Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Reacting To Main Uptrend Resistance

  • Bitcoin’s price climbed back to over $19K, but it continues to put in efforts to clear $19,5K.
  • Ethereum was facing resistance close to $595, XRP struggles to remain over the $0.500 support.
  • XLM has hit more than 10 percent and has risen over $0.172.

There was a steep move up in BTC prices over the $18,5K and $19K resistance levels. Bitcoin also broke the $19,200 resistance but had problems to stay close to the key $19,450 and $19,5K resistance thresholds. The price is at the moment moving lower, with support close to $19K and $18,8K.

Likewise, most big altcoins had to face near-key uptrend resistance vendors, counting in ETH, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, XLM, Connect, BNB, TRX, BTC cash, and ADA. The ETH/USD did not reach the key $595 and $600 resistance thresholds. XRP/USD is trading under $0.520 and is at risk of dropping under $0.500 of support.

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Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Reacting To Main Uptrend Resistance

Price of BTC

Following a steady decline, the price of BTC found support close to the dollar 17,650 regions. As an outcome, there has been a sharp recovery in Bitcoin, and prices have risen over the $18,5K and $19K resistance levels. The price also rose over the $19,2K mark, but there was no break over the $19,450 and $19,5K resistance levels (a multiple-touch zone).
The stock is at the moment correcting earnings and trading under $19,250. The initial support is close to $19K levels. The key weekly support tends to be close to $18,5K.

The price of ETH

ETH price also tagged along with BTC, rising over the USD 570 and USD 580 resistance levels. But, Ethereum had problems clear the primary levels of resistance at $595 and $600 per week. It is trimming profits and trading close to $585.

The initial support is close to $580. The key weekly support is now close to $565, under which ETH could pay another visit to $550 support.

BCH, Litecoin and Ripple prices

Bitcoin’s cash price eventually broke the $270 resistance mark. Bitcoin Cash also spiked over the $280 resistance but did not manage to keep the gain. A new bear reaction occurred, and the price is currently reaching $270 support. Any more declines may carry the price down to $260 levels.

LTC is climbing above 5 percent and has broken the primary $78.80 and $80.00 resistance thresholds. Litecoin also traded near $85.00 until its earnings were corrected. The price is lower now, but the obstacle it faced close to $78.80, could likely serve as a robust support area.

The Ripple price could not follow BTC and ETH. It stayed maxed out close to the $0.535 area. The price is now very much under the $0.520 mark. Immediate support is close to $0.500, under which the price may be lower than $0.480 for support during the week. But, the price has to build traction over the $0.520 and then go over $0.535.

Current marketplaces for the rest of altcoins

In the last few hours, some altcoins have gotten more than 5%, counting in XLM, UNI, XMR, AAVE, and FTT. XLM did best and could carry on to grow over $0.175.

All in all, Bitcoin’s price is back in a positive zone over $18,5K and $19K. Bitcoin has to outperform the $19,5K resistance to better the chance of a break over $20K. If not, the range could go to $18,5K or even $18K.

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