How to Get Free Bitcoin

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Most early adopters who made a fortune from cryptos had their hands on the coins first by getting them back in the day free from bitcoin sources. There is still a range of ways to get Bitcoin free today, including airdrops, discounts, bounties, tipping, referral services, and faucets.

Obtaining Bitcoin Without Grabbing for Your Credit Card

If you want to start stacking satoshis or trying out by using digital assets without spending any money, there are several options for you. While evaluating a few bitcoin sources still working today, this guide will present some of these.

How to Get Free Bitcoin in 2020

One of the easiest ways to receive coins is to earn them out of what you already do. If you have a website, blog, or even a broad number of online friends, you can capitalize on that by joining a crypto-paid referral program. provides such a Bitcoin Games program, a demonstrably fair-game online casino where users can use BTC and BCH to play popular games. It does not require registration and allows you to win up to 25% of the house’s edge on all bets made by your referrals. With no top limit on how much you can win. Just go to the BCH or BTC referral page to enter this system, and your account will be set up automatically. There you can find in various shapes and sizes your special referral link and banners. You can monitor your earnings and referral statistics using the same tab.

The privacy-focused peer is providing another client referral service to peer exchange – It allows you to share your referral link with someone you think may be interested in the market trading and receive BCH for every trade they do. Visit the referral page once you have an account on the platform to get a special referral link. This will take people to a signup page. They will be added to your referred user list after establishing an account. You will receive 20 percent of the trades they do during the lifespan of their account.

How to Get Free Bitcoin in 2020
A watch for sale on Local has recently launched a special market to buy and sell products in exchange for bitcoin cash. This Marketplace is a Craigslist-like platform for listing products and services, enabling everyone to earn BCH directly. So if you have an old smartphone or something else you no longer need, you can sell it second-hand and turn it into free coins.

Alternative Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free

An alternative way is to sell your services for BCH and become a bitcoin bounty hunter. If you have the expertise to find software glitches or track down hackers, it could be it. The Bitcoin Bounty Hunter program from enables users to make anonymous crowdsource payments to complete tasks and receive Bitcoin cash. The platform has more than $280,000 in bounties available today.

Giveaways are another way to get free tokens. Many in the crypto community are dedicated to spreading acceptance. If you follow influencers on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and other community forums, you may find someone willing to give away satoshis. For example, Executive Chairman Roger Ver made a Facebook announcement around 4 months ago giving a total of $5,000 worth of BCH to his friends and anyone posting a bitcoin cash address in response.

Before doing this, take note that many scammers in the sector are impersonating influencers. So you have to look out for red flags and never send any coins to William Shatner or Elon Musk if they offer to give you 100x more.

How to Get Free Bitcoin in 2020
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Crypto groups often like to reward participating clients with free tokens regularly. With the Lead SLP token in the BCH community, we will see that you will receive it in various ways. Such as helping new users learn about Bitcoin cash by organizing meetups, bringing BCH to companies that will accept its payments, and more.

Tipping is common in some crypto communities and rewards people with free coins for their participation. In January, it was announced that close to $6,000 in BCH was tipped to writers on in just a week. is a blogging portal that allows readers to support content creators with cash upvotes from bitcoin.


Airdrops are a way for ventures to launch a new token introduced to a trading site by gratuitously handing out some to users. To find these, you need to join the online dialogue about projects you want in group forums and social media. Where from time to time, you’re likely to experience new airdrops. And sometimes exchanges do provide less straightforward ways of getting new coins, such as Coinbase Earn, which they list. It is a service intended to enable users to learn more about new cryptos by awarding tokens to complete tasks such as watching videos and taking quizzes. When all of these tokens have become liquid, you can trade them for your favorite crypto-like BCH or BTC.

Faucets That Are Still Giving Away Crypto in 2020

Software developer Gavin Andresen made Bitcoin History in June 2010, when he created a website that gave BTC free. The first bitcoin faucet handed out a mere 5 BTC per order, less than a decade later now worth around $50,000.

The lead developer named by Satoshi Nakamoto, after his departure, said he wanted to do something that sounds “very stupid” for his first Bitcoin coding project – building a website that gives Bitcoins away since he wanted the Bitcoin project to succeed. He was sure it’s more likely to succeed if people can get a handful of coins to test it out.

Andresen filled the faucet with 1,100 BTC of his own to fuel it. The faucet was reloaded after these were all passed out, with early bitcoin miners and whales chipping in and adding more coins. 19,715 BTC had passed through the wallet by the time the faucet gave away the last coins in early 2011 and was stopped.

Unfortunately, any website which claims to give 5 BTC for free these days is an obvious scam. Besides, the inconsistent and high transaction fees on the BTC network have also made it difficult to give away even 5 satoshis per user. If one transaction takes 50 cents to submit, no platform can be expected to send micro-transactions worth much less than that. So it was important for BTC faucets to stop operating or seek to find ways to restrict users from direct and small withdrawals.

For instance, the Bitcoinker faucet claims that every five minutes, you can get almost 100k satoshis. But, the site’s minimum withdrawal to your actual BTC wallet is 20,000 satoshis, and you only get an average of 5 satoshis each time you check it out. So you’ll have to solve the captcha 4,000 times on screen, which would take about four days if you did it every five minutes without a break.

Other sites pretending to remain BTC faucets are, in truth, something entirely different. These are just gambling sites that sell only a few free satoshis to get you going. But there’s a small chance you’ll win enough to hit the optimal withdrawal without putting in more of your own BTC. There are freelance online networks that allow you to get into work, such as responding to surveys or completing certain tasks. Some websites can also secretly use your browser to background mine an altcoin, engage in CPU exploitation, and give you a piece of what you would have created alone.

Thankfully a very strong option still remains.

How to Get Free Bitcoin in 2020

Thanks to the incredibly low fees on the Bitcoin cash network that make it possible, the Free service really offers you a simple way. Engaging in a 2-second process if you already have the wallet. Or by spending a few seconds more (if you need to access it depending on your link speed). More than 300k people have received BCH free from this faucet service already.

You need to take 3 quick steps to get bitcoin cash from the Free service. Primarily, if you don’t already have it, you need to install the highly valued Wallet application for your gadget. Next, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account to the faucet and verify to prevent service abuse. Eventually, enter your wallet address to claim your free cash online. Within seconds, a small amount of BCH will be sent to your wallet, highlighting the amazing speed of the Bitcoin cash network.

Disclaimer: Editorials, walkthroughs, and guides are intended for information purposes only. There are several security risks and methods which the user’s decisions ultimately makes. Reviews and different steps are mentioned – bear in mind some are optional. Neither nor the author is responsible for any damages, mistakes, missed steps, or security precautions not taken. Because the ultimate decision-making process to do all of this is the responsibility of the user. Cross-reference guides with other walkthroughs for good measure.

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