t get swept up in a bitcoin asset trading scheme. Make the right move and use the Bitcoin Trader tools to gain your bigger income share.

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