HedgeTrade Platform and HEDG token lie at the heart of the blockchain-powered network that seeks to empower its users to receive market price forecasts in the field of cryptocurrency trading and other properties.

HedgeTrade (HEDG)

What’s the HedgeTrade?

Launched under the slogan of championing the collective trading movement with the aid of blockchain technologies, the rapid growth of the HedgeTrade network in 2019 shocked many in the crypto community. As of August 2019, the currency was listed as one of the top 50 cryptos driven by the promotion of the HedgeTrade decentralized application (dApp). The app was primarily developed to provide users with cryptocurrency trading data, forecasts and, as a bonus, educational content. Its key aim is to act as a bridge between newbies and seasoned traders, who are often divided by large information gaps when it comes to social trading. With HedgeTrade, more advanced users are provided with a network that enables them to share their expertise and to gain some HEDG tokens in the course of delivering correct information.

Around the same time, less advanced consumers are able to buy trading projections, bundled in the form of so-called blueprints, which are further secured by the HedgeTrade Smart Contracts. In time, the experience gained in this way will allow these users to engage themselves in skilled trading, in particular with the aid of the market resources offered by the HedgeTrade for pros and beginners alike. The token sale for the project took place at the end of 2018 under the auspices of Rublix, a firm selling financial services solutions combined with the blockchain implementation. The core people behind this company include Dave Waslen (CEO, co-founder), Peter Danihel (lead developer, co-founder) and Frank Danihel (COO).

What's the HedgeTrade?

What is HedgeTrade trying to do?

Although it is mainly concerned with cryptos, HedgeTrade seeks to expand its coverage of different fungible assets as well. The goals are primarily influenced by potential limitations found by its creators in current quantitative trading systems:

What is HedgeTrade trying to do?

How does HedgeTrade work?

HedgeTrade works on the basis of the relationship between blueprints and smart contracts, on the one hand, and group leaders, on the other. In this way, the company provides the synergy of its technical and human capital, both made possible with the aid of blockchain technology.

How does HedgeTrade work?

HedgeTrade’s Underlying Economic Model

Despite being concerned with trading details, no direct trading of cryptocurrencies or other properties close to cryptocurrency exchanges is currently possible on the HedgeTrade network. The explanation for this is that HedgeTrade is all about getting access to information, not to actual properties. The only thing that resembles real trading is the one conducted with HEDG tokens, which takes place in the following situations:

The payment scheme is structured along the following lines:

HEDG Token Distribution

HEDG tokens are not available for direct purchase or sale from the HedgeTrade Platform. Alternatively, they can be obtained by depositing BTC into a user account wallet, followed by the use of these funds to purchase HedgeTrade blueprints that may include payments in HEDG tokens.

An alternative option is to buy HEDG tokens from one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that support it, such as CoinTiger, STEX and other markets.

As of August 2019, the market cap of the currency was estimated at USD 255 million. At the same time, some 288 million HEDG have been detected in circulation, out of the estimated expected availability of 1 billion tokens.