Fusion Markets review and tutorials

Fusion Markets Broker Review
Fusion Markets Broker Review

Detailed Fusion Markets Review 2021: Forex, CFD'S and Crypto Regulated Broker

Fusion Markets Facts & Figures Fusion Markets offers low cost forex and CFD trading through low spread and cost trading. Their message is-avoid paying unnecessarily for trade

Fusion Markets Forex Broker Review 2020
Fusion Markets Review: brokers website

New Fusion Markets review – 2021 Update

Fusion Markets provides low-cost trading every day for all forms of accounts. This analysis looks at this claim and outlines the network, deposit and withdrawal options, sample account rules and cost of spreading and trading. Check out if Fusion’s Forex trading, CFDs and other investment options are cheaper.

Fusion Markets is headquartered in Melbourne and was founded by Australian forex industry veterans. The overarching goal is simple: offering a top-quality trading platform at a significantly lower cost than its competitors.

Instead of being yet another broker with a bargain price tag, the company is committed to radically altering the perceptions of traders on what forex trading is claimed to be. They are eager to blend innovation and economy and offer world-class technology and friendly service to users.

At a profit rate nearly 36 percent lower than their rivals, we had to check on whether they deliver on their commitments.

Company Details

Fusion Markets, based in Melbourne, Australia, is the brainchild of a group of veteran forex traders. The founders offer over 50 years of collective experience, with their stated goal of making trading the markets easier and more economical.

The company’s strategy has three distinct directions: reducing the cost of forex trading, CFDs and other financial products; offering friendly assistance to traders, regardless of background; and delivering cutting-edge technology that provides a smooth trading experience.

Licensed and regulated as a securities dealer by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Fusion Markets is renowned in terms of security and protection. Applicants for these licenses must meet a specific set of qualifying requirements including a minimum capital requirement of AUD 1 million and an obligation to file regular reports for third-party audits.

They have a wide variety of financial instruments, ongoing support and a top-notch forum to cater to traders at all levels of experience and budgets.

Trading Platform

Fusion Market has a preference for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) applications when it comes to their trading platform. They deliver many versions of this, among them:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • WebTrader for MT4
  • MT4 smartphone applications

Given its position as the most successful commercial software on the market, MT4 clearly needs little introduction. It has extremely good charting, powerful software, numerous time frames and total customizability, highly appreciated by traders of all levels. Its automated trading bots – or Expert Advisors – are highly praised, and are just one of the reasons why many traders will mention it as their first platform choice.

Fusion Markets provides a range of tools to support these services, including a Multi-Account Manager for experienced traders. As well as a Virtual Private Server to ensure that networking problems never disrupt trading.

Trading Broker Review
Fusion Markets Review: Mobile Trading


According to Fusion Markets, their aim is to make access to world markets simpler and cheaper and to achieve this goal, they provide traders with a range of investment resources to choose from.


  • Forex (70+ available currency pairs)
  • Energy (crude and Brent oil, natural gas)
  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and more)
  • Equity indices
  • Commodities (coffee, cocoa, wheat, sugar etc.)
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, and Ethereum included).

It means traders are able to diversify their portfolios sufficiently and allows them a broad range of assets to choose from based on both their wishes and strategy.

Business Assets

Fusion Markets review: Business Assets

Spreads And Commission

The broker offers a minimum of 0.00 spreads on a variety of common currency pairs, including AUD / CAD, AUD / CHF, AUD / JPY, AUD / NZD and AUD / USD. But if we look at their average spreads, we see just 1.01, 0.65, 0.48, 0.92, and 0.22 numbers, respectively.

They do have relatively low commission rates. For instance, if you were to exchange one regular lot of forex and precious metals, you would only pay $4.50 AUD. This number actually shows Australia’s lowest marketed forex commission – on average 36 percent cheaper compared to what others offer.

If you’re looking for a cut-price alternative to other market traders, they could be the business you’ve been looking for.


Fusion Market can be a cost-effective choice but their service’s plus points do not stop there. The business appears to mix innovation with growth and has a lot to recommend, for example quite lucrative leverage.

As part of their mission to deliver a versatile service, Fusion offers the customer the ability to pick their leverage, up to 500:1.

