TradeStation review and tutorials

TradeStation forex broker review
TradeStation forex broker review

Detailed TradeStation Review 2021: Forex, CFD'S and Crypto Regulated Broker

TradeStation Facts & FiguresUS based broker with pricing methods split to cater for active day traders, or longer term stock holders

TradeStation is a major online broker facilitating the trade of shares, options and futures. Traditionally aimed at seasoned traders, the broker provides a highly effective trading platform along with a range of advanced capabilities. This summary of Tradestation will analyze all facets of the offering, such as accounts, broker fees, mobile programs and client support, before finishing with a verdict.

TradeStation Broker Review

Account Types

There are two varieties of retail broker accounts, US Equities & Options, and Futures. It is possible to apply for both account types, however, you will do all of the tradings on the exact same complex platform.

When launching a TradeStation account, you’ll also receive access to paper trading. This simulator will let you develop and examine plans without risking your capital.

Simple setting up enables a fast start to trade. Just check on their site that you fulfil the requirements and rules. Options margin requirements will fluctuate from money account minimum balance rules, for instance.

A Quick History Overview

First Steps

TradeStation was started by two brothers, William and Rafael Cruz. They founded the company because they needed a way to plan, check, refine and automate their own trading strategies.

The TradeStation Group, Inc. is really the parent company of the online securities and futures brokerage company. Its headquarters are located in Florida. However, the Business is now global in nature with office addresses and locations:

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Richardson
  • Sydney
  • London
  • Costa Rica

Between 1997 to 2011 you’d have found that the TradeStation Group as a Nasdaq GS-listed firm. But, an acquisition by Tokyo-Stock-Exchange-listed company Monex Group indicated a new start.

Present Years

In the past few years, the organization has gained traction in a lot of states, from the USA and Canada to Europe and Australia. Because of this global victory, TradeStation has picked up several awards, for example:

  • 2013 – TradeStation is rated a ‘Top 5’ Online Broker from Investor’s Business Daily for the 2nd consecutive year. Additionally, it was rated the ‘Best for Frequent Dealers’ by Barron’s for the 3rd season in a row.
  • 2014 – The broker breaks into the Chinese and Korean markets after attaining license arrangements with Shinhan Investment Corp. Additionally, it launches its TradingApp shop, which is home to hundreds of custom goods from third-parties. For a 10th year in a row, TradeStation is ranked the ‘Best Trading System’ by the magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities for the 10th consecutive year.
  • 2015 – TradeStation is ranked ‘Best for Frequent Dealers’ and’Best for International Traders’ by Barron’s. Thr aforementioned magazine yet again hands out the same award to TradeStation.

It’s apparent that the programmers and CEO have presented several updates over the decades to maintain enticing traders. Should they continue to encourage greater casual investors their net worth appears set to increase further.

Minimum Initial Deposit

TradeStation initially concentrated on high-end pro buyers, asking for a minimum $5,000 stock-trading account funding. The organization has changed its pricing strategy, though, and now it requires:

  • $500 to get a stock-trading account
  • $5,000, futures minimum account
  • $2,000, minimum account size for options trading
  • $30,000, for equity and options pattern day trader accounts

Even though this may still seem high, you get innovative trading tools for the money. So concerning worth, TradeStation might trump other trades boasting lower prices and minimum deposit requirements.

Spreads & Commissions

TradeStation charges uncomplicated prices in contrast to other agents. For stocks they utilize three distinct constructions:

  • Per Share
  • Flat Fee
  • Unbundled

TradeStation has a fixed rate per share on options. The latter is the most common pricing mechanism. Equity trading costs $5 while buying options cost $5+$0.50. Reviews of these payments are fairly good because you get free clear real-time market info. There’s no $99.95 annual subscription management fee if you don’t meet minimum usage rates. This is a cost-effective alternative for non-professional traders.


Elect for a margin account and you will basically borrow funds from TradeStation to raise your position size (purchasing power). While investing in margin is able to help you strengthen profits, it will come with cons. For instance, there’s the possibility of margin calls and shedding more than your first deposit.

See the official site for margin rates of interest, since they will rely on the account and instrument.

