LKSCOIN: Monetize Social Media Content

LKSCOIN: Monetize Social Media Content

LKS Foundation introduces LKSCOIN (LKS), a new cryptocurrency created exclusively for those who create and post material online.

Thanks to LKSCOIN, the content will be tracked on social networks in the future and, in general, on the internet by users. This is also a quick payment mechanism for digital content published on social networks.

The digital content market is rising steadily and at a very fast pace due to the increasing demand on the part of an increasing number of social network consumers. Paradoxically, though, it is not the content producers who profit but, above all, the sites on which the content is written.

Furthermore, it is also very difficult to protect the rights of digital content created by consumers.

For these purposes, the LKS Foundation decided to provide content creators with a resource that will help them realize that they are the winners of this development and what they create, not the platforms they publish.

This approach includes a cryptocurrency called LKSCOIN, expressly designed to be a content currency, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) that will address the copyright issue by precisely identifying the authorship of the different works.

The LKS token goal is to have a real social impact, seeing as there are several hundred million users who create online content and actually do not receive money from the content they generate, nor can they secure the authorship in any way whatsoever.

In fact, it can be incorporated into social network networks to allow remuneration for its users.

The first to incorporate was the social network Cam.TV, with more than 300,000 subscribers, where LKSCOIN has been tested for over a year. To date, Cam. On average, TV has reported more than 30,000 LKS transactions a day arising from likes (which are donations in Cam.TV) and users purchasing and selling digital services and goods on the social network.

Cam.TV is a social network primarily designed to generate an economic system appropriate for valorizing the skills of users who can monetize their content by LKSCOIN.

Among other items, by subscribing to, users will receive discounts for the IEO, which was set for launch on the Eidoo Exchange on March 31, 2020.