Mobile applications

One of the many strengths of Fusion Market has is its clear dedication to providing a versatile service and this applies to its smartphone offerings. They have a range of MT4 smartphone apps to offer traders the chance to choose between mobile and web choices.

This allows the user to trade in iPhone, Android, and tablet versions, free to download. These allow traders to manage their accounts, open and close positions, test live prices, and use a variety of analytical tools available from a desktop while trading.

The consequence is a first-class trading experience of the 21st century.

Fusion Markets Review -  Mobile Apps

Fusion Markets review: Mobile Apps

Methods of Payment

Fusion offers a variety of payment methods. Some are region-specific, particularly in the Asia Pacific region such as Thailand and Malaysia where tailor-made payment options exist. Visa, Mastercard and of course bank transfer common methods are available across the board. The company also plans to add more forms of payment in the future.

Deposit fees do not apply. Those have been accepted as part of the company’s commitment to holding prices to a minimum, on both credit and debit cards.

Demo Account

Fusion Markets, as do most renowned brokers, provides a sample account to allow potential clients to test out their goods. However, on the website, there is little about this, it is difficult for prospective traders to realize what they are getting by first signing up.

This is a perfect opportunity for individuals to get a feel for what the business has to give. It ensures you won’t have to take the plunge without first exploring and making an educated decision about your broker.

Bonus Deals

Fusion Markets is committed to offering a fantastic overall package and it’s recommended with several plus points. Today, it continues to rely on the consistency of its overall service to sell itself and has nothing to give to traders in the way of offers or promotions.

Funds for education and training are practically non-existent, meaning you’ll need to pick up this information elsewhere. What’s available is white-glove assistance to help you access the Fusion MT4 Trading System, i.e. your own expert in the trade.

Despite the combination of Australia’s lowest advertised forex commissions, the absence of deposit fees, and the absence of minimum account size, you are now saving a considerable sum without the need for additional deals or offers.

Regulation And Licensing

Strict supervision and licensing is one field where Fusion Markets certainly excels most. Registered to the ASIC as a securities broker, the business is just about as secure as it can be. Traders may have full confidence in the firm’s trustworthiness, believing their capital is in the most trustworthy hands.

That is because ASIC has set strict requirements for those applying for a license, all of which successful applicants must follow. These include a minimum requirement of AUD 1 million. Moreover, body-regulated brokers must file daily reports which are required to undergo third-party audits at the request of ASIC.

Unlike several other top-tier forex brokers, Fusion also provides a high degree of transparency. With everything from their ACN and ABN numbers through to their registration date, registered address, and online listed regulator for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper into their operations.

Additional Features

Fusion Markets has no additional features aside from the basics and the price tag bargain. Although these are probably the most important factors for any successful broker. There is scope for improvement and those who enjoy extras such as event schedules, regular financial news forums, educational tools, and webinars may be frustrated with the lack of their offerings.

Account Types

The ultimate objective of Fusion Market is at the core of how they operate: reduce online trading costs. They want to make it more open, not just in terms of outlay but also easier for the trader.

That’s why they streamline their products as much as possible. Trading is complicated enough without the hassle of choosing between several different types of accounts, according to Fusion Markets. That’s why they sell only two versions for their customers to choose from, to make things simpler.

While both are not listed on their website, nor is a list of features offered. The company notes that both provide the same access to their goods, with only slightly different appearances depending on how you pay for the deal.

Although some may consider this lack of flexibility as negative, we would say the opposite. The organization aims to provide all of its customers with the same quality of service, regardless of how much they pay.

Fusion Markets Forex & CFDs Trading
Fusion Markets Review: MT4 Platform for fusion business


Fusion Markets is a broker offering a lot to recommend. The list of benefits is long, and its service sector is definitely the chief among them. The business has a strong dedication to reducing the cost of online trading, and that’s apparent in everything it does. The target of reducing consumer spending is not a hollow promise. Those who want to trade with Fusion Markets can expect notable savings.

There are many ways in which Fusion achieves this, but too worthy of reflecting on here are their forex commissions and the lack of charging fees. We’ll look first at the former.

When the company says they want to make trading forex more available, they mean it. Offering Australia’s lowest advertised forex commissions is one way they make this a reality. On average, these are around 36% cheaper than their rivals, which provides a major saving from the start.

