Will Luxury And Blockchain Save Investors In The Pandemic?


One initiative suggests an alternative approach to the financial turmoil.

Whether you’re rich or poor, you are being hit by the pandemic and the isolation. And even though lots of companies froze their business dwellings during these times and are waiting for the sun to rise once again, some are turning to unusual approaches to fight job losses and marketplace downturns,

Elitium CEO Raoul Milhado

Crisis as a Chance

One creative and imaginative blockchain-fintech business is starting a development plan in the midst of the marketplaces’ complete failure that will deliver incentives in its native EUM digital coin. Elitium will contribute more than one million EUMs to the rewards pool – each currently worth about $1. Rewards can be won by posting or sharing posts on social media and LinkedIn. By assisting the firm in market-making and developing different online communities, and on-boarding affiliates and application users. Whichever additional earnings may give a saving solution when people around the globe are losing jobs at alarming levels.

Interestingly, Elitium was constantly one of the top coins on CoinMarketCap. Their community adds value by holding on to the coin, which earned the name ‘the resilience movement’.

This may be in part due to their top employees. They adopted a new staking approach during the previous week that lets wallet owners hold funds in return for 6.5% bonuses per year in the coin. The project also dealt with the Elitium Crypto Card that lets users utilize EUMs for everyday transactions and collect cash backs.

More on Elitium

Their CEO, Raoul Milhado, highlighted that the point was to give digital solutions for financial problems and Elitium aims to assist people even when times are tough.

The firm is focused on digital luxuries and a luxury future. They started from a digital yacht charter venture called Boatsters Black, which lets you rent a superyacht if you pay with 55 digital coins. The firm Elitium never held an ICO, and its worth is now over $8 million. This is due to the efforts for product growth and long-term investment.

The CEO further added that the goal is for the digital coin to be available to all. Many people nowadays can learn how to invest in alternative instruments, thanks to the learning materials on offer. For Milhado, this is necessary in times like these.

Elitium is built on Ethereum and listed on the STEX and Bitmart exchanges. Yet, the firm will be announcing a huge expansion soon, as well as a launch on an exchange that’s based in one of the globe’s biggest nation that’s getting geared up for widespread cryptocurrency usage.

They show no marks of slowing down, just a full-proof strategy. So, the company managed to be one of the few rising during uncertain plans. IBM also jumped on the bandwagon and announced that a Corona-monitoring device would power the blockchain. Cryptos and blockchains are really fighting this crisis.