ZuluTrade review and tutorials

ZuluTrade broker review
ZuluTrade broker review

Detailed ZuluTrade Review 2021: Forex, CFD'S and Crypto Regulated Broker

Zulutrade provide multiple automation and copy trading options across forex, indices, stocks, cryptocurrency and commodities markets

ZuluTrade is a social and copy trading platform. Basically, it enables traders to replicate the transactions of seasoned traders in the currency and financial markets to attain a degree of automated trading. On the other hand, the societal component also enables traders to leave comments and discuss ideas.

A Quick Overview of History

Leon Yohai desired to construct software that enabled him to replicate the transactions of the best traders. By 2009, the business had over 4,500 ‘specialist’ traders (signal suppliers), and it was their portfolios that users could replicate to earn money.

In May of this year, the business announced a partnership with SpotOption, to make a societal trading platform to get binary choices.

2015 brought prosperity when the European Union Portfolio Management License was given to the company. This made the company both legal and valued in the trading world.

ZuluTrade Minimum Deposit

ZuluTrade has a comparatively low minimum deposit demand. Many brokers with ZuluTrade need a minimum deposit of only $1, some may need $300, £210, €250, JPY 25,000, or AUD 300.

You may register to their practice simulation accounts for zero cost. There is additional information on their practice account further below.

Spreads & Commissions

A commission is charged for each transaction by the brokers, additionally to the ordinary spread, for linking your own account into ZuluTrade. This may be as low as 0 with ZuluTrade’s own broker, AAAFx, whose headquarters are in Greece, as well as up to 3 pips elsewhere.

Depending on the broker, the spread will vary. The currency pair and period of the day may also help determine the spread. For instance, brokers often expand spreads through periods of high volatility.

ZuluTrade Leverage

Most individuals are aware leverage may be utilised to boost prospective earnings. Until accessing an account, however, you should also remember that leverage trading will intensify losses and open up to margin calls.

Usually, the greater the leverage, for example, 1:1000, the lower the utilized margin, which normally means a gain in the free margin and margin level. Nevertheless, this may result in overtrading and using a high drawdown may cause your account to hit a stop out level.

Thus, to prevent risk, it is often advised to utilize 1:100 leverage.

Other Trading Charges

Prior to signing up and logging into ZuluTrade, it’s also wise to know about any extra expenses. For instance, you may be billed an overnight rollover/swap charge. The amount will be dependent on the currency pair you’re trading. Though these prices can cut into gains within a substantial period of time, intraday traders should not usually encounter these charges.

Besides that, there are no other additional expenses. ZuluTrade has clarified on their site that the traders you replicate are compensated directly by ZuluTrade, within their commission.

Additionally, it is worth noting that in the event that you go over to their site, every now and you might discover deposit promos and bonuses.

ZuluTrade Trading Platform

ZuluTrade exchange site offers stock, fx, binary options trading, trading with commodities such as crude, and indexes such as NASDAQ. The platform helps you to replicate top traders’ strategies.

For all those wondering how it functions, the consumer base is basically split into two classes:

  • Signal suppliers— All these are normally traders that are ready to share and have their actions reproduced by their own followers. Their reimbursement fees are dependent on the success of their plans.
  • Followers – All these users may replicate the plans of the signal suppliers. As a follower, you could even replicate strategies of these portfolios generated by other followers.
ZuluTrade Trading Platform


Once you have your login details, you can begin with some useful characteristics:

  • Lock Trade – Permits you to check the implementation of a transaction after the signal was received.
  • Automator – In 2016, ‘The Automator’ was released. This notifies you by email, or performs actions automatically as events take place. This feature behaves according to the rules you apply. If Trader X’s profit and loss is greater than $1,500 then lock current profit. All of this will both reduce risk and free up time.
  • Characteristics of a social network – These comprise of parts of forums and commentaries. You can study and score signals suppliers, ask questions and give advice.
  • Margin Call-o-Meter – Quotes the possibility your account is going to run out of cash, if you get a margin call. This helps you determine how much of your funds are in risk. Nonetheless, this is simply an index and shouldn’t replace an effective cash management system.
  • ZuluScript – Allows you to make scripts which form the parameters for robots. These are called Expert advisors (EA). This offers you commerce automation, to execute a lot more transactions than you could manually.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Recently added to the portfolio, traders are now able to view cryptos. Will they be the upcoming big thing, or a bubble?
  • ZuluGuard – An exceptional feature that protects copy traders if inconsistent transactions are opened by traders they’re following.
  • Calendar – An overview of key events for financial markets around the world.

