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Detailed Degiro Review 2021: Forex, CFD'S and Crypto Regulated Broker

Access global exchanges anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Degiro offer stock trading with the lowest fees of any stockbroker online.

Degiro Forex Broker Review 2020
Degiro Review: brokers website

New Degiro broker review – 2021 Update

DEGIRO is an internet broker located in the Netherlands. They supply one thing – a share dealing service, but at a really low price. This review refers to dealer queries on matters like dealing costs, minimum deposit, account forms, and also the trading platform. Keep reading to see if you need to subscribe to DEGIRO today.

Business Details

DEGIRO is governed by the Dutch Central Bank and the Authority for Financial Markets, so it’s no doubt a reliable platform.

The service makes it possible for investors to get international exchanges at any moment, in any location, from any other device.

The brand was shaped in 2008 and is geared toward the global community.

Trading Platform

DEGIRO supplies its users with various trading platforms to select from. Web users will see that the DEGIRO website is simple to browse and make trades on. It is apparent that a lot of effort was put into the consumer experience. For extra security, the website utilizes two-step authentication so your private information and trading information will continually be kept secure.

As a truly global platform, DEGIRO is attuned to the regional language. By way of instance, UK users will come across the website loads in English, whereas German dealers will load a German version of the website without needing to adjust any settings.

DEGIRO’s online platform is ideal for executing transactions, despite not being the most innovative trading website in the business.

Although it isn’t hard to use, too little customizing of choices could possibly be improved upon. On the other hand, the lookup functions are exceptional, and will normally discover the title of the item that you’re seeking before you have even finished scanning.

Products are categorized by asset category, and you may also see the stock exchange and money each item is offered in. There is even a choice to filter your search depending on the kind of asset you’re interested in.


In DEGIRO, it is possible to access many distinct markets and trade with hundreds of goods. The next asset categories and markets are encouraged by DEGIRO:

  • Stocks
  • Exchange-traded funds (trackers)
  • Bonds
  • Options
  • Funds
  • Futures
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.)

There are now 32 stock exchanges recorded, with over 5000 ETFs to pick from. From the biggest international markets to smaller European stock markets. On the other hand, the brand has a narrow choice of bonds and funds available.

Commission & Spreads

DEGIRO includes non-trading and very low trading charges. In many asset classes, it’s one of those best-value platforms available on the market. A few ETFs can be traded once a month at no cost, which is ideal for buy-and-hold investors although maybe not so excellent for traders.

Commissions on trades of £1,500 are as follows:

  • UK stock: £0.46
  • US stock: £1.92
  • German stock: £4.29

These costs indicate DEGIRO is among the planet’s more competitive stockbroking platforms.

But, there’s a small drawback in an odd fee category called “Exchange Connectivity”. Users are charged a maximum of 0.25% of their total account value per calendar year for each exchange – with the exception of the LSE (London Stock Exchange).

If your account money differs from the currency you want to purchase, you’ll also be billed a currency conversion fee. This may be applied mechanically, at a speed of 0.1 percent of the value of this trade.


Leverage prices at DEGIRO can fluctuate dependent on the commerce being considered. Leverages are not automatically consented to, and DEGIRO will concur leverage according to your prior trading document, client loyalty, individual experience, and lots of different aspects. The maximum leverage ratio using an expert account is 1:300.

Mobile Apps

DEGIRO’s dedicated smartphone app is fairly simple, even though the attractiveness lies in its simplicity – it makes the program amazingly easy to use. By having access to an intuitive interface, users may expect to be trading within a matter of moments, which can be essential for day traders and people who wish to attack at the right moment.

Order management inside the program functions in the exact identical manner as it does on the background website. Users may choose to turn on drive alarms and email confirmations, even though DEGIRO currently doesn’t provide price alarms.

In the end, the DEGIRO program was designed to be used on the move, enabling traders to make trade decisions wherever they are on the planet. It is a detailed, user-friendly platform that everyone should discover easy to browse around. Along with this, the program provides:

  • The capability to quickly open, shut and alter positions
  • Real-time updates
  • Click transactions
  • Countless tools to select from
  • Charting tools

Payment Procedures

DEGIRO permits users to deposit and withdraw money through several procedures, each of which can be geared towards more inclusive trading.


