What are LUPA stocks?

What are LUPA stocks?

LUPA stocks describe four companies that were born into the smartphone application era. Meaning they were first apps before they were ever platforms. They are also often referred to as PAUL stocks.

The L stands for Lyft, which is an app that is used for sharing rides. A direct rival to Uber, another LUPA company. U is for Uber, the popular taxi-like service that eventually ventured into other areas, too, such as Uber Eats. P is for Pinterest, a social media bulletin board that concentrates on visuals. Finally, A is for Airbnb, which is an accommodation booking and rental platform that aids customers to find affordable places to stay during their travels.

All of the LUPA businesses are part of the application economy and are funded by venture capital as well as private equity cash. They are popular and are widely adopted with loyal customers. Profits were initially standard. With time all four company skyrocketed in terms of success and reshaped the modern world of travel, leisure, and transport forever


Lyft was established in 2007 under the name Bounder Web, Inc, in San Francisco. Then they the company was renamed to Zimride, and finally, it became Lyft in 2012. The CEO, Logan Green, and President, John Zimmer, whose goal of creating Lyft was to simplify and improve people’s lives. They listed to go public in March 2019 and stated their net loss was 911 million dollars in 2018 on a revenue of over 2 billion. Their valuation was for around 22 billion dollars. Fidelity Capital Market now owns seven percent of the firm’s shares that are not public.


Lyft’s rival was established in 2009 and was named UberCab. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp started the whole story of a ride-sharing application that works around the globe and has ventured into other areas like food delivery, renting scooters, etc. There was opposition to their labor practice as well as lawsuits, while some towns wanted to oppose having them. Kalanick actually removed himself from the company due to the backlash.


This social media network for creating visual storyboards was created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp in 2010. Pinterest has over 320 active million users month and is situated in San Francisco with offices around the globe. Half of Pinterest’s users are located in the United States, while the other half is outside it.


This P2P rental platform was created in 2008 and is used for renting short-term accommodation by travelers. Airbnb has changed how the travel industry works and since it’s established, has moved to other services and projects. Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharzyk started Airbnb and now the platform has over 5 million places rentals in over 190 nations and over 80,000 cities.

The Closing Statement

LUPA companies are so-called unicorns because they started off as startups that eventually grew in over one billion in value. These businesses focus immensely on branding and offering their clientele a unique yet useful product. It is perhaps due to this, that neither of the four collapsed from the pressure of the global COVID-19 pandemic, despite their heavy dependence on the travel industry.