Qtum (QTUM) Detailed Review for Traders

Qtum is one of the most common trading coins these days. Qtum, pronounced ‘Quantum,’ is a coin that basically blends the durability of Bitcoin’s blockchain with the potential for business-oriented users of smart contracts. This page explains exactly how Qtum trading works, including its history, exchanges, wallets and mining.


What is Qtum?

Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum intends to use and improve existing blockchain technology to develop a community for international business programs. Therefore, theories and based code are removed from blockchains, for example bitcoin and ethereum.

Thus the easiest way to consider Qtum is like a toolkit for constructing decentralised apps (Dapps). Its hybrid vehicle makeup has helped it to create a exceptional PoS consensus protocol whilst keeping compatibility with blockchain systems.


With headquarters in Singapore, Qtum Foundation is developing both cryptocurrency and technology. The focus thus far was on Asian markets, thus the nickname ‘Chinese Ethereum’. However, its prevalence is currently on the growth in nations besides China, Japan and Korea.

The company and its cryptocurrency received most investment from 11 angel investors. A sponsor is Anthony Di Iorio, ethereum founder. He explained that he believes that Qtum is the best team from China and Asia. In his opinion, it has led them to determine where improvements are necessary in intelligent contract programs, learn from errors of ethereum, and center on the area they understand best.

Initial discussions and testimonials saw the firm raise $1 million USD out of shareholders. With these funds, they made the testnet and early execution. After positive news statements from their early victory, they raised $15.6 million at a 5-day crowd-sale at March 2017.

The organization’s encouraging long-term prospects is in part as a result of recognized figures and veterans inside the group.

Qtum Uses

Qtum is mostly for companies, promising a simple method to adopt blockchain without the dangers and complexities that arrive with bitcoin and ethereum. Because of this, it may be utilized to:

For more detailed explanations of the functional usage of Qtum,
please go online and read the white paper.


The platform enables for both smart and master contracts with off-chain data. Master contracts really achieve a lot more than ordinary clever contracts. Intelligent contracting is possible with NEO and ethereum. Nevertheless, Qtum combines this with UTXO, otherwise known as ‘unspent transaction output,’ which nodes use to validate transactions from its database.

The proof of stake consensus is arguably more appropriate for company usage. This is in accordance with the thought that Qtum enhances current blockchain technology, which makes it more appealing to businesses.

Users have the capacity to make their own tokens and automate arrangements within a secure infrastructure. The enlarging smart contract library guarantees prompt accessibility. Users ought to have the ability to pick from off the shelf arrangements for supply chain management and social media, to mention only a couple. In reality, the benefits of smart contracting may be applied to nearly all sectors.

In addition to this, Qtum is dedicated to implementing templates, tools and other contract choices which can make it easier for companies to develop and implement smart contracts. For instance, they’ve added to bitcoin’s blockchain, letting ethereum’s virtual server for smart contracts to operate alongside bitcoin.

Mobile Capabilities

A barrier to the broader adoption of smart contract-based applications are the constraints concerning management by light customers. Light customers are nodes around the blockchain network which don’t maintain a comprehensive history of their blockchain. They just track back to a number of the latest blocksso as to confirm transactions.

Before, building, deploying and altering smart contracts meant you had to conduct a complete node of the network. Therefore, if you had a slow connection, very low storage or utilized a smartphone gadget, smart contracts were not offered.

But, Qtum utilizes UTXO technology to ease easy payment confirmation (SPV). Because of this, with only a couple of swipes of your smartphone device, smart contracts can be implemented.

This is just another element that has helped drive growth since the launching along with a capability that lots of opponents just don’t offer.

Key Details

Before you begin considering technical evaluation and if you need to buy or sell, you want to understand a few important details, such as:


There are a range of reasons that drive up the value of Qtum’s
cryptocurrency and market capitalisation, including: 

All of these factors may lead to significant growth in the near future,
particularly in Asia. 



If you’re thinking about trading using Qtum, then you’ll have to keep aware of upcoming information and consume as much info as you can. To achieve that, use their official website and FAQ page, Qtum Telegram, Qtum Github, Qtum Forum and Qtum Slack.

The sources above will provide you advice on everything from fees and possible scalability to swap info and cryptocurrency profit calculators.

You might also need to think about using external sources, including Yahoo Finance and much more overall cryptocurrency news resources. Consider these:

Additionally, there are a range of complimentary staking calculators on the internet. A fast calculation with network weight amongst other aspects will provide you precise results.

How to Purchase Qtum

Before you’re able to begin trading using Qtum, you’ll have to buy coins. Luckily, in terms of purchasing it, all of the following exchanges are possible choices:

As an alternative, you can purchase BTC cryptocurrency on Coinbase and then exchange BTC using the above mentioned exchanges for Qtum.

You’ll also have to put away your own Qtum cryptocurrency securely. Now you can get hardware wallets, offline paper wallets or smarthpone, iPhone and Android wallets. All will continue to keep your Qtum protected and available if you would like to exchange.

The Next Step

Qtum’s future price forecast for 2020 looks promising. Qtum and also China’s 360 financial venture to construct a blockchain research laboratory can be near fruition.

Additionally, they’re in the process of securing agreements with a range of other critical businesses. That may make them the central hub for developing cryptos and for blockchain.

That being said, until it’s won the backing of these significant businesses, anticipated price predictions and long-term outlooks will likely be nothing more than forecasts.