Deposits into the stage can be made through these methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Trustly
  • Electronic wallet

The company has relatively strict guidelines on bank transfer deposits. This implies DEGIRO will only accept bank transfers in the bank account linked to a name, from approved countries only.

Some deposits may take a few hours to process, whereas digital wallet transfers are generally instant. Trust deposits normally take approximately 30 minutes to get there. DEGIRO doesn’t charge any fees or commissions for depositing money into your account.

There’s no minimum deposit in DEGIRO.


DEGIRO doesn’t charge any withdrawal charges.

The company helps to ensure that all withdrawn quantities are shipped via bank transfer in just three business days, but most trades are processed within one business day. As a safety measure, users aren’t allowed to move to accounts that aren’t in their name.

It’s well worth noting that DEGIRO may call for additional information before authorizing the first withdrawal. In case this info isn’t provided immediately, the withdrawal interval could take more than the conventional regular period.

Demo Account

Unlike many of its rivals, DEGIRO doesn’t offer demo accounts. This might be a bone of contention for novices because simulation accounts are amazingly helpful in regards to strengthening trading abilities without needing to risk any funds.

But seasoned traders that have a fantastic idea about what they’re doing will not especially be daunted by the lack of a demo account, and with minimum deposits, beginners can begin trading penny stocks until they gain the confidence to start risking bigger sums.

Promotions & deals

DEGIRO provides a “refer a friend” promo where users can obtain a £20 settlement of trade charges for persuading a friend or relative to sign up to this stage.

To refer a friend, all you have to do is enter the email address of your friend on the appropriate section of their DEGIRO website. After their account was active for three weeks, you will be given £20 when you hit a threshold of £20 in trade charges

Licensing & Regulation

Apart from being regulated by the Dutch Central Bank and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, it’s also controlled in the most important markets that are operational. For instance, DEGIRO is registered together with the FCA (Fiscal Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom.

To become regulated by these governments, DEGIRO needs to establish an exceptional degree of fiscal responsibility combined with clear, fair and honest trading methods.

DEGIRO is surely a trusted broking system, as every user is supplied with investor protection of around £20,000, irrespective of their state of residence. If the company were to default, your resources would stay safe.

This extra protection is definitely why so many consumers select DEGIRO as their favorite trading platform.

Additional Capabilities

DEGIRO’s desktop and app variants are merged, allowing for easy transition between both. This is very helpful for people who trade from a desktop device who also wish to keep their eye on the most recent market moves while on the move.

Additionally, it ensures that all attributes available from the internet edition of DEGIRO are available via the app. This means that all elements of asset management could be dealt with in a platform-agnostic method.

The “stocks to watch” section is extremely useful. This provides advice on several businesses that have lately made the headlines and are receiving bigger than average trading volumes.

The objective of this feature would be to offer you an insight into shares you may discover interesting or relevant. Better yet, it is possible to purchase stocks straight in the “stocks to watch” webpage simply by clicking the “B” symbol near each cited advantage.

To conserve energy and to make surfing easier through the nighttime, DEGIRO includes a dim manner.

Users may switch between daytime mode and dim mode, which may be especially helpful for users that are trading on-the-move on of a device with reduced battery life.

DEGIRO also supplies tailor-made information determined by your prior trading options. This helps to emphasize stocks or assets you might be interested in while cutting back on clutter within the system dash, leaving more space for advice that’s related to you.

Account Types

Custody accounts are offered to traders and day traders and come packed with free real-time costs on the hottest Euronext exchanges.

  • Custody account
  • Basic account: Along with all of the features available using a custody account, a basic account also frees users to exchange on leveraged products and warrants. Just like a custody account, basic users cannot short stocks or purchase on margin.
  • Active accounts: Active account unite all the characteristics of custody and fundamental accounts, together with the extra choice of being able to purchase on around 50 percent of your available margin and also the ability to go short.
  • Trader accounts: In addition to all previously mentioned characteristics, trader accounts make it possible for consumers to purchase up to 100 percent of the available margin.
  • Day trader account: This account lets users exchange derivatives and purchase up to 100 percent of the available margin – together with added margins available during trading hours.