Additionally, if you are worried about the best way to select a signal supplier on ZuluTrade, then you may use the ZuluRank calculation. This proprietary algorithm ranks traders using a number of different variables, including:

  • Sharp ratio
  • Small drawdowns, high income
  • Age of signal supplier
  • Amount of trading operation
  • Pace at which traders sign at
  • Duration of trade being open

ZuluTrade to MetaTrader

It’s possible to connect an outside live or demo MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform into a trader account. Therefore, for anyone asking does ZuluTrade utilize MetaTrader accounts – yes.

ZuluTrade vs Competition

You are able to easily see rankings of investor functionality. The simulator also reveals the general gain.

Additionally, you may set up email alerts if margin calls happen. You may also download an Excel spreadsheet of all simulated trades.

Maybe it’s the sheer variety of traders it is possible to replicate that sets ZuluTrade apart. You’ve got access to more than 10,000 traders from 192 nations. You should then use ZuluTrade’s sophisticated search engine for the results. For starters, you would opt to see only those who traded their own currency, had a maximum drawdown of 20% and traded for at least a year.

Many users like to replicate more than 1 trader. Thus, you can use UserLists to handle your prospective candidates. This will also let you track a person for a little while prior to copying. Additionally, it is possible to share lists among users.

As soon as you’ve discovered a trader you want to follow, you are able to assign a particular amount that you need to exchange per signal you replicate. For instance, 20% might imply that if the trader opened 1 lot, 0.2 lots will be opened on your accounts. In addition to this, you may set a ‘Max Open Position’ for a specific trader.

You may review your account functionality at any moment. You’ll also get email notifications once the behavior of one of the signal suppliers varies. Additionally, you are able to review commerce performance by supplier and time period. This ought to help you establish who has been generating profits and losses on your account.

ZuluTrade Mobile Apps

ZuluTrade also supplies Android and iPhone trading applications. Those with Windows phones and tablets may also download their trading applications. Once in the program, you can see your own performance, review new traders to replicate, and shut trades manually. Additionally, choose to go ‘real time’ and you’ll be able to manage your risk settings.

All in all, the ZuluTrade software and cellular application efficiently compliment the desktop-based platform. Additionally, performance has always enhanced with every upgrade.

Methods of Payment

Money financing and withdrawal approaches will fluctuate based on the agent the trader uses, but comprise of:

  • PayPal
  • Bank wire transfer
  • ZuluTrade Mastercard

Reviews and reports of ZuluTrade are quick to emphasize payment penalties and withdrawal penalties, but these can fluctuate based on which broker is used.

ZuluTrade Accounts

When picking to start a live account, you’ll need to pick between two simple choices. These are:

  • Classic – This is suggested for advanced users. You will gain from manual or completely customized copy-trading, and normal volume-based commissions. But, make sure that you are sufficiently experienced until you start a signal supplier account.
  • Profit sharing – This choice is suggested for novices as you can gain knowledge by copying other people. Traders will be paid when you gain and penalised if they lose. You also profit from commissions.

Note both options include access to graphs, data, warnings, and fx signals. Both allow clear account management. Go to ‘my account’ and you’ll have access to all basic features, from checking results levels to the ‘delete account’ button.

As soon as you’ve settled on your accounts then you’ll have to pick between brokers that are supported. Details of that can be seen further below.