Other Trading Charges

User testimonials have been quick to commend TradeStation for not using a selection of hidden charges which may seriously cut to your end-of-day returns. There are, of course, a number of the business standard broker and platform charges that you would expect, for example:

  • $125 outgoing transfer fee
  • $35 IRA annual account fee
  • $50 IRA account termination fee
  • $50 annual inactivity fee for equities accounts that don’t put 5 trades per annum or maintain an average monthly account balance of $2,000
  • Monthly info fees range from $1 to $150 for various indices, depending upon your account.

In general, TradeStation’s stocks and choices fees are towards the higher end of the business. Futures pricing and prerequisites may also feel pricey. However, as will be shown below, TradeStation provides a far more detailed and comprehensive service than a number of different agents, arguably exceeding these prices.

TradeStation does provide exceptional special offerings and promotions. For instance, action military specialists and first responders can sign up for the TradeStation Salutes program. This provides you with access to completely complimentary stocks, ETFs and options transactions. Additionally, it brings all of the typical advantages that have a typical flat-fee account, for example, zero platform charges and free standard market data feeds.

Additionally, it is worth keeping an eye on the official site for present linking supplies, referral strategies and some other promotions.

Trading Platforms

Online Trading Platform

For people who lack the hardware system requirements to your desktop, you may use the Web Trading tool using only an online connection. You’ll receive access to streaming real time information plus rapid execution rates.

Additionally, a secure connection is ensured when obtaining by a Mac, Linux or PC browser. In general Web Trading reviews are favorable, but they did note seasoned traders may want the detailed features of the desktop system.

TradeStation Forex Trading

Desktop Platform

Although applications reviews of this 9.5 download were more popular, TradeStation 10 was the new and enhanced platform. A few of the highlights of this platform include:

  • Customisable graphs
  • Automated approach trading
  • Remarkable execution rates
  • Quick market-scanning instruments
  • Volume and market profiles
  • Advanced order management and entry
  • A Market Depth window which can monitor the action of certain market manufacturers

So users possess extensive operation and a variety of attributes. Obviously, you also receive all the basics that are useful, such as news feeds, email alarms, and graph trading capacities. Placing trailing stops, backtesting tracking, and tracking crypto are also straightforward. In addition to this, you may make your own indicators together with TradeStation’s Easy terminology, tutorials that may be seen on the internet trading academy.

Specifically, backtesting testimonials are positive even vs Multicharts. This implies traders may try to replay a plan with actual information before risking their own funds.

All in all, the desktop system is one of the very best in the market, counting in Metatrader.

TradeStation Mobile Apps

Mobile app reviews reveal users are for the most part pleased with TradeStation’s offering. You are able to get iOS and Android trading applications out of their app shops.

As soon as you log in you’re presented with watchlists, real-time quotations, and customization abilities. Drawing tools, futures info plus symbol lists, and search may also be obtained easily. You might even set up helpful text alarms from within the program.

In 2017 Matrix has been added to iPhone and Android programs. This is a ladder trading device that allows one-click buy and sells from a quote window in real-time level 2. Implementing limit orders is particularly useful in day-trading where every penny per share counts. But level 2 data is not part of the free bundle and comes with a monthly charge of $11.

Mobile Apps

On top of that, you receive:

  • 20 optional indexes
  • After-hours visibility
  • Trading tutorials and hints
  • Total chart types, such as Heikin-Ashi and renko bars

The significant drawback is the restricted indicator collection. 20 is way below competitors, for example, NinjaTrader.

Overall then, iPad and Android application reviews were satisfied using TradeStation’s offering. The programs result in a smooth transition from desktop-based software. They supply all of the fundamental tools that you need to create earnings.

Methods of Payment

Luckily making deposits and withdrawals may be achieved via several procedures, including:

  • Cheque
  • Wire transfer
  • Online bank transfer

For additional details about the transfer of capital, debit cards, and cable directions, visit the official site.

Demo Account

Client testimonials from overseas, equities, and options traders are fast to point out pitfalls in regards to TradeStation’s free demonstration account download. Mainly that this sort of practice account does not exist. Rather, virtual trading is only accessible as soon as you’ve financed an account.

