Can Nokia Stock Escape Paying China’s Price?

Can Nokia Stock Escape Paying China's Price?

China Mobile and Huawei pose a couple of competing concerns for Nokia (NOK) stock investors.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) stock from Finland found itself in the midst of a rising conflict between China and the USA. And that might mean problems for its stock. Nokia stock has been in a prolonged fall for much of the last half of a decade. Much of this happened because of the firm taking the important steps to reinvent itself.

And 5G seemed as it will give the required push. The firm’s luck only seemed to begin shifting, yet rising worldwide conflicts with China are now both a challenge and a chance. Which one is going to have the biggest effect on Nokia stock?

The Globe Is Slowly Accepting the China Price

In 2008, I read The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage. It was very detailed, explaining the competitive advantage of the Chinese factory economy. The published work was a direct account of topics that sparked some controversy then.

Usually, I’m not the one to put a lot of money into long-term forecasts. But I got to say. This book has forced me to reconsider a number of my preconceived ideas. Actually, I recall editors not accepting sales letter offers ’cause my PoV was too contradictory to their liking.

So, my ambition will probably push me to try again since today’s political environment is different. The USA and the globe are starting to realize how high China’s price is. And now, the USA and the Chinese government are displaying hostile behavior. What began with an unpleasant but largely non-problematic trade conflict has escalated.

I am not examining the roots of Covid-19. I’m no expert. The key thing that concerns Nokia when it comes to China is intellectual property. And that takes us to the problems of Nokia with Huawei and China Mobile (NYSE: CHL).

Nokia is experiencing a loss in business from China Mobile

Nokia, on one side, is losing business from China Mobile. David Moadel spoke on the subject of the enterprise that China Mobile was removing from Nokia’s reach. A winning aspect for Nokia bulls was that it secured 90% of its fifth-gen tech contracts, counting the Chinese ones.

But as of the moment, as Moadel says, investors might be more worried about the firm’s potential to conquer China’s business again. The enterprise that is not being handed to Nokia is getting forwarded to rivals like Huawei and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC).

Huawei’s Loss May Be Nokia’s Win

Thomas Yeung talked about how the British PM declared a ban on all novel Huawei 5G equipment not that long ago. The ban comes into effect on December 31, 2020. Besides, Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden placed an order for all network providers in the United Kingdom to eliminate all Huawei equipment by 2027.