ZuluTrade Demo Account

ZuluTrade Demo Account

ZuluTrade delivers a free fully working demo account. Simply go over to their site and provide some essential info:

  • Name
  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Residence
  • Leverage
  • Base currency
  • Virtual account balance

As soon as you’ve entered your demo login information, you’ll have the ability to conduct an in-depth investigation and follow trading professionals. You might even utilize their societal qualities to obtain the best settings, brokers, and hints and tricks.

In general, the demo account signal supplier is easy-to-use and reproduces lots of the qualities that you can get, in the event, you opt to update to a live account.

The Way to Become a Signal Supplier

Many testimonials highlight that instructional resources center on forex trading videos and agent comparisons while not including guidance about the best way best to develop into a signal supplier.

This is because you receive 0.5 pips per lot traded by somebody who follows you and uses a live money account. ZuluTrade reports that the weighted average is about $4 per transaction per regular lot. Consequently, if you’re able to collect more than a hundred followers, that may add up to quite significant commissions.

So, what can you todo? Primarily, you’ll have to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Maintain an average statistical drawdown of less than 30 percent 
  • Standard pipes per transaction must be more than 3 pips
  • Trade for no less than 12 weeks on ZuluTrade


You can not keep a negative balance, but what else could a fantastic trader guide you to do to receive a considerable number of followers?

  • Upload an expert, friendly default photograph. The ideal photograph can help build trust.
  • Be concise and clear once you clarify your plan.
  • Trade using a real money account. This is only because people will trust your choice if they know that you’re risking actual funds.
  • Be sure to satisfy any standards, be it required minimum equity or win ratio. Meeting the European Union criteria is especially important if you would like to appeal to the European sector.
  • As a result of inevitable broker slippage, you might choose to prevent scalping strategies.
  • Additionally, trading through news statements can result in substantially different effects between yours and your own followers’ accounts. This happens when some brokers widen spreads in the middle of news happenings.
  • In the event the website goes down, or individuals have questions regarding your plan on a Mac, your score to the risk meter bar, or anything else, attempt to react quickly. Communication is vital to building confidence.
  • Next seek to experiment with a sample account from ZuluTrade. It will give you an understanding of how experienced signal distributors interact with their followers and connect with them.

ZuluTrade Additional Capabilities

Forums and sites are quick to emphasize there are quite a few appealing added features you get with ZuluTrade. These include:

  • Pip calculator
  • Calculator for profitt
  • Calculator for margin
  • Calculators for currencies
  • Economic calendar
  • News access

In addition to this, there are training videos, tutorials, user manuals, and PDFs that ought to assist you with any issues. Through their Followers Academy, they also provide suggestions for the best way best to pick out of their lengthy list of brokers that are supported.

Safety & Security

ZuluGuard is frequently highlighted as an especially popular attribute in feedback forums. It’s a powerful account security attribute. It operates by monitoring every trader’s behavior and eliminating individuals every time a draconian plan is detected. This ought to help maintain your income protected from traders that are unpredictable.

Additionally, note you may manually place the ZuluGuard security by taking a look at the Advanced Mode from the Settings section of your account.

ZuluTrade Regulation & License

The ZuluTrade trader program is currently controlled. ZuluTrade secured a Triple-A Experts SA license from Greece’s Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC) as a copy trading option for EU brokers.

Regrettably, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will currently have the ability to get enormous millionaire payouts with no risks. It only means, based on ZuluTrade, that their platform completely complies with EU frameworks for automated trading providers. Therefore, brokers do not need extra regulation themselves to offer the platform to their clientele.


ZuluTrade signal supplier reviews are especially impressed with a range of attributes found on the stage. These include:

  • The free and fully working demo accounts. This is ideal for novices looking to become knowledgeable about the markets.
  • Thousands of traders to follow along and copy. This may lead to greater signal supplier earnings.
  • There’s a broad selection of brokers from a lengthy list of different nations. See below for additional information.
  • Some societal trading platforms just offer you access to the past 50 or even 100 traders. But, all historic transactions are made accessible at ZuluTrade. This guarantees total transparency.
  • ZuluTrade offers comparatively low continuing fees. You merely pay for the spread. Additionally, there are no entrance costs and minimal deposits start at only a couple of hundred bucks.
  • Reviews from fx trading reveal consumers are impressed with the broad assortment of performance indicators and charts offered to help assess signal suppliers.
  • Users of ZuluTrade may also comment directly on sign supplier profile pages. This helps to hold traders to accounts and generates a comparatively successful review procedure.
  • Users also have access to Cryptos, in addition to fx.
  • You’re able to benefit from dependable and easy-to-use mobile applications.
  • December 2014 saw ZuluTrader make modifications to boost investor protection to remain in accordance with EU legislation. EU residents are now able to only see the top 1,000 traders who comply with strict standards, demonstrating consistent and dependable performance. The end result of this is that traders plan to adhere to those principles.


Despite lots of the advantages highlighted in Zulutrade.com reviews, in addition, there are definite pitfalls and risks to take into account. These include:

  • For every successful signal supplier, there’s also a complete load of traders that are inconsistent.
  • Signal suppliers aren’t required to utilize their own funds. Hence, you might be risking your funds copying the transactions of an individual utilizing simulated capital from demo accounts.
  • Signal suppliers aren’t formally vetted. The ZuluGuard attribute does mitigate this risk nonetheless, removing traders or withholding fees where appropriate.
  • Implementing a successful money management program can be hard for novices. It’s also especially challenging for people not focussed on fx, for example gold, CFD, and crypto (bitcoin) traders.
  • An important quantity of observation is needed to pick a productive mixture of traders.

In conclusion, you should not necessarily run into ZuluTrade options due to the drawbacks listed above. All these are also issues with a majority of similar websites. Provided that you’re conscious of the dangers and prepared to spend the time, you might still make appealing gains.

Trading Hours

Trading shouldn’t be performed out of ZuluTrade’s market hours. The market opens at 22:00 UTC Sunday and closes at 22:00 UTC Thursday.
The business will open on Sunday at 21:00 UTC and close Friday at 21:00
UTC after daylight savings in Eastern Time.

Notice trading hours are near rivals and similar websites.

ZuluTrade Contact & Customer Care

In case you have any technical problems or accounts requests, like to alter leverage, then simply head to the ZuluTrade homepage. From there you may discover live chat is available 24 hours every day. This really is the most popular contact technique for ZuluTrade users at the moment.

In addition to this, there’s email and telephone service to ten states and a 24-hour hotline. You might even go about employing the ZuluTrade site to publish feedback via an internet form or by choosing ‘contact us’. The site is available in all the following languages:

ZuluTrade - Language support

In reality, their long-term devotion to dependable customer service was recognised using a BrokerNotes triple AAA service score.

ZuluTrade Verdict

All in all, the ZuluTrade.com offering is appealing to traders of all experience levels. The ever-growing amount of consumers demonstrates that. Yet despite being user-friendly, the agency will work best if you choose the organization’s own broker, AAAFx.

Moreover, staying profitable is not always straightforward. You have to be mindful revenue can vanish as fast as it appears on your account. So, obtaining a successful plan and cash management system in place is vital.

Accepted Nations

ZuluTrade accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other states.

ZuluTrade trading information

CFD, Forex, Crypto
Demo Account
Min. Deposit
$1 to $300 (Broker choice dependent)
Min. Trade
Regulated By
MT4 Integration
Mobile Apps
iOS and Android
Auto Trading
Zulutrade are market leaders in automated trading. From scripts, to auto execution, APIs or copy trading.
Trade Signals
Islamic Account
ZuluTrade broker review


0.8 pips var
0.6 pips var
0.9 pips var


FTSE Spread
1 pt var
0.8 pips var
Oil Spread
2.2 var
Stocks Spread



Official ZuluTrade Registration

ZuluTrade broker review


If you are the owner of this platform you can manage this account. First you need to claim the ownership of the platform.

ZuluTrade broker review
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