Trading Platforms Change Margins & Lower Leverage Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 Press Slash Leverage Exchange Channels And Change Margins

Uncertain times call for bold moves. The economic panic caused by the COVID-19 caused extreme uncertainty in investment markets such as forex, futures and stocks during the last month. Pandemic-related instability has driven currencies such as the euro or yen, stocks such as Boeing and Tesla, and metals such as silver and palladium into a […]

CFD Trading in India

CFD Trading in India

CFD trading in India can open the door to competitive markets. But first of all, is online CFD permitted when it comes to investing lawfully in India? Until we look at the best trading brokers and sites, we must clarify the rules. What’s a CFD? The contract for difference (CFD) is a derivative, which means […]

Share Trading and CFD Trading: What’s the Difference?


Both CFD trading and stock trading have a way of profiting from market price fluctuations. What instruments are you meant to use? In order to respond to the discussion on CFD trading vs. share trading, we will examine the discrepancies. Quick Summary What’s CFD Trading? With online CFD trading, you speculate on prices extracted from […]

Stocks Decline as Virus Recovery Starts to Look Far Away

Stocks drop as virus recovery begins to look distant

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Stocks decline and bonds were in demand on Thursday, as concerns rose over a 2nd wave of Covid-19 cases and a dour forecast from the head of the U.S. Fed have shattered expectations for a fast economic rebound. Fed Chairmain Jerome Powell said in a webcast speech that the way ahead is […]

CFDs Trading Guide

Trading CFD In Australia

Recent years have seen the emergence of a product that has changed the face of share trading, hedging, and speculation. A product previously available only to institutional investors but now available to the investment public. It is powerful, flexible, simple in build, and still benefits from price increases and dividends for a fraction of the […]

Contracts for Difference Trading Using Stop Losses

CFD Stop Losses

Making capital Making capital on the markets needs the investor to forecast the course of the market and to make trades that eventually produce profits. Because of this, many day traders build a way of thinking that most trades have to be right. That is simply not right. Stop Losses We’ve heard about stop loss, […]

Contracts for Difference Scheme – Second Wind for Proven Technologies

Contracts for Difference Scheme - Second Wind for Proven Technologies

On 2 March 2020, the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Policy (BEIS) announced specifics of the next round of the Contracts for Difference Scheme (CFD), one of the last existing low-carbon power financial support systems. Details of the planned amendments to the scheme are laid out in a consultation paper, which welcomes comments from […]