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Detailed BitMex Review 2021: Forex, CFD'S and Crypto Regulated Broker

Bit Mex offers the largest market liquidity of any Crypto exchange. Ultra low trading costs and minimum deposit requirements. Join in 30 seconds.

BitMex Forex Broker Review 2020
BitMex Review: brokers website

New Bitmex broker review – updated July 7th, 2020

BitMex is a leading online exchange for cryptocurrencies. This review details the charges, the TestNet demo accounts, all smart device app info, plus margin levels and leverage amount. Keep reading to learn the strengths and flaws of Bitmex.

Business Details

HDR Global Trading Limited in 2014 started BitMEX. Ever since they have experienced a meteoric rise to become one of the most important Bitcoin trading platforms available globally.

HDR Global Currency Ltd has been, consequently, started by former banking specialists Samuel Reed, Arthur Hayes and Ben Delo. Registered in Seychelles and working globally, the business started strong by injecting into derivative trading, and especially margin trading.

Ben Delo, among the creators of BitMEX, is allegedly the first billionaire in the UK to make their fortune out of Bitcoin.

As of 2019, the business is presently under review by the CFTC (Commodity Future Trading Commission) regarding if BitMEX is undergoing prohibited action according to American trade requirements.

Presently, no verdict was made dependent on these sorts of accusations. The platform continues to trade, as usual, nevertheless, it isn’t readily available to US-based traders.

Trading Platform

BitMEX supplies a trading platform to a worldwide industry. For those used to trading cryptocurrency directly, their distinct technique of trading might be rather perplexing.

Rather than investing in money directly, traders trade contracts, which is significantly more volatile compared to conventional trading. Therefore, the platform is quite much designed for customers who know what they’re doing, with hardly any hand-holding provided.

Enrolling on BitMEX is comparatively straightforward, without the trading limitations included once enrollment has been finished.

All that’s necessary is the email address, being 18 years old, and also verify that the user isn’t in the US because of present legal difficulties.


The interface of this BitMEX trading system is littered and somewhat dated, but still practical, with different widgets available that may be freely changed depending on the viewing tastes of the specific user.

Charting is included as standard, with TradingView to provide clear visibility that lots of different platforms can not match.

Once transactions are created, these may be looked at through Active Orders, allowing for the fast and effortless direction and cancellation of continuing orders.

The platform is only intended for desktop usage, which makes sense taking into consideration the intricacy of the displays before you.

For those comfortable with working in comparable markets, BitMEX’s system will probably be intuitive and usable to a level, if not advanced or beginner-friendly.

BitMex Review: Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

Markets / Assets

BitMEX is a platform that deals exclusively with the trading of cryptocurrencies, in the kind of derivative trading as stated previously and specialized trading such as margin trading.

While all deposits for trading has to be made in Bitcoin, the agency will not allow for the trading of a variety of distinct cryptocurrencies against the other, flat currencies such as Japanese Yen, US Dollar and Chinese Yuan. After Bitcoin was deposited, it may then be utilized as a procedure to buy different cryptocurrencies. These include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Vintage
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Ripple
  • Tezos
  • Zcash

BitMEX focuses primarily on those areas of commerce, compared to much more comprehensive platforms that supply a vast selection of different options, styles and resources for exchange.

For people who are searching for an extremely specific, market platform that permits leverage on transactions, then this stage may be the best fit.

For those searching for a bigger variety, nevertheless, looking elsewhere might be a much stronger bet.

Spreads & Commission

As a platform that deals primarily with one thing, BitMEX does not offer you an enormous quantity of variety within their spreads, fees or commissions.

Rather, they have a normal fee schedule to be used with conventional prospective trading.

Nonetheless, along with those normal fees, the system also offers up to 100x leverage on a few of the cryptocurrency transactions, created for professional traders and people more comfortable with this sort of risky trading.

Charges for Bitcoin, by way of instance, are 1 percent for the first margin and 0.5 percent for maintenance.

Beyond that, the maker, taker and compensation fees are at precisely the exact same level for many cryptocurrencies, so -0.25 percent, .075 percent and .05 percent. The sole exception to these conventional prices is that a varying fee for the two Tezos and Zcash, each of which don’t have any maker fee however a more considerable 0.25 percent compensation and a take fee.

BitMEX also has hidden orders or “icebergs” which are additionally charged. In such scenarios, the taker charge is paid up till the point of implementation.

Now, the maker rebate will be implemented since the purchase is transitioned to ordinary. Generally, the fees billed by BitMEX are comparatively standard — it is using leverage that makes all of the difference.


As experts in margin trading and comparable binary options, leverage is an essential point of this appeal for experienced traders who have great expertise with speculative trading – and are eager to take the danger.

BitMEX makes leverage a notable characteristic in the plan of the platform, such as a leverage slider at the sidebar of the trading design.

Leverage changes according to every kind of cryptocurrency, together with Bitcoin with the most favorable choice using a maximum leverage of 1:100, which can be matched by Bitcoin Cash.