Additionally, the company has waived fees on all credit and debit cards, ensuring you don’t have to pay extra on deposits.

Value For Money

Nonetheless, given their competitive prices, Fusion Markets aren’t asking you to compromise economic excellence. They continue to provide a top-tier operation, although on a budget, and that includes providing all traders with white-glove assistance. What this means is that you will be allocated to a trading professional, who will be on hand constantly to help you navigate the Fusion MT4 Trading Platform.

There is also a strong degree of versatility in their products and this is shown by both their leverage rules and the scrapping of minimum account size. The broker gives you the power to choose how much leverage you want, with a maximum allowance of up to 500:1.

Furthermore, it’s up to the person to determine how much they want to start trading with, which means that you only ever have to trade the quantity in which you feel absolutely confident.

This versatility extends to the broker’s comprehensive product offerings. Including a variety of trading resources, from forex to commodities and cryptocurrencies, these provide traders with plenty of possibilities to explore, and some fantastic means to diversify their portfolios.

To cap it off, the company’s ASIC regulation is a major plus in its favour. It means that you can have full trust in the brand to keep your money safe and protect your data and that anything that happens behind the scenes is entirely above board.


Fusion Markets is a broker we would recommend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t features that could be enhanced. For one, its website is short on certain crucial data.

For example, trading account features and payment methods are not mentioned at all, and neither is the company’s demo account. Although this analysis discusses those shortcomings, it is something that the company may strengthen. Visitors may also ask the live chat to get more information.

Additionally, though solid, the company’s offerings are very simple. What’s being given is great value for money, but as part of the bundle comes neither educational nor training services.

Additional apps, such as financial news forums, event schedules, and webinars are also lacking, suggesting that all the knowledge and benefits that these could offer will need to be found elsewhere.

Trading hours

Fusion Markets are open Monday through Saturday, around the clock. Session times differ depending on the trading hours of their goods, but these are all specifically stated under their ‘Trading Conditions’ section on the company’s website.

Contact Details/Customer Support

They can be reached via various mechanisms, all of which are described below if you wish to contact Fusion Markets.

Address: Level 7 222 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: + 61 3 8376 2706

You can also contact the company by means of a live chat function that is built on its website.

Safety And Security

As a fully licensed and regulated broker of securities, Fusion Markets takes the protection of its clients very seriously. The website includes a series of relevant legal documents, including a Privacy Policy that specifies that it has been updated not only in compliance with Australian Privacy Standards but also in compliance with European and British law. Which means your personal information is completely secured.

Overall Verdict

Fusion Markets is a broker offering a lot of positive features. Their dedication to cutting costs for traders is admirable – and unquestionably effective – by providing a variety of investment instruments at some of the lowest prices around.

They deliver the lowest advertised forex commissions in Australia, with a cost that is 36 percent cheaper on average than their rivals. This represents considerable savings but is not a typical basement bargain choice.

Actually, the overall kit of Fusion Market is of the very highest caliber. They are a well-managed outfit and one that gives the customer a tremendous degree of flexibility. It is one significant drawback that there are few additional features customers get, with event schedules, forums, and others being completely absent from its website. That said, there’s no better company for individuals looking for a broker that covers all the essentials on a budget.

Accepted Countries

Fusion Markets accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other nations.

Traders from Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, the United States, Japan, China, Belgium, New Zealand can not use Fusion Markets.

Fusion Markets trading information

CFD, Forex, Crypto
Demo Account
Min. Deposit
No Minimum
Min. Trade
0.01 Lots
Regulated By
MT4 Integration
Mobile Apps
iOS and Android
Auto Trading
Trade Signals
Islamic Account
Fusion Markets Broker Review


0.64 (Ave)
0.12 (Ave)
0.62 (Ave)


FTSE Spread
1.56 pts (Ave)
0.64 (Ave)
Oil Spread
3.1 pips (Ave)
Stocks Spread


BTC 12.5%, ETH 1%

Official Fusion Markets Registration

Fusion Markets Broker Review


If you are the owner of this platform you can manage this account. First you need to claim the ownership of the platform.

Fusion Markets Broker Review
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