Top Cryptos to Invest in August 2020

Top Cryptos to Invest in August 2020

Cryptos had on a good run for the past month. Many traders are being reminded of the positive run of 2017 when prices shifted exponentially higher. We shall see if cryptos can break out to new higher levels. The economic condition is optimal for their worth to climb up, providing investors the chance to make positive returns.

Bitcoin’s introduction, the pioneering digital coin, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies, with the “altcoins” release. This article deals with our options for top digital currencies to invest in to assist you narrow down your opportunities.

What’s been driving cryptos this summer?

Cryptocurrencies have risen in physical currency means following a period of consolidation. Like precious metals, investors flocked to digital coins as a hedge from inflation. Central bank initiatives, like quantitative easing and low-interest rates. It has also lessened the US dollar value, boosting speculation on alternative assets as storage of worth. Cryptocurrencies are not in the control of individual governments. Because they have been built with restricted supply, they’re not lessened in value via inflation.

Bitcoin rose by as much as 34% in the last month, hitting the $12K level for the first time in years. Decentralized finance (DeFi) projects lending and exchanging assets on distributed ledgers have really gained traction over the summer, boosting altcoins as well as BTC.

Top crypto-investments in August 2020

There are heaps of digital coins predicted to climb up in worth if the bull run carries on in upcoming months. We singled out 5 of the top cryptos for investing in Bitcoin, Ether, Stellar Lumens, Litecoin, Quantum.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first cryptocurrency, sometimes called “digital gold,” Bitcoin is frequently the first station for those just joining the cryptocurrency sector. The price shown in USD has more than doubled since it fell to $5K in March. The technical charts indicate that there’s a chance for it to carry on climbing rapidly, generating a fresh bull run that could see it challenge the previous high of $20K.

Bitcoin underwent its 3rd halving in May, which halved the incentive for mining coins and, in turn, lessened the supply. Previous halvings experienced a sharp price jump followed by a dramatic sell-off to a bigger low, and a rally also accompanied the 3rd.

According to crypto-research company Arcane Research, there was never more liquidity on the BTC futures marketplace, with open interest hitting a new record high of $5.8B. The digital gold should have a position in any cryptocurrency portfolio, with an altcoin balance that depends on your choice.

Ether (ETH)

It was Ether – not BTC – who led the rally in the last few weeks. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain on which the Ether digital coin runs and can support financial services, games, and applications. The network is expected to transition to upgraded Ethereum 2.0 tech in steps beginning in 2020.

Similar to Bitcoin, the price of Ether has more than doubled from 2020’s low points. DeFi runs on Ethereum, the fast acceptance of DeFi apps has increased the price of transaction charges, called gas fees.

Tech charts indicate that if Ether can retain support over $400, the following stage is $500, and there is little resistance up to $800.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

It is a blockchain protocol with a distributed ledger for cross-border transactions amid digital and physical currencies. Stellar Lumens is a crypto that runs on that network. Development activities went up on the network, which has the goal to offer a currency for upcoming marketplaces with underdeveloped financial infrastructure.

The pricing has risen from $0.03 to $0.11 since March, smashing through resisting points following a consolidation period.

With $0.09 support, there is a breakout possibility over the $0.12 rate after a pullback. In recent times, it underperformed against a strong BTC run, indicating that the altcoin may rebound to lessen the gap.

Litecoin (LTC)

If Bitcoin is digital gold, then LTC is digital silver. The token is expected to be modified with additional privacy and scalability characteristics to heighten the number of transfers accepted, facilitating an activity increase.

LTC’s media use has doubled from the beginning of the previous bull run. It is gaining momentum, according to David Schwartz, project director at the Litecoin Foundation. Transfers have outperformed the historical price, suggesting that the undervaluation of the price at the moment.

Quantum (QTUM)

The Quantum network overlaps with the Ethereum software that its creators say as an alternative for DeFi apps without increasing transaction charges and slower throughput. The price of QTUM went up by 10% after its founder revealed a $1 million fund on 17 August to enable third-party developers to build DeFi applications on the Quantum distributed ledger, promising up to $5 million if there’s interest.

The cryptocurrency price has more than tripled since it came down to one dollar in March, raising over $3.50 following the fund’s announcement.

Make use of rising cryptocurrency rates

Crypto-marketplaces seem to have come to an end in March with the beginning of a fresh bull run for the first time since the marketplace became bearish in 2018. The expectation of inflation-hedging with cryptos and the fast acceptance of DeFi keeps prices rising in the following times. Meanwhile, they set the technical indicators to show that prices break through resistance levels.