This extensive selection of accounts implies that the requirements of the majority of traders are insured. All reports come with their own personal advantages, a number of which may be tailored to match individual trading demands.


  • Incredibly easy to open an account
  • Low commission and other costs
  • Reliable customer support
  • Comprehensive selection of markets and goods
  • Intuitive cell phone program
  • Low deposit
  • No inactivity fees
  • No account charges
  • Free withdrawals
  • Many base currencies to pick from
  • Secure login (two-step authentication)
  • Obvious charge reports
  • Impressive search performance
  • Educational movies
  • Trading platform tutorials
  • Most customers belong to top-tier financial government


  • Education department could be expanded upon
  • Forex trading
  • No debit/credit card deposits/withdrawals
  • Only bank transfer profits
  • High trading charges for smaller European stock trades
  • No price alarms
  • Restricted workspace customizing
  • No touch ID log-in mobile program

Trading Hours

Users can exchange DEGIRO 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. However, it is important to see that not all markets are available 24 hours per day! Your trading is restricted to the hours once the markets that you would like to exchange in are available.

Contact Details/Customer Service

Users must know that should they want to trade over the telephone, they will be given a surcharge for trades/seeking advice. Customer support for specialized issues/software issues is totally free.

The European client care number is +44 20 3695 7834.

The firm can be emailed at [email protected]

Security & Safety

  • The DEGIRO website utilizes state of the art encryption to ensure information is kept confidential and protected.
  • Two-step authentication is utilized to further fortify security.
  • Investor protection ensures that customer funds are insured up to £20,000.
  • Client capital is kept segregated.

With lots of IT security steps in place, it is reasonable to say DEGIRO is among the world’s most protected trading platforms. Together with customer security protocols needed for the organization to become FCA compliant, traders are well-protected from financial and information privacy problems.

DEGIRO frequently updates its program to make sure it’s protected and works well for customers on all operating systems.

From the safety and security standpoint, it’s tough to find fault with how DEGIRO functions.


DEGIRO is the best option for traders that need a very simple platform without needing to devote an awful lot on charges. It’s a whole lot more affordable than some of its larger European rivals, with a couple of coming near competing with DEGIRO’s present commission listings.

The shortage of investment and markets forms does imply, however, it’s better suited to ‘buy and hold’ investors, instead of busy day traders.

Opening an account is remarkably fast, meaning new dealers may normally have an account ready to use within one moment. Using a dedicated, integrated site and smartphone program, DEGIRO is excellent for traders that may need to make numerous transactions on the move.

This strategy can be especially valuable to day traders, as the fast-paced character of usually means that consumers have to have their finger on the heartbeat of all of the most recent financial goings-on throughout the course of their day.

Elsewhere, you can find additional interesting features which could help traders keep current with present financial news. The “stocks to watch” segment helps day traders select relevant assets and goods to buy.

However, regardless of the low rates and intuitive user interface, DEGIRO isn’t without its shortfalls. Though a few onsite instructional tools exist (like trading videos and tutorials), there is not quite enough to help instruct new traders.

Not having forex trading is very likely to put off some users. The fact that withdrawals can only happen via bank transfer may be sufficient to dissuade some day traders from using the platform entirely.

The shortage of cost updates via push alarms can also be a thing that DEGIRO may think about working on later on if they need to further enhance their stage.

In general, DEGIRO is a fantastic online broker – especially since it is possible to exchange with no inactivity charges or minimum deposit. That can be reason enough to provide DEGIRO with a try, especially if you’re a professional day trader who doesn’t want much in the way of tutorials.

Accepted Countries

Degiro allows dealers from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other States.

Degiro trading information

Demo Account
Min. Deposit
0 $/€/£ Varies by asset
Min. Trade
Varies by asset
Regulated By
MT4 Integration
Mobile Apps
iOS, Android and Windows
Auto Trading
Trade Signals
Islamic Account
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If you are the owner of this platform you can manage this account. First you need to claim the ownership of the platform.

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