Having said this, the simulated accounts are great. For instance, when you’ve finished the platform download and login, you’ll have access to almost the very same features and performance that live traders do. It is the ideal place to fine-tune a plan. If you contact TradeStation, then you might even have the ability to reset your account.

On the other hand, the simple fact that there’s not any free trial alternative for public use may severely deter beginner traders. It means prospective clients don’t have any method to test-drive the platform. The only choice is watching videos, which will not give many clients enough of a sense of the platform.

Having said this, it’s well worth keeping your eye on their official site, as sometimes TradeStation has conducted a 60-day free trial download.

More TradeStation Characteristics


Equities and fx testimonials seldom encounter such extensive additional resources. Primarily, there’s a wealth of instructional tools in the TradeStation university, from fresh platform coaching to webinars that are useful. Additionally, there are manual PDFs to aid installation, and getting started is made simple. User manuals and e-books may also be seen when you go into the customer center so that you may set up and get straight to work. Ultimately, TradeStation Labs helps you employ your newfound trading knowledge.


This helps run many applications. Additionally, it means third-party developers may create and integrate the software with a programming language that creates and receives HTTP requests and answers.

Automated Trading

Automation permits you to enter and exit a lot more trades than you could manually. Additionally, it is simple to apply on TradeStation. You just:

  • Publish a Chart Analysis window that includes a plan
  • Select a strategy that has the screen ‘on’
  • Beneath Automation, hit Generate strategy orders for display in TradeManager’s Strategy tab
  • Click the Automate execution using [account number] account with affirmation checkbox
  • Tap I Agree
  • Double-check the info, and then press Close to add the adjustments

Automated trading testimonials rate TradeStation’s support tremendously high. It is just so fast and simple to set up. But, high-frequency trading isn’t a shortcut to wealth. You still will need to carefully track your own strategy.


Section of your platform program download will give you access to this RadarScreen feature. As opposed to scrolling through historical options data and penny stocks quotes, you can identify possible opportunities easily. It is also possible to customize the scanner directly in accord with graphs and market tendencies.

Hot Lists

This helps flag unusual activity. More than 100 hotlists can aid you to determine which ticker indicator and futures symbols will split over the 52-week high. You will instantly see the bitcoin futures signal is going to gap up at open, for instance.


Forget API python, the EasyLanguage attribute enables you to create custom evaluation tools and approaches. You are able to construct and change indicators inside your trading platform. It is perfect for traders with minimum coding knowledge.

Regulation & License

User forums reveal the requirement for trusted and controlled brokers. Fortunately, TradeStation is among the most reliable online brokers on earth. The broker is enrolled with SEC and has great relations with FIRA.

Users may relax in the knowledge that their accounts have security in a variety of situations, such as insolvency or collapse. TradeStation is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Organization (SIPC). Accounts are guaranteed for up to $500,000, plus $250,000 in cash.

Safety & Security

Events in recent years emphasize the need for a valid broker. Both false promises of wealth by untrustworthy brokers and hacks have contributed to an erosion of public confidence. So, is TradeStation a good agent concerning consumer safety? There’s not any doubt that they go over and beyond to have private data and info protected. They do the following:

  • Tracking – Complex technologies are utilized by anti-fraud and anti-money laundering pros.
  • Encryption – Software utilize 128-bit info encryption (TLS/SSL) to guard your accounts and personal details.
  • Alerts
    You should get an alert if there are major changes to your profile
    including user credentials and contact details.
  • Privacy policies – The TradeStation Group will not discuss non-public info with third parties besides their affiliates, without your approval.


