Ukraine: The Most Recent Country to Legalize Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

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In the wake of the crypto takeover, slowly but surely, one country after the other is working on regulating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Ukraine has only been the latest to take it to the parliament and discuss the legal background of cryptocurrencies. In a near-unanimous vote, the Ukrainian parliament has adopted a new law […]

Can Cardano (ADA) Compete With Bitcoin and Ethereum Some Day?

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The super hot and trendy cryptocurrency market has been experiencing shockwaves throughout the past few months. With high volatility and price-changing news popping up every few days, this is a place to be if you are looking for a dynamic and thrilling occupation. But also, if you’re looking to invest and earn substantially by submitting […]

Bitcoin Price Plummets After U.S. Officials Recover Most of Colonial Ransom

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The most well-known digital coin in the crypto world, also known as Bitcoin, can’t seem to catch a break and continue with its rapid price growth. Multiple events are to blame for the latest price slip after a brutal sell-off happening among cryptocurrencies. We cannot be certain what triggered it, but it may be linked […]

Bitcoin Reaches the $40,000 Mark, Ethereum Surges By 10%

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After a slight drawback in crypto prices, digital coin value seemingly recovered on Wednesday after all-day moderate fluctuations. All-star cryptos are trading in green once more, and it seems that sentiment is experiencing improvement in spite of high volatility.  The most popular crypto coin out there, Bitcoin, bounced back a bit, precisely 3 percent higher […]

Ethereum Appears to Be Speeding its Transition to Proof-of-Stake

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Ethereum’s developers seem to be driving the move of the network to Proof-of-Stake consensus and away from the Proof-of-Work mining culture. On March 11, developer “Mikhail Kalinin” published specifications for the future blockchain of Eth2 merge with the current Ethereum network. The documentation states that a consensus upgrade from PoS to PoW would be enforced. […]

Ethereum options expire this month, suggesting that ETH’s upside is minimal

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Ethereum price has been in the uptrend since the beginning of the year, but main options indicators indicate that overcoming the $2,000 mark would be a challenge. To date, the price of Ether (ETH) has increased by 85 percent in 2021, and options traders are still highly positive about altcoin’s short-term results. Over 96,000 ($172 […]

DOGE is catching up to r/Bitcoin on Reddit.

DOGE is catching up to r/Bitcoin on Reddit.

This week, behind r/CryptoCurrency and r/Bitcoin, R/Dogecoin was the third most successful crypto community on Reddit. Despite Dogecoin’s underperformance in relation to other big crypto assets this week, the DOGE group has been among the most involved on Reddit. r/dogecoin has been the third-most popular crypto community on Reddit this week, according to data gathered […]

Lockdown hits UK’s GDP less than expected, but Brexit batters trade

ockdown hits UK's GDP less than expected, but Brexit batters trade

UNHCR (Reuters)- Britain’s economy decreased less than the January forecast predicted, as the nation reinstated the coronavirus lockdown, while trade with the European Union was condemned as new post-Brexit rules kick started. Gross domestic product was 2.9% lower than the numbers in the last month of 2020, according to numbers published by the Office for […]

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Bitcoin’s recent recovery and the stellar success of altcoins indicate that bulls believe BTC will retest its all-time peak. Goldman Sachs has announced plans to enable its wealth management clients to invest in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, following in the footsteps of Morgan Stanley. Mary Rich, the global head of digital assets for Goldman […]

Marathon only mines ‘fully compliant’ Bitcoin transactions, according to the blacklist.

Marathon only mines ‘fully compliant' Bitcoin transactions, according to the blacklist.

From May 1, Marathon intends to redirect all hash power to its latest, regulatory-compliant Bitcoin mining pool. Marathon Digital Holdings, a major American mining company, has announced the launch of the first North American Bitcoin mining pool that is “completely compliant with US regulations.” According to a March 30 announcement, the pool follows the Office […]

For the first time since 2013, Bitcoin has closed six consecutive monthly green candles.

For the first time since 2013, Bitcoin has closed six consecutive monthly green candles.

Bitcoin’s last six monthly candles have all closed in the pink, tying its previous bullish monthly candle run. For the first time since April 2013, Bitcoin has closed six consecutive monthly green candles. If history repeats itself, Bitcoin may see even more parabolic gains this year. After six green monthly candles, Bitcoin closed at around […]

For the first time, the Oakland Athletics have sold a suite season ticket for Bitcoin.

For the first time, the Oakland Athletics have sold a suite season ticket for Bitcoin.

The A’s was the first team in Major League Baseball to recognize cryptocurrency as payment for seats. The Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball have sold their first crypto-purchased season ticket less than three weeks after they were first made available. On March 15, the Oakland Athletics, as they are affectionately known, unveiled an offer […]

Uniswap’s DeFi supremacy is being challenged by PancakeSwap (CAKE).

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PancakeSwap has risen to prominence as one of the most successful DeFi sites, and its Binance Smart Chain integration makes it a liquidity magnet when compared to competitors such as Uniswap and SushiSwap. Over the last month, nonfungible tokens have taken precedence over decentralized finance, but that hasn’t stopped the top DeFi projects from creating […]

Is ADA the new Bitcoin?

The past couple of months have seen turbulence and volatility in the world of digital currency, as particular coins, like Bitcoin, soared in value and some of the others closely followed. The popularity is on the rise and a wide-spread usage can be seen on the horizon, as more and more companies accept the new […]

Now You Can Purchase a Used Hyundai With Bitcoin!


New practical usage instances of crypto payments are coming up constantly! Cryptocurrency holders in the US can now buy their car with Bitcoin! HGreg, a Quebec-established car store giant with thirty locations in North America, will start accepting crypto payments for new or pre-owned cars from March this year. The car dealer, headquartered in Quebec […]

Goldman Sachs isn’t a Bearish Indicator for the BTC Marketplace


The Bitcoin marketplace is not the same place it was in 2017 when Goldman Sachs was against the idea of launching its own crypto trading desk. Peter Brandt, a prominent expert trader and Chef Executive Officer of the trading frmm Factor LLC, not that long ago shred his thoughts on Goldman Sachs’ ability to restart […]

Turkish Finance Ministry Plans to Study Cryptos With Local Regulators


Regulators are taking a magnifying glass at cryptocurrencies in Turkey, and local aficionados applaud the change. Turkey has lots of attractive things – a beautiful coastline, rich history, mouthwatering food… But did you know it’s also a cryptocurrency-friendly nation? When it comes to virtual assets, Turkey had a wait-and-see approach. This is poised to change […]