Unus Sed Leo (LEO)

Token Unus Sed Leo, released by iFinex exchange Bitfinex, is currently targeting to be one of the most popular cryptographic tokens on the market. It has raised up to $1 billion in capital within less than 10 days of its launch.

Unus Sed Leo enters the digital stock market lika a boom

More and more cryptocurrency exchanges are releasing their own capital-raising tokens, and most of these projects can be deemed successful.

According to experts from Bitfinex token Unus Sed Leo (LEO), one of the most successful ventures in digital exchanges will become one of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies on the market. Nearly immediately after the launch, LEO went to several other exchanges, including Gate.io and OKEx.

1 billion dollars in less than 10 days

Unus Sed Leo was released on Bitfinex on May 20, and after less than 10 days, raised capital at 1 million dollars, the initial price of Unus Sed Leo grew from 1 to 1,96 dollars, and thus by almost 100 percent. This is a rather impressive result, all the more so because the Bitfinex Stock Exchange itself has recently caused much controversy, especially with regard to the openness of its operations.

About Unus Sed Leo

Unus Sed Leo is a native token that will support members of all organizations belonging to iFinex.

According to the program, Bitfinex issues and purchases tokens using 27 proc. The sales, and this acquisition, are made directly on the market. The cycle of process is replicated until 100 proc has been purchased.

In fact, the Unus Sed Leo dashboard offers consumers with continuing access to all important information about the whole buying and exchange phase of the coin.

Due to the controversy over the actions of Bitfinex, the success of Unus Sed Leo was not certain. Nevertheless, LEO today attracts highly positive feedback from experts in the field of the cryptocurrency market, making it one of the biggest hits of digital exchanges this year.