Marketplace Update: Cryptocurrency Asset Prices Fall Dramatically, Speculators Say ‘Altcoin Season’ Arrived

Marketplace Update: Cryptocurrency Asset Prices Fall Down Dramatically, Speculators Say 'Altcoin Season' Arrived

Several cryptocurrency-asset marketplaces witnessed substantial profits on Saturday, with many virtual assets increasing around 4-40 percent in worth over the previous 24 hours. The whole cryptocurrency marketplace capitalization had risen over USD540B, with top 10 coins worth like Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, and XRP jumping dramatically in worth.

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, the cumulative market place value of the total of 7K cryptocurrency assets is between USD520B and USD540B. There is already some USD20B to USD32B in foreign trade value as we were writing this.

The top-of-the-line digital currency when speaking of the marketplace limit, BTC went up by more than 1 percent today and was about at a daily high of USD18,840 for each unit. Today’s small profits from Bitcoin are nothing compared to other coins that went up dramatically in worth.

The altcoin jump has led a number of speculators to assume that the highly awaited ‘altcoin season’ is arriving. For example, the 3rd-biggest marketplace limit is owned by XRP, and the asset experienced more than a 33 percent rise on Saturday, pushing the price up to USD 0.42 for each unit high.

The 2nd-biggest marketplace worth cryptocurrency, ETH, traded at a high rate of USD 540 per ETH and is still up more than 4 percent today. LINK went 8 percent, and LINK now trades more than USD15 a coin. Litecoin saw a remarkable weekly rise getting 38 percent over the past week. Litecoin rose by more than 7 percent on Saturday afternoon and traded at a daily high of USD87.46 a coin.

BCH is up 14 percent this week, and much of it comes from the 18 percent (and more) leap it experienced on Saturday. BCH was swapping for USD303 per coin as the cryptocurrency asset reached the USD300 resistance zone. Bitcoin Cash is reportedly trading $296-$301 as we are writing this.

Polkadot jumped 6.9 percent, and the BNB crypto-asset got 5 percent on Saturday. The 10th place when speaking about marketplace limits, Cardano, jumped more than 17.6 percent over the weekend and traded at $0.128 a unit.

The largest winner on Saturday is the MCO coin, which has accumulated 109 percent in worth, and the biggest loser is the indorse token, which ended up losing 59 percent today.

According to posts on the Reddit forum r/cryptocurrency and trending discussions on Twitter, a number of people think that altcoin season returned, seeing Saturday’s altcoin marketplace results. Other winners today are EOS, XLM, VET, IOTA, DOGE, and ALGO.