There are lots of great reasons prospective traders must consider TradeStation, for example:

  • Access – TradeStation is always improving their worldwide accessibility and community. Non-US clients from the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Japan, Israel and more are invited to the platform.
  • EasyLanguage – Sites and forums are fast to emphasize how fantastic the Easy Language process is for traders with minimal experience writing code that need third-party improvement. Additional there’s a plethora of Easy Language examples and guides on the market to aid users.
  • Strong platform – After the platform overhaul, the TradeStation 10 platform offers many tools aspiring traders will need to efficiently trade. Actually, compare them to Metatrader 4 and they are a worthy competition for your industry gold standard. In addition to that, the Web Trading program succinctly compliments the desktop system.
  • Simplicity of usage – Once you compare TradeStation vs eSignal, Robinhood, FXCM and Interactive Brokers, reviews reveal new traders get to grips with the former’s trading solutions immediately.
  • Exporting historic data – Frequently securities brokers fall short concerning market information, nevertheless, customer testimonials reveal TradeStation goes over and beyond with enormous amounts of downloadable historic data. This permits users to back-test and reevaluate approaches.
  • Client service – Equities and futures feedback show customer support agents have the ability to fix most issues when a platform has ceased functioning. You also have a selection of conact options, from telephone support to live email and chat.


Regardless of the advantages, there are also several drawbacks to this TradeStation offering, such as:

  • Watch lists – You cannot sync watch lists across platforms.
  • Free data restrictions – As reviews often emphasize, the free info you receive with flat-fee accounts doesn’t include Dow Jones Industrials and Russell 2000 index quote info.
  • Restrictions on ETF and mutual funds – While TradeStation provides several ETFs, there are no commission-free ETFs. Moreover, in-depth research is missing. Mutual funds have the same issue. While providing about 4,900, no funds are non-transaction-fee, and research is limited. Nevertheless, when you compare TradeStation with the likes of Loyalty, TD Ameritrade and Etrade, the $14.95 fund fee is close to the industry average.
  • Add-on fees – TradeStation has brought down certain fees, including the Nasdaq, OPRA and Amex markets and the NY Stock Exchange’s monthly base network charge of $99.95 for real-time trading data exposure. But, numerous apps do require an expensive subscription for those that don’t meet the min. account and trading requirements.
  • Disadvantages less present traders – While most brokers, for example Oanda, make a level playing field for all traders, TradeStation’s per-share/per-contract commission strategy benefits active traders at the cost of casual investors.

Trading Hours

Trading hours are largely the exact same regardless of consumer locations. But, TradeStation does also offer you trading after hours. So, while the usual trading day is between 09:30 ET and 16:00 ET Monday to Friday, you can trade from 08:00 ET to 20:00 ET.

Consumers are automatically able to exchange during extended hours. You don’t require extra documentation. Additionally, TradeStation doesn’t charge any additional fees or commissions for extended-hours trading.

See the official site for upcoming holiday hours.

Contact & Customer Care

For assistance, issues, complaints, and some additional difficulties, there is a range of methods to find assistance from TradeStation. Reviews frequently praise the high degree of customer support on offer.

See the website for the contact number of your place and time zone.

It is also possible to email TradeStation at [email protected] They can assist you if your account isn’t working or you want to close your accounts. You will also have assistance with initial margin criteria for your brokerage account and more.

Reviews reveal customer supporters were very educated and may help when platforms weren’t loading or linking. They might also have the ability to help when order forms are rejected, in addition to deciphering alarms for you.

You can try the live chat feature. User testimonials show wait times were low.

Last, it is also possible to visit their site and FAQ page to get assistance. With replies given in detail, many users will have the ability to fix problems themselves.

Tradestation Verdict

TradeStation is among the very best direct access brokers. Users rate the thorough trading platform along with the support for third-party add-ons. Additionally, there are extensive additional resources, plus a customer care staff that will answer any queries. The only negative thing is the comparatively expensive prices that penalise less busy traders.

Overall then, TradeStation stays a worthy option for seasoned traders. But, beginners could be better off elsewhere, where they can get lower minimal fees plus free demo accounts.

Accepted Nations

TradeStation only accepts traders from the U.S.

TradeStation trading information

CFD, Stocks, Futures, E-minis
Demo Account
Min. Deposit
Min. Trade
Min lot size will vary
Regulated By
MT4 Integration
Mobile Apps
iOS, Android and Windows
Auto Trading
Trade Signals
Islamic Account
TradeStation forex broker review




FTSE Spread
Oil Spread
0.06 pips
Stocks Spread
0,2% Var



Official TradeStation Registration

TradeStation forex broker review


If you are the owner of this platform you can manage this account. First you need to claim the ownership of the platform.

TradeStation forex broker review
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