Now you can buy a used Hyundai, not just a Lambo, with Bitcoin.


Practical usage of cases for cryptocurrency payments is popping up all the time. Crypto holders in North America will now be able to buy their next BTC car. Practical usage of cases for cryptocurrency payments is popping up all the time. Crypto holders in North America will now be able to buy their next BTC […]

Goldman Sachs is not a bearish Bitcoin indicator


The Bitcoin marketplace is not the same place it was in 2017 when Goldman Sachs was against the idea of launching its own cryptocurrency trading desk. Peter Brandt, a prominent expert trader and Chef Executive Officer of the trading company Factor LLC, not that long ago shred his thoughts on Goldman Sachs’ ability to restart […]

Turkish Finance Ministry Plans to Study Cryptos With Local Regulators


Regulators are taking a magnifying glass at cryptocurrencies in Turkey, and local aficionados applaud the change. Turkey has lots of attractive things – a beautiful coastline, rich history, mouthwatering food… But did you know it’s also a cryptocurrency-friendly nation? When it comes to virtual assets, Turkey had a wait-and-see approach. This is poised to change […]

What Can You Purchase with Bitcoin?


People can buy all sorts of weird things with the help of cryptocurrencies – porn, garden furniture and at-home testing kits for Covid-19. Over the past year, the worth of one Bitcoin has increased from fewer than $10,000 to over $30,000. Firms like Square and IBM are utilizing blockchain, the currency-founded tech, to create and […]

Another Bitcoin bullish rally? US Bitcoin exchange traffic sees surge


The old adage of any publicity being good enough seems to be proven once more as Coinbase stays in the most popular 500 sites in the States and people just keep jumping on the bandwagon. BTC exchanges in the US are experiencing fantastic demand as cryptos see a surge in adoptions in the marketplace. Alexa […]

Indian digital media industry needs to innovate with the help of blockchain


The time is now for India to utilize the total potential of blockchain tech in the digital media industry. India has more than 65 percent of people aged under 35, with an average age of 29 years across the country. In addition, of India’s 1.3b population, just 50 percent of them utilize phones, and not […]

Canada’s investment company Accelerate Financial files for BTC ETF


Accelerate Financial Technologies firm, specialized in financial services and situated in Calgary, is planning to list Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The Canadian firm applied for a Bitcoin ETF due to reinvigorated interest in cryptocurrency exchange traded funds from financial companies operating worldwide. Accelerate Financial Technologies has applied and has […]

Bitcoin Climbs to Highest Ever Number – $28,500, Quadrupling in Worth in 2020


Institutional investors are assisting the crypto to gain 47 percent in the final month of the year as interest in the USD dwindles. Bitcoin carried on its finish line Christmas rally, rising to a new high of more than $28,500. Virtual currencies got over five percent to get to USD 28,572 on Wednesday. It has […]

The DeFi boom is driving an increase of 1,200 percent in DApp volume in 2020

The DeFi boom is driving an increase of 1,200 percent in DApp volume in 2020

Decentralized finance projects will act as the basis of the cryptocurrency economy next year. So far, the transaction volume of DApp has risen to $270b this year, with 95 percent of the number describing Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem. That’s an astounding 1178 percent increase from a total of $21b last year. Today, the distributed ledger data […]

Despite the Upcoming Flare Network Airdrop, Ripple Prices Remain Stagnant

Despite the Upcoming Flare Network Airdrop, Ripple Prices Remain Stagnant

Even with the snapshot on Dec. 12 for the upcoming Flare Network airdrop happening, the Ripple (XRP) prices did not gain much ground, remaining at circa USD0.50. Though BTC has picked up most of the focus when talking about the recent bullish rally observed in the cryptocurrency marketplace, Ripple rose during the previous month, breaking […]

Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Big-Cap Altcoins Surge as BTC Reaches USD23.800


Bitcoin’s $23,8k rally sparked big surges in large-cap digital currencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin. Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) surged noticeably as BTC battles to remain over USD23,8k. Lots of analysts claim that the rise in large-cap cryptos is related to BTC’s market activity, and historical evidence displays that both appear to shift together as […]

Bitcoin Rallies Over $19,000 Once More, XRP Falls


Bitcoin’s coveted digital currency needed less than one week to climb back over $19K after trading near to $17,6K last Friday. In the meantime, one of the big performers recently, Ripple (XRP), is today the lone top ten coin in red. At the moment of publishing, Bitcoin traded at $19,278 and rose by 4.5 percent […]

Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Reacting To Main Uptrend Resistance


Bitcoin’s price climbed back to over $19K, but it continues to put in efforts to clear $19,5K. Ethereum was facing resistance close to $595, XRP struggles to remain over the $0.500 support. XLM has hit more than 10 percent and has risen over $0.172. There was a steep move up in BTC prices over the […]

From Cryptocurrencies to Tokens: Mass Migration Underway

From Cryptocurrencies to Tokens: Mass Migration Underway

My trip to the world of cryptocurrencies wasn’t straightforward. I spent two decades working in conventional banking institutions, trading forex for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and others. While handling trading books via devaluations in Asia, South America, and Iceland, I got to great points in my career. I spent my first career researching currency methods […]

Crypto News: Study Reveals Cryptocurrency Adoption Problems In India & More


The study results show that 68 percent of surveyed people earning over INR 10 Lakhs per year referred to the lacking number of regulatory clarity as a big problem when thinking about investments in cryptos. In a recent CoinDCX survey, 60 percent of surveyed people earning less than INR 5 yearly found it very difficult […]

Banks Have to Start Implementing Cryptos ASAP


The acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream financial technology has sped up dramatically in 2020. PayPal and Square opted for some moves that generated lots of buzz. AllianceBernstein, a widely-known independent research company, released a study saying that it shifted its position on Bitcoins in asset distribution. According to other pros in the field, BTC may […]