Dealers may set the desired level of leverage (from 1:1 to 1:100) according to their own risk profile.

The smallest leverage provided is on Tezos, which just extends up to a small x2 compared.

BitMex Review: Mobile app

Mobile Apps

Presently, BitMEX doesn’t encourage any kind of smart device usage for their own platform, rather preferring that consumers trade on a desktop computer.

That is in part due to the huge quantity of information that’s on the display, and also in part because this specific type of trading greatest suits desktop usage.

It is well worth noting that an unofficial Android program can be obtained, but past that, the system isn’t responsive for tablet and mobile usage, and there’s no iOS program accessible.

Payment Procedures

Among the substantial advantages of picking BitMEX is that it does not charge fees for the withdrawal or deposit of Bitcoin.

This is particularly valuable as Bitcoin is the only type of payment that the platform takes. Hence the only related costs are derived from the Network fee, calculated by the blockchain load.

The minimum quantity which may be deposited into a trading account is 0.001 BTC, despite the fact that there’s absolutely no limitation of withdrawing Bitcoin.

The practice of getting money is pretty simple, using a fast and effortless interface. While deposits may also be made fast and 24 hours each day, all withdrawals are processed in-person at a particular time, including a degree of safety on to the procedure and permitting the refusal and loss of fraudulent orders.

Fiat currencies are unavailable for any kind of payment, be it withdrawing or depositing.

The Way To Trade In BitMex

The Place Order box is at which you may trade on Bitmex. The ‘At Market’ tab lets you trade in the present market rates. Limit and Stop options enable you to purchase or sell at levels which you pick – supposing the marketplace reaches those levels.

‘Economy’ transactions are buying and selling at the live rates. There are 3 important items to keep tabs on originally:

  • ‘Quantity’ is the amount of dollars which you need to make investments. (The price of this transaction can be recorded in XBT, under the trade buttons)
  • ‘Order Value’ reveals how much crypto money the dollar amount you entered will probably purchase. In this instance, $1000 purchases 0.1339 Bitcoins. The leverage level you use will impact this – more about this below.
  • Click on the Purchase or Sell button, depending upon how you expect the market to proceed. (Purchase if you believe the value will go up, Sell if you believe that it will return)
Trading app
Bitmex Demo trade

Beneath the place, the order part is your leverage indicator. This defaults to zero, so in case you purchase $1000 of cryptocurrency along with the cost drops, your holding will probably be worth $2000.

Leverage, however, raises the dangers, as well as the rewards. Small cost movements will signify a bigger swing in the value of your holding. In case you have just deposited $1000 on your account, a lesser price move against you can annul it.

If you’re not certain about the dangers and advantages of leverage, it’s ideal to leave it at zero, or at an extremely low level.

TestNet Demo Account

BitMEX supplies a comprehensive demonstration version of its system BitMEX Testnet that needs another registration to get in.

This demo account is a ‘sandbox’ variant of this system, enabling users to check out the service minus the further risks related to live trading.

Testnet utilizes a green form of the timeless BitMEX logo so users can distinguish which model they’re using.

Beyond this differentiation, the majority of the platform has the exact same non-live functionalities in BitMEX Exchange, together with the capability to practically fund your accounts from various resources and check out trading until you try the actual thing.

While we wouldn’t suggest the platform to novices due to the high amount of danger, for more seasoned traders seeking to feel new platforms, attempting out BitMEX Testnet is tremendously beneficial.

Promotions and deals

While BitMEX appears to prefer to have consumers deal with their own devices in regards to their education and comprehension of this system, the trading service also sometimes provides a range of unique discounts and offers to prospective users to lure them to register.

Normal promotions incorporate a discount bonus of up to 10 percent, which is worthwhile for novices. Affiliate deals will also be accessible through the BitMEX site.

Legislation and Accreditation

BitMEX is a fully accredited firm that is completely owned by creators HDR Global Trading Limited.

The Business is licensed in the Republic of Seychelles Within Their International Business Companies Act of 1994. Their business number is 148707.

This usually means that BitMEX is a valid solution for many dealers around the world, though now US dealers aren’t acceptable according to their terms of support.

Presently, BitMEX is under the watch of both UK Watchdogs and from the US CFTC due to their dealings, and if they fall in accord with legal requirements.

As this has lead to some decrease in trust for BitMEX, it’s simple to access margin trading which makes it a top selection for a market trading audience.

Additional Capabilities

Past the common offerings as an internet trading platform, BitMEX has gone over and beyond to supply a variety of various order forms to appeal to a wider audience. Including iceberg orders, fill or kill, cancel or immediate and post-only orders. For dealers searching for high risk, high-reward platform, BitMEX is a fantastic fit.

One of the other best-added features on the system is that the ability to utilize leverage immediately after the development of a single account.

For traders considering this tool, it’s free and effortless to access from the trading site. Along with the leverage slider, it is an excellent bonus to the platform. But for novices, the usage of leverage could be an issue and needs to be prevented.

