Ukraine: The Most Recent Country to Legalize Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

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In the wake of the crypto takeover, slowly but surely, one country after the other is working on regulating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Ukraine has only been the latest to take it to the parliament and discuss the legal background of cryptocurrencies. In a near-unanimous vote, the Ukrainian parliament has adopted a new law […]

Can Cardano (ADA) Compete With Bitcoin and Ethereum Some Day?

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The super hot and trendy cryptocurrency market has been experiencing shockwaves throughout the past few months. With high volatility and price-changing news popping up every few days, this is a place to be if you are looking for a dynamic and thrilling occupation. But also, if you’re looking to invest and earn substantially by submitting […]

Bitcoin Price Plummets After U.S. Officials Recover Most of Colonial Ransom

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The most well-known digital coin in the crypto world, also known as Bitcoin, can’t seem to catch a break and continue with its rapid price growth. Multiple events are to blame for the latest price slip after a brutal sell-off happening among cryptocurrencies. We cannot be certain what triggered it, but it may be linked […]

Bitcoin Reaches the $40,000 Mark, Ethereum Surges By 10%

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After a slight drawback in crypto prices, digital coin value seemingly recovered on Wednesday after all-day moderate fluctuations. All-star cryptos are trading in green once more, and it seems that sentiment is experiencing improvement in spite of high volatility.  The most popular crypto coin out there, Bitcoin, bounced back a bit, precisely 3 percent higher […]

Is ADA the new Bitcoin?

The past couple of months have seen turbulence and volatility in the world of digital currency, as particular coins, like Bitcoin, soared in value and some of the others closely followed. The popularity is on the rise and a wide-spread usage can be seen on the horizon, as more and more companies accept the new […]

Bitcoin Trader Review: Fraud Or Not?

Bitcoin Trader Review: Is it fraud or not?

If you’ve been investing for a while, not only do you know that, but you’ve even heard of Bitcoin Trader. The business makes sense for that. Serious traders are usually open to selling quite a few items, and it’s only common for them to sell bitcoin if they have any. Why are these systems working? […]

Can Bitcoin Strengthen After the Coronavirus?

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Delphi Digital states in its new State of Bitcoin study that Bitcoin would benefit most from the promise of central banks around the world to do as required to keep their economies afloat. The Fed will continue to purchase Treasury and agency mortgage-backed securities in quantity needed to secure good market functioning and effective transmission […]

Facebook Loosens Terms for Crypto Ads

Crypto Recovers; Facebook Relaxes In Crypto Terms

Big cryptocurrencies reversed losses the day before Thursday in Asia markets after the notion of Binance hacking weighed them down. The bullish mood took Bitcoin past $6,000. Bitcoin increased 3.14% to $6,080 by 11:36 AM ET (03:36 AM GMT), surpassing the primary $6,000 mark for the first time this year. The digital coin restored traction […]

Bitcoin Futures: Tips for Successful Trading

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Discipline, patience, and a pre-defined trading strategy are arguably the three most critical characteristics distinguishing winning traders from losing traders. Of course teaching discipline and patience is rather difficult. Yet it is possible to learn profitable trading strategies. Simple Trading Strategies Work Best Some of the biggest mistakes traders make is their assumption that complex […]

Best 5 Cryptocurrencies To Keep An Eye On BTC, ETH, XTZ, ADA, NEO


Several major cryptocurrencies have seen heavy buying at lower prices. This indicates that the uptrend is likely to restart once Bitcoin support is found. Bitcoin (BTC) soared above $10,000 on May 7, and just as everyone was getting ready for the long-awaited halving surge, CoinMarketCap’s top-ranked cryptocurrency plummeted over 15% to reach a low of […]

Who’s running bitcoin?

China Adds Huawei, Tencent, to Its New Blockchain Committee

Bitcoin first appeared in the media after its financial boom in 2017. It has grown to about $20,000 before hitting more than 80 percent. At the peak, it’s mostly kept below 50 percent of its former level. Traders still widely underestimate digital currencies due to their decentralized existence, technical sophistication, and the fact that they […]

BitMEX Makes Bitcoin Transfers More Costly for All


A new research paper reveals that the cryptocurrency futures exchange BitMEX has heightened trading costs for all on the Bitcoin network. BitMEX Increases Transaction Costs on the Bitcoin Network The price of carrying out transactions on the Bitcoin network is increasing every day for an hour, around mid-morning New York time. It does so all […]

Two-thirds of Europeans Say Cryptocurrency Will Be Around in 10 Years.

Two-thirds of Europeans Say Cryptocurrency Will Be Around in 10 Years

Over 65% of Europeans agree that cryptocurrency will be around over the next decade. Based on digital currencies gaining more trust and recognition from investors around the world. 66% of Europeans Think Cryptocurrency Will Be Around In A Decade More Europeans agree that cryptocurrencies are here for the long term. This was included in a […]

Bitcoin Formula Review: Is it Genuine, or is it a Scam?

Bitcoin Formula Review: Is it Genuine, or is it a Scam?

The Bitcoin Formula is web software that helps you to auto-trade for Bitcoin prices. Bitcoin Formula claims it will give you an 88% success rate, but you need to know if that’s valid. You will make a lot of money every day if the app works, and you can read the feedback that describes what […]

The Bitcoin SuperStar Review: Results Revealed for Trading Software

The Bitcoin SuperStar Review: Results Revealed for Trading Software

Cryptocurrencies have been around for ten years and have been a common financial market staple where billions of dollars are exchanged regularly. While many people have had success trading cryptos, the key to achieving success is truly understanding the market. Crypto-trading requires knowledge of the financial markets because you need to understand economic and strategic […]

Bitcoin Era Review – Legal Trade Software Or Scam?

In this review, we take a closer look at Bitcoin Era. A leading automated tech system that helps you exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies efficiently. Does it Deliver as Promised? Bitcoin (BTC) confirmed the introduction of the blockchain domain into the global economy. In the last decade, bitcoin has gradually become an important part of […]