Canada’s investment company Accelerate Financial files for BTC ETF


Accelerate Financial Technologies firm, specialized in financial services and situated in Calgary, is planning to list Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

The Canadian firm applied for a Bitcoin ETF due to reinvigorated interest in cryptocurrency exchange traded funds from financial companies operating worldwide.

Accelerate Financial Technologies has applied and has gotten a preliminary prospectus voucher from the securities regulators for the Accelerate BTC exchange traded fund (ABTC).

The Accelerate Bitcoin exchange traded fund will provides units in both USD and CAD. The firm applied for the listing of ABTC units on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the listing accommodating the exchange specifications.

The Toronto Stock Exchange did not approve the listing application on a conditional basis and there is no guarantee that the exchange will greenlight the listing form.

Accelerate Financial founder and chief executive officer Julian Klymochko stated that the firm is happy to give BTC exposure to investors, since the digital coin is one of the top-performing assets if we look at its history and future potential. To be precise, this virtual coin was one of the top-performing asset classes on an annual, 3-year, 5-year and one-decade basis, from both an absolute and risk-regulated aspect.

In middle January, Canadian investment fund manager Arxnovum applied for a prospectus with local securities authorities for the Bitcoin exchange traded fund.

VanEck applied to the SEC on January 21 in order to present an exchange traded fund connected to virtual assets.