Shell’s Profit Suffers in 2020 Due to Corona


Royal Dutch Shell’s profit fell to its smallest level in 20 years as the Covid-19 pandemic affected energy demand all over the globe, with the firm’s retail network and trading entrepreneurship assisting to soften the fall. The oiling giant saw its yearly profits slump by 71 percent to $4.8b, as oil and gas manufacturing and […]

What Can You Purchase with Bitcoin?


People can buy all sorts of weird things with the help of cryptocurrencies – porn, garden furniture and at-home testing kits for Covid-19. Over the past year, the worth of one Bitcoin has increased from fewer than $10,000 to over $30,000. Firms like Square and IBM are utilizing blockchain, the currency-founded tech, to create and […]

Another Bitcoin bullish rally? US Bitcoin exchange traffic sees surge


The old adage of any publicity being good enough seems to be proven once more as Coinbase stays in the most popular 500 sites in the States and people just keep jumping on the bandwagon. BTC exchanges in the US are experiencing fantastic demand as cryptos see a surge in adoptions in the marketplace. Alexa […]

Indian digital media industry needs to innovate with the help of blockchain


The time is now for India to utilize the total potential of blockchain tech in the digital media industry. India has more than 65 percent of people aged under 35, with an average age of 29 years across the country. In addition, of India’s 1.3b population, just 50 percent of them utilize phones, and not […]

Canada’s investment company Accelerate Financial files for BTC ETF


Accelerate Financial Technologies firm, specialized in financial services and situated in Calgary, is planning to list Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The Canadian firm applied for a Bitcoin ETF due to reinvigorated interest in cryptocurrency exchange traded funds from financial companies operating worldwide. Accelerate Financial Technologies has applied and has […]

Bitcoin Climbs to Highest Ever Number – $28,500, Quadrupling in Worth in 2020


Institutional investors are assisting the crypto to gain 47 percent in the final month of the year as interest in the USD dwindles. Bitcoin carried on its finish line Christmas rally, rising to a new high of more than $28,500. Virtual currencies got over five percent to get to USD 28,572 on Wednesday. It has […]

Chinese Media Sticks To Its Prediction Of BTC Overperforming Gold


Internet observers were surprised when the state media in China, CCTV, made claims concerning the long-term future of Bitcoin – and predicted that Bitcoin might exert downward pressure on the precious metal. CCTV is one of the top state-run Chinese media, with their audience being counted in millions. After the cryptocurrency campaign in 2017, Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Rallies Over $19,000 Once More, XRP Falls


Bitcoin’s coveted digital currency needed less than one week to climb back over $19K after trading near to $17,6K last Friday. In the meantime, one of the big performers recently, Ripple (XRP), is today the lone top ten coin in red. At the moment of publishing, Bitcoin traded at $19,278 and rose by 4.5 percent […]

Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Reacting To Main Uptrend Resistance


Bitcoin’s price climbed back to over $19K, but it continues to put in efforts to clear $19,5K. Ethereum was facing resistance close to $595, XRP struggles to remain over the $0.500 support. XLM has hit more than 10 percent and has risen over $0.172. There was a steep move up in BTC prices over the […]

José Mourinho XTB’s New Spokesperson

José Mourinho XTB's New Spokesperson

XTB will team up with José Mourinho, a football managing legend, to promote the brand globally. The self-named ‘Special One’ promotes trading, investing, and winning for traders. New Ad Scores With Tagline The new ad campaign tells traders to ‘Be Like José – and trade with the company. It’s a popular way for brands to […]

6 Well-Known Discontinued and Rare U.S. Currency Denominations

6 Popular Discontinued and Rare U.S. Currency Denomination

A totally cashless society seems safe and easy, and even though we have made big steps, we are not really at the finish line. Even with the convenience of PayPal, Square, credit cards, and mobile wallets, there are those who have to have with themselves real paper money. Although we can select from a robust […]



Technology makes investing simpler than ever – which is awesome. Some markets, however, still charge excessive fees and commissions to purchase online stocks and ETFs when it is possible to buy online stocks free of charge! Even some of the companies that advertise “start with just $5” can end up charging you huge fees as […]

EU Markets Regulator Expands Crypto-Based Derivatives Trading Restrictions

Dire Growth Estimates Dominate Globe

ESMA agreed to extend its prohibitions on the selling of cryptocurrency CFDs for another three months, starting November 1. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has agreed to expand its restrictions on contracts for difference (CFDs), including those focused on cryptocurrencies. In an official release made public on Friday, September 28, the department announced […]

CFD Trading in India

CFD Trading in India

CFD trading in India can open the door to competitive markets. But first of all, is online CFD permitted when it comes to investing lawfully in India? Until we look at the best trading brokers and sites, we must clarify the rules. What’s a CFD? The contract for difference (CFD) is a derivative, which means […]

Bitcoin Futures: Tips for Successful Trading

Bitcoing halving

Discipline, patience, and a pre-defined trading strategy are arguably the three most critical characteristics distinguishing winning traders from losing traders. Of course teaching discipline and patience is rather difficult. Yet it is possible to learn profitable trading strategies. Simple Trading Strategies Work Best Some of the biggest mistakes traders make is their assumption that complex […]

Forex – Dollar Climbs on Powell’s Grim News

Forex - Dollar Climbs on Powell's Grim News

The U.S. dollar saw competition in early European trade on Thursday. When risk aversion reigned on the heels of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Whose grim forecast for U.S. economic growth and his exclusion of negative interest rates. At 2:55 AM ET (0655 GMT), USA. The dollar index, which measures the greenback against the basket […]

Guide for Expert Forex Traders

Guide for Expert Forex Traders

Skilled forex traders need sophisticated trading instruments and a robust mindset. Yet most retail traders do not get there alone. Training courses, mentors, and online coaches all help to provide guidance, tips, and secrets in the search for that big salary. We’ll explore how to become a professional forex trader in this article, including platforms, […]