Crypto MasterBot Review – A Scam Trading Bot?

Crypto MasterBot

Trading cryptos is obviously becoming increasingly common globally. This is due to the many advantages provided by digital currencies including anonymity and confidentiality, as well as exposure to quicker transactions and lower fees. To top it off, crypto-CFD trading has opened the doors to new traders, and even those with no prior financial market experience or understanding. You don’t need thousands of dollars to buy Bitcoin directly anymore and with access to a range of reputable online brokers, today everyone can exchange cryptos and benefit.

  • Another major advantage of this space is that with the growing popularity of crypto-trading, more efficient trading products have been created.
  • For example, these include trading signals, automated trading bots, analytical tools, expert advisors and much more.
  • The key reason these goods were created was to reduce the trading risks while increasing the profits.

It is these items that we carefully analyze in order to provide reliable and truthful information to traders around the world. Then they can sign up for the best goods and services on the market. With this in mind, we’re going to concentrate on Crypto MasterBot today.

Crypto MasterBot Login

Crypto MasterBot Reviews – Is This Legit Trading Software?

You are instantly informed from the moment you click on the Crypto MasterBot website that this is a lucrative, world-class auto trader. The video on the site’s homepage gives you step-by-step information on how to get started. You can also see the dashboard of Crypto MasterBot from where you can do your trades. Crypto MasterBot also offers a demo mode that is a great feature to check the platform and your trading strategies without losing any of your hard-earned cash. Also the dashboard offers a choice of features like Stop Loss and Take Profit, plus a trader may set their desired risk level.

  • The software also provides traders with direct access to a variety of trading assets as well as access to reliable brokers from which they can make their trades.
  • Another great feature is that you can set Crypto MasterBot to automated mode.
  • Which means the software can trade on your behalf once you have set your trading criteria, allowing money even when you’re not around.

So, everything sounds very good up to now, right?

Okay, sadly, we’ve got to admit we didn’t sign up with Crypto MasterBot because we didn’t feel sure this was software that was legit. The login and website of Crypto MasterBot is an exact copy of the original Algo Signals app. In fact, Crypto MasterBot has gone so far as to copy the Algo Signals template and use the same details and content as originally given by the site. This immediately made us suspicious of this website.

Now we’re not suggesting that the Crypto MasterBot site is a scam; instead we’re suggesting that signing up with Algo Signals, which is the original, trustworthy and recommended app, makes more sense. Let’s dig at the Crypto MasterBot software even more.

What Does Algo Signals Have to Offer?

As we said, Crypto MasterBot is just a copy of Algo Signals, a real automated software that lets you easily trade cryptos and fx. The software provides successful trading signals telling you when and which asset to sell.

Preferred Brokers

Another great advantage of Algo Signals is that it is available at no cost. After you have signed up you can then connect the trustworthy brokers with which Algo Signals has collaborated. These include brokers providing an all-inclusive trading experience from an easy-to-use trading platform, as well as safe deposit and withdrawal banking services, access to extensive educational tools, and knowledgeable, attentive customer service.

Customize the Trading Parameters

Another important feature of Algo Signals is that it caters to new as well as experienced traders. It’s clear that Algo Signals knows that no two traders are the same and can customize their software based on your risk tolerance and trading needs. Since Crypto MasterBot has simply copied the original Algo Signals, your business expectations can also be personalized on their trading dashboards.

It involves setting the Take Benefit and Stop Loss orders as well as the Trading Signals to desired probability. With the ability to completely configure the trading program, you will be in total control of your market experience. This is a major plus in the field of online commerce.

Automated and Manual Trading

One of Algo Signals’ key benefits is that you can set the software to automated mode, and it will then trade for you based on your trading parameters. The big benefit of this is it helps a trader to do other things while the machine does all the work. In today’s fast-paced world, many of us just don’t have the patience to sit down for hours in front of our computers to study the markets and decide when to enter or leave companies. For you, all the work will be done by Algo Signals. Another great benefit is that you can set the app to manual, giving you complete control over your trading activities anytime.

Accurate Trading Signals

The signals Algo Signals provides are reliable and they advise when and which asset to trade. The gain for new traders is that they can take advantage of attractive trading opportunities in the fx and crypto-currency markets without the need for trading expertise and financial market knowledge.

The trading signals will enable experienced traders to validate their market analysis and also to fine-tune their trading strategies. Since we have not felt comfortable about signing up with Crypto MasterBot, we can not comment on the accuracy of their trade signals.

We don’t know whether they managed to copy the advanced algorithm from the original Algo Signals program successfully. With this in mind, signing up with the original creators of the crypto-trading signals clearly makes more sense than with a corporation that merely copies others. Your first option should be Algo Signals.

Powerful Trading Experience

Algo Signals has really gone the extra mile to make sure their trading room provides all the tools, facilities and features required for successful and profitable trading. This includes live financial news, asset price charts, links to open trade information and much more.

Interestingly, if you watch the video on the Crypto MasterBot website, you can find immediately that it offers the same features as those on the Algo Signals dashboard. Crypto MasterBot actually copied and rebranded the Algo Signals trading dashboard as its own.

Responsive and Professional Customer Support

A significant part of trading successfully is being able to contact the customer service team as you trade. Algo Signals’ customer support is knowledgeable and attentive, and can be contacted 24/5 via live chat or email. Additionally, the brokers they’ve partnered with always give excellent customer service, giving traders peace of mind that they always have someone at their fingertips to answer their questions and inquiries when trading.

In contrast, Crypto MasterBot offers support only with the Live Chat option. We filled in our information but received no reply. This is a big red flag when it comes to having a reliable website and apps.

Is Crypto MasterBot For All Traders?

As we explained, because Crypto MasterBot is simply a copy of the highly recommended and original Algo Signals, all types of traders are catered by this program.

Crypto MasterBot Demo Trading Account

One of the reasons for this is that Algo Signals and MasterBot Crypto offer a demo trading account. The demo account available at Algo Signals offers $1,500 in virtual money for traders. You can then check the trading platform and the trading signals efficiency without losing any real money. It is a major plus for new traders, while experienced traders can test their trading strategies using this tool.


If you visit the Algo Signals website, you’ll get the opportunity to read some of their clients’ testimonials. It is evident that Algo Signals works, and that people are using this program and making money. Now, while we’ve said that Crypto MasterBot only copied the original Algo Signals, we’re glad to hear they didn’t go as far as copying testimonials from their client as well. Interestingly though, when we did an online search, we found several places that consider Crypto MasterBot as a scam site and while we don’t claim the site is a scam, we would rather strongly suggest that a trader signs up with the original Algo Signals site instead and avoid copies of this trading software.

How to Sign Up

Crypto MasterBot Reviews – Is This Legit Trading Software?

Since Crypto MasterBot has simply copied the Algo Signals site, they also seem to have copied the process of signing up. Use of the Algo Signals is safe, as stated before. To sign up, you simply need to follow the following few easy steps:

  1. Visit the original website for Algo Signals.
  2. Tap the ‘Register’ button on the site’s homepage.
  3. Provide your email address and your first and last names and click on ‘Next.’
  4. You will then be given a password to build your account.
  5. If this is completed, you’ll need to include your location and phone number for contact.
  6. When you have approved the Terms and Conditions it will open your account.

It is truly as simple as the above statements say. When you have opened your trading account, you will be routed to the Algo Signals dashboard. You may pick a broker you wish to partner with from here.

Crypto MasterBot Trading Accounts

Algo Signals provides a variety of trading account rates as part of their perception that there are no two traders being the same. These include levels for novices, experts and masters. We also liked the fact that Algo Signals only needs a trader to deposit $250 to a preferred broker to sign in.

This money belongs to the trader and it is used as commercial capital. Every account level also provides customized features to suit the specific traders needs. For eg, a trader also gets access to multiple brokers, 3 fx currency pairs, 3 crypto pairs, 3 open trades and x1 leaderboard multiplier for a $250 deposit at the Novice level. The trade dashboard has a real-time leaderboard that states the top traders.

The truth is, on the Algo Signals trading dashboard you can find everything you need to trade fx and cryptos effectively.

The Bottom Line – Is Crypto MasterBot a Scam?

It’s obvious we don’t have confidence in the Crypto MasterBot software. Since we’ve tested hundreds of software over the years, we know that staying away is a good thing when we see a site which is simply a copy of another site.

Although we don’t know if Crypto MasterBot did an outstanding job of copying the original Algo Signals site, we don’t believe it makes sense to sign up for a copy when the original is available and has already been checked and confirmed.

With all that being said, we give a thumbs up to Crypto MasterBot for choosing Algo Signals as the place to copy. If you’re looking for accurate, precise trading signals so you can profitably trade fx and cryptocurrencies, Algo Signals should be your first option.

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