Oil Prices Plummet as the New Virus Strain Reinforces Fear

The year 2020 – a game-changer year is almost behind us, and as we continue to watch the unfolding of the ripple effect the pandemic created, new issues constantly keep emerging and disrupting the slow progression of the much needed global recovery. The sudden economic halt, worldwide lockdowns, strict curfews, governmentally issued restrictions made it […]

Two-thirds of Europeans Say Cryptocurrency Will Be Around in 10 Years.

Two-thirds of Europeans Say Cryptocurrency Will Be Around in 10 Years

Over 65% of Europeans agree that cryptocurrency will be around over the next decade. Based on digital currencies gaining more trust and recognition from investors around the world. 66% of Europeans Think Cryptocurrency Will Be Around In A Decade More Europeans agree that cryptocurrencies are here for the long term. This was included in a […]

Trading in Coronavirus Times: Trading Covid-19

Coronavirus Trading

I don’t play it tactically when it comes to trading with COVID-19, wondering how stocks, bonds, and other assets and asset classes can pass. I’m not an epidemiologist, virologist, immunologist, or any kind of medical professional, so I don’t have experience or informed opinion on how it’s likely to be played out. I just want […]

If You Have $1k to Invest, Buy These Two AI Stocks At Once

Buy These AI Stocks Now If You Have $1000 For Investment

While some industries and their stocks are hit by the pandemic, others are thriving. Artificial intelligence (AI) – The capacity of a system to mimic smart human behavior – is a massive development tendency. The technology has been used to smarten up numerous items big and small – from towns and homes to computers and […]

Trading CFDs In the USA

Tips and Tricks on CFD Trading in the USA - Is It Right For You?

If you would like to participate in CFD trading in the USA we answer all of your queries within this tutorial. Is investing in CFDs illegal? How can you discover the finest US CFD platforms and brokers? Continue reading for answers to those queries, including a comprehensive look at the principles about CFD trading in […]

The UK property sector has been halted following bank appeals

With the pandemic still going, UK's housing market comes to a halt

In light of this present coronavirus pandemic, the United Kingdom government has reacted by suspending the nation’s housing market on Thursday. Preventing estate representatives from placing new houses in the marketplace. Also, preventing visits from prospective buyers to properties currently available for sale. Banks Call for Action The authorities’ responses are a direct outcome of banks begging to […]

Alarms Raised due to Price Action

Coronavirus Effects Continue: Panic Shows With Price Action

Enormous moves straight from the gate, and there’s palpable panic expressed at the price action. With WTI and Brent reduced by 25%+, the largest fall since 17 Jan 1991 (beginning of the Gulf war); which has resulted in a collapse in S&P500 stocks. Which coincidentally fell by the daily limit; the first time that went […]