Ukraine: The Most Recent Country to Legalize Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

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In the wake of the crypto takeover, slowly but surely, one country after the other is working on regulating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Ukraine has only been the latest to take it to the parliament and discuss the legal background of cryptocurrencies. In a near-unanimous vote, the Ukrainian parliament has adopted a new law […]

Can Cardano (ADA) Compete With Bitcoin and Ethereum Some Day?

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The super hot and trendy cryptocurrency market has been experiencing shockwaves throughout the past few months. With high volatility and price-changing news popping up every few days, this is a place to be if you are looking for a dynamic and thrilling occupation. But also, if you’re looking to invest and earn substantially by submitting […]

Bitcoin Price Plummets After U.S. Officials Recover Most of Colonial Ransom

Bitcoin Electric Growth

The most well-known digital coin in the crypto world, also known as Bitcoin, can’t seem to catch a break and continue with its rapid price growth. Multiple events are to blame for the latest price slip after a brutal sell-off happening among cryptocurrencies. We cannot be certain what triggered it, but it may be linked […]

Bitcoin Reaches the $40,000 Mark, Ethereum Surges By 10%

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After a slight drawback in crypto prices, digital coin value seemingly recovered on Wednesday after all-day moderate fluctuations. All-star cryptos are trading in green once more, and it seems that sentiment is experiencing improvement in spite of high volatility.  The most popular crypto coin out there, Bitcoin, bounced back a bit, precisely 3 percent higher […]

Is ADA the new Bitcoin?

The past couple of months have seen turbulence and volatility in the world of digital currency, as particular coins, like Bitcoin, soared in value and some of the others closely followed. The popularity is on the rise and a wide-spread usage can be seen on the horizon, as more and more companies accept the new […]

3 Ways The Federal Reserve Deals With Recession

Chinese State Owned Bank Releases Test App for Digital Yuan

It is interesting to consider how one of the global financial superpowers helps to curb the tide as we move through what may be the worst global recession in nearly a century. Role Of The Fed By reducing unemployment and stabilizing rates, the Central Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, uses a dual mandate as […]

JPMorgan Allows BTC Businesses To Get Banking Services

JPMorgan Now Accepts Bitcoin Businesses for Banking Services

US banking authority JPMorgan Chase has begun offering financial services to crypto-firms. JPMorgan Opens the Gates to Bitcoin One of the USA’s biggest financial entities and around the globe started allowing BTC run firms in. This started with Coinbase and Gemini, two popular exchanges. What’s more, the famed bank now suggests to their investors to […]

Andreessen Horowitz Expects 4th Bull Cycle For Cryptos

Crypto Bull

Crypto-pro Andreessen Horowitz thinks that another bull cycle is coming, and great industry ventures will power it. High-quality Ventures Fueling the Bull Cycle The famed venture capital investing figure started a new cryptocurrency fund worth well over half a billion dollars. He also thinks that the influx of high-quality ventures in the crypto-branches will start […]

COVID-19 Moving Up Crypto and Leading Mainstream Adoption

COVID-19 Moving Up Crypto and Leading Mainstream Adoption

The pandemic caused crisis has driven people to try alternate technology solutions as blockchain and cryptocurrencies became more popular. Crypto is a sphere where everything evolves quicker than in any other industry. It is quite apt since it was born in the Internet age. Today, China is the leader of the global digital asset initiative. […]

European Central Bank: Private Initiatives Should Not Be Discouraged By Digital Euro

Digital Euro Should Not Discourage Private Initiatives

A European Central Bank (ECB) blog post discusses the importance of robust payment mechanisms. While the report focuses on legacy systems, it also addresses new blockchain-based technology such as the digital euro. Published on 28 April by Fabio Panetta, an executive board member of the Bank, the report points out that payment systems’ stability is […]

EU Markets Regulator Expands Crypto-Based Derivatives Trading Restrictions

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ESMA agreed to extend its prohibitions on the selling of cryptocurrency CFDs for another three months, starting November 1. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has agreed to expand its restrictions on contracts for difference (CFDs), including those focused on cryptocurrencies. In an official release made public on Friday, September 28, the department announced […]

Who’s running bitcoin?

China Adds Huawei, Tencent, to Its New Blockchain Committee

Bitcoin first appeared in the media after its financial boom in 2017. It has grown to about $20,000 before hitting more than 80 percent. At the peak, it’s mostly kept below 50 percent of its former level. Traders still widely underestimate digital currencies due to their decentralized existence, technical sophistication, and the fact that they […]

China is including Huawei, Tencent, to Its New Blockchain Committee

China Adds Huawei, Tencent, to Its New Blockchain Committee

China’s software giant, Huawei, is one of the firms named to be in China’s blockchain committee as the country looks poised to lead the way in this developing market. Huawei Joins China’s Blockchain Committee China is preparing to drive the development of the developing blockchain industry and is taking action to upgrade this strategy. The […]

Two-thirds of Europeans Say Cryptocurrency Will Be Around in 10 Years.

Two-thirds of Europeans Say Cryptocurrency Will Be Around in 10 Years

Over 65% of Europeans agree that cryptocurrency will be around over the next decade. Based on digital currencies gaining more trust and recognition from investors around the world. 66% of Europeans Think Cryptocurrency Will Be Around In A Decade More Europeans agree that cryptocurrencies are here for the long term. This was included in a […]

Unbanking The Unbanked

Unbanking The Unbanked

Unbanking The Unbanked – this saying and countless variants were the cries of many crypto-enthusiasts worldwide, particularly during the 2017 mania around the crypto sphere. Utopian ideas of financial equality and democracy spread like flames, with cypherpunks leading the charge in the promotion of crypto held in private wallets. The ICO boom further fuelled the […]

LKSCOIN: Monetize Social Media Content

LKSCOIN: Monetize