Reddit Asks Ethereum Community for a Scaling Answer


Reddit wants to scale on the newly-added Ethereum cryptocurrency reward system and asked the community to help.

Some talk that the social media platforms using the blockchain will need to scale a bit themselves as the network pushes for a 2nd iteration (Ethereum 2.0).

Reddit called over 450k of its users on an Ethereum subreddit to assist with this and send in their demos until the end of July and give each other feedback.

They are adamant that this is not a contest. Sure, some will get a slice of fame, but that’s it.

The target says Reddit, is to find a scaling solution that will be supportive of the mainnet users and that can scale to the whole of Reddit.

In May, the social media giant started its community points program on the ETH blockchain. This was made for members of  FortNiteBR and CryptoCurrency subreddits, and rewards were given special names.

These subreddits have almost 2.5m users, and this is just a tiny slice of the 430m that use Reddit.

There were 17.5k community point holders for the last month, 20k transfers bad 800 new subreddit members.

So, Reddit wants to embiggen its scope from these two subreddits.

They stated that demos need to simulate community points utility for 100k members.

Reddit was examining some scaling solutions and most was focused on exchanging use case, which favors optimizing transfers. Lots of those plans don’t take into account the cost of getting tokens and getting access to the scaling system.

Users need a live proof of concept, docs, decentralization, interoperability, usability, safety for the demo, etc.

Users will stay owners of their points and continue controlling them.

The demos will receive feedback by September, and Reddit hopes users will show how to scale Community Points.

So far, the bulk of reviews tend to be supportive. But some users were concerned about the lack of prize.

One member said that it seems that Reddit concluded that it is not possible to implement such a venture and abandon it for the Reddit ETH enthusiasts and remain in profit. So this is more of a challenge than a contest.

Some said Reddit has enough money to give out a prize and figure out how to fix an engineering issue for money.

As it seems, the community is working hard to offer solutions and promote the adoption of the network.