Oil Prices Plummet as the New Virus Strain Reinforces Fear

The year 2020 – a game-changer year is almost behind us, and as we continue to watch the unfolding of the ripple effect the pandemic created, new issues constantly keep emerging and disrupting the slow progression of the much needed global recovery. The sudden economic halt, worldwide lockdowns, strict curfews, governmentally issued restrictions made it […]

From Money To Crypto: COVID-19 Changes The Way The World Sees Money

COVID-19 Changes the way the world sees money

Technology has always been one of the key drivers of social transformation. In addition, there have been other reasons: conflicts, natural disasters, and crises, pandemics, and more. Speaking of this, the current situation of COVID-19, a once-in-a-century type of pandemic, has come at an inconvenient time. But the time has never been right. However, what […]

COVID-19 Moving Up Crypto and Leading Mainstream Adoption

COVID-19 Moving Up Crypto and Leading Mainstream Adoption

The pandemic caused crisis has driven people to try alternate technology solutions as blockchain and cryptocurrencies became more popular. Crypto is a sphere where everything evolves quicker than in any other industry. It is quite apt since it was born in the Internet age. Today, China is the leader of the global digital asset initiative. […]

U.S. Jobless Claims Remain Elevated as Coronavirus Layoffs Expand

US Unemployment Remains High With Second Layoffs & Backlogs Wave

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The novel coronavirus epidemic threatens to devastate the U.S. labor market. With the number of Americans applying for unemployment insurance slipping below estimated last week, indicates a second round of factory layoffs in industries not previously affected. The weekly jobless claims survey by the Labor Department, the most important data on the […]

In a Post-Lockdown world, Will Health Stocks Win Big?

Coronavirus Stock Market

Health stocks have come back from recession levels in recent weeks. Considering that markets have absorbed both positive and negative knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic, the markets as a whole have sprung into action. If crises start with hysteria and over-reaction, when a truer image emerges they can quickly correct themselves. Health stocks look well-placed […]

Gold Down as the Economy Frets Over the Coronavirus

Gold Down as the Economy Frets Over the Coronavirus

Gold was down in Asia on Tuesday morning as it had not been able to hold on to its gains from the previous session. WTI Futures for May delivery fell overnight to -$37.63 in a record slump, a day ahead of the contract’s expiry on Tuesday. In the wake of the fall, gold futures jumped […]