ABS2020: There Are No Borders For The Future Of Blockchain

ABS2020: There Are No Borders For The Future Of Blockchain
  • Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 brings together the biggest creative personas, innovation-seekers in the blocktech sector and from the world. They will be tackling the acceptance of distributed ledgers.
  • The happening will be digital and will occur on July 15-19.

This summer, chief executive officers and the leading people of the globe’s biggest firms, influential people, and the top names from financial-oriented media will come together at the Asian distributed leverage event, known worldwide. –  Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 (ABS2020).

The event will be held in July, from the 15th to the 19th. The speakers are as impressive as ever, and the Taiwanese National Development Council supports the 50day event. They have over five hundred speakers, with an estimate of over a million guests from fifty nations showing up.

The CEO of the event, Andrew Fai, said that the happening has the target to connect the distributed ledger sector’s biggest names. Ranging from the education sector to the industries and policymakers. He hopes they will have fruitful conversations on the acceptance of blockchain tech.

The acceptance is still a slow process. So in a pandemic, the time could be right to show the world the potential of blockchain, inspiring others to adopt the practice. These are uncharted territories for now, and motivation can be great.

Commander Chris Hadfield, the famed astronaut, is one of the celeb names on the roster. He has the same spark that the sector as a whole has, so his speech is very much anticipated! Don’t forget to tune in on July 17th!

The gathering arriving with live-streamed speeches, interactive exhibitions, and dedicated networking rooms. It is designed as a great place for a comprehensive exchange of ideas and info on blockchain tech’s emerging adoption.

Those who attend will gain insight into significant issues. For example, DeFi, Investment and Digital Assets, Decentralized Future, Cryptocurrency Safety, Regulations, Business Blockchain, and more.

On Asia Blockchain Summit

This is a yearly happening held by Asia Blockchain Alliance. Year to year, countless experts from the top startups, investment companies, financial services leaders, world-renowned brands, academic entities, global media, and policy groups come together in Taipei and discuss trending questions related to the distributed ledger sector.