BitMEX is a business that’s a big online service, and it honors this dedication by packaging its site full of helpful info, guides and general technical knowledge to help traders looking at their platform for the very first time.

Including a well-designed support facility, in addition to live updates on the platform regarding issues or advice regarding upgrades. The capability to interact with different dealers through chat from the system is also a helpful instrument.

Account Types

Compared to similar trading platforms available on the current market, BitMEX simply hosts one particular kind of accounts for its own users.

This implies there aren’t any bonuses, discounts or advantages offered to dealers within a specific degree.

But this also suggests that newcomers to the stage are on an equal footing to all those trading for more, allowing for a fairer playing field compared to a number of the more accounts level-focused platforms on the market.


For dealers contemplating BitMEX, these are many advantages to this trading platform:

  • A platform only designed for cryptocurrency causes it to be a lot more compact and intuitive compared to a platform which handles it all
  • Accessibility to some significant amount of information straight from BitMEX themselves, publicly accessible in their website
  • Global trading along with the chance to speak to dealers from all around the world with the inbuilt chat performance
  • Exceptional levels of protection, ensuring trading this platform is secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Widgets inside the desktop system can be customized greatly, which makes it easier to see just what you need on launching the support
  • A niche service along with overall trading brings a more concentrated audience compared to a number of other platforms out there
  • A variety of different cryptocurrencies offered for trading


Despite the numerous positive advantages of BitMEX, there are numerous drawbacks, for example:

  • No app or mobile friendly version of the platform, which makes it solely available at a background format
  • The minimum deposit amount for many traders
  • Just Bitcoin is approved for both deposit and withdrawal on the stage
  • Withdrawals are only completed in a set time of the day
  • BitMEX isn’t entirely as fresh, fashionable or advanced as other alternatives in the marketplace
  • Centered on a non-beginner target audience, with little advice to suggest that those new to trading should not use the publicly accessible leverage slider
  • Present investigations in the United Kingdom and US could set some clients on edge about utilizing this stage

Trading Hours

BitMEX is a 24/7 trading platform, and as such, is accessible whenever traders would love to access the support. For endless contracts, a financing rate happens every eight hours.

Beyond that, there are no requirements on how or if dealers may use the platform. This makes it the perfect option for the ones that prefer continual accessibility to the platform of their choice.

Contact Details / Client Care

Along with this abundance of advice that BitMEX supplies, according to our added attributes segment, the platform provides normal customer support, you would expect for the business — service supplied via email through a ticketing system.

Beyond that, the support is also busy on social networking platforms like Twitter. This allows for comparatively rapid answers to issues and problems. The business appears to concentrate on preventing bugs and stage issues to a minimum by handling issues in the house.

Reddit also includes a reasonably busy community for people who are seeking suggestions and aid from a larger audience.

The contact information for BitMEX aren’t publicly available online, but a form can be found on the website for general inquiries and data.

Security and safety

BitMEX is a stage that takes the safety of the clients professionally, something that’s noted in their usage of in-house hand-checked withdrawal direction through for their usage of rigorous safety methods for deposits.

The system uses Amazon Web Services to make sure servers are well-protected with two-factor authentication, and a variety of functionalities have been included like trading security to close the system down should a deposit speech and key not fit.

The platform can be made using kdb+, a sort of code often employed for the creation of trading apps for a number of the world’s most important banks.

Concerning previous security issues, there’s not any suggestion that BitMEX has been hacked, as well as the usage of these strict security conditions ensures dealers will be secure for the very long run.

Account Profile
Bitmex Leverage slider

Final Verdict

Is BitMEX worth exploring for people interested in branching out with their trading platforms? In our view, it depends.

For more experienced traders which have a fantastic understanding of leverage as well as the dangers involved, BitMEX may be the perfect, market option to generate margin trading simple.

However, for novices to the world of trading, or people who are searching for a bit more hand-holding along the way, this stage might not be the ideal fit.

To get a worldwide trading system with a specific purpose, BitMEX does all it says it will, also supplies all of the information and resources necessary for successful trades to be created.

However, the deficiency of a mobile-friendly layout is really a drawback for many modern dealers, leading to a platform that is only used to an increasingly diminishing market.

In general, BitMEX does exactly what it says. And what it says it will do; it will do it nicely. If you’re trying to find a platform that meets specific requirements, then that one may be the perfect fit. However, for different dealers, looking elsewhere will supply you with the maximum possibility of succeeding.

Accepted Countries

BitMex accepts dealers from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other States.

BitMex trading information

Demo Account
Min. Deposit
0.0001 XBT
Min. Trade
0.0001 XBT
Regulated By
MT4 Integration
Mobile Apps
Auto Trading
Trade Signals
Islamic Account
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FTSE Spread
Oil Spread
Stocks Spread


BTC 0.1%, ETH 0.1%

Official BitMex Registration

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If you are the owner of this platform you can manage this account. First you need to claim the ownership of the platform.

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