Marketplace Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Fall Dramatically, BTC Loses 2,000 Dollars, Correction Deemed Safe

New Bull Trend: Why Bitcoin Breaking Past $9,000 Is Just the Beginning

BTC’s price and a significant number of virtual assets sank in worth over the morning trading sessions on 26 November. BTC’s cost fell from a record of USD 19,319 on Wednesday night to end up without more than USD 2K on Thursday morning.

  • Crypto marketplaces lost tremendous worth on Thursday, 26 November 2020. The overall marketplace cap of a total of 7,700+ digital assets has lost more than 5% in worth and is just under the USD 500B mark. (USD 498B)
  • Bitcoin prices increased to USD 19,319 per unit on Wednesday night and fell to USD 16,870 over Thursday’s early morning trading sessions. Prices have risen since hitting low on Thursday, and thus far, Bitcoin has dropped by 10.9% in dollars. Bitcoin’s price is now being traded for USD 17,277 per unit.
  • Out of 7,784 cryptos spanning 33,471 marketplaces globally, the global exchange worth is approximately $291B. Out of the whole cryptocurrency-sphere, the BTC Dominance Index is floating about 62 percent on Thursday, falling 2.5% after the recent high price.

Prices from this screengrab were recorded at around 9 AM EST on November 26.

  • The 2nd-biggest cryptocurrency-asset ETH has thus far lost more than 12 percent, and every ether is swapping for USD522 a coin. ETH has a marketplace limit of about $59B as we are writing this.
  • Hefty falls in crypto worth over a number of marketplaces aren’t unusual on November 26, as they have occurred each year over the previous 3 years.
  • The XRP crypto dropped over 21.18 percent to date, and the asset is now swapping for USD 0.53 per XRP. Over the previous 7 days, XRP prices have jumped and continue to rise by 78% during the previous week.
  • The 5th-biggest marketplace valuation of crypto is held by BCH marketplaces as every BCH swaps for $278 per coin. BTC cash has lost quite a bit of worth, ending up without 18.5 percent over the previous 24 hours. As we were writing this, BCH had a total marketplace limit of USD 5.18B on Thursday.
  • The co-founder of Definer, the decentralized finance network for Digital Loans, Savings, and Payments, Chyna Qu, stated recently that the usage of cryptocurrency cases continues to get more robust. The realistic price indicator is the tech behind BTC, and usage cases are rising all the time. She thinks that BTC will peak at around $40K at the end of 2020.
  • Although most people were upset about the latest cryptocurrency-economy dump, many people said the correction would happen several days earlier. This pullback is good.
At around 10 AM on Thursday morning, BTC prices went once more to USD16,318.
  • An hour later, at about 10 AM EST, BTC dropped to USD 16,318 – under the USD 17,000 scope. Bitcoin ended up without another 2.2 percent since the marketplace update was announced at 9 AM Thursday.