DOGE is catching up to r/Bitcoin on Reddit.


This week, behind r/CryptoCurrency and r/Bitcoin, R/Dogecoin was the third most successful crypto community on Reddit.

Despite Dogecoin’s underperformance in relation to other big crypto assets this week, the DOGE group has been among the most involved on Reddit.

r/dogecoin has been the third-most popular crypto community on Reddit this week, according to data gathered by Skew and tweeted by Messari researcher Mira Christanto, with 33,822 new comments posted in seven days.

Following r/48,757 Bitcoin’s comments last week, Dogecoin is the second-most active community coalescing around a single crypto asset. Unsurprisingly, the large r/CryptoCurrency received the most engagement of any crypto community on Reddit this week, with nearly 219,000 comments.

Cardano was the second most active cryptocurrency after DOGE, with 15,735 tweets, followed by Bitcoin Cash with 9,356. The subreddits r/EthTrader and r/ethereum, on the other hand, accounted for nearly 10,000 comments.

Despite increased social media interest, Dogecoin network use is lower than Bitcoin. It handled nearly 49,000 transactions in the last 24 hours, compared to 344,000 for Bitcoin and 1.37 million for Ethereum.

DOGE has underperformed each of the 16 non-stablecoin assets ranked above it by market cap in terms of price over the last seven days, gaining just 6% while the majority of the top assets have risen between 10% and 25%.

As Ether regained the $1,800 range on March 31, crypto data aggregator Santiment reported that Etherum sentiment on Twitter had fallen to its lowest level for 2021, as reported by crypto data aggregator Santiment.

Santiment claimed that the crypto community was “in shock” about Ether’s gains, stating that “strong crowd cynicism has traditionally been bullish for crypto.” Since then, Ether has recovered to about $1,900 and is now trading within 5% of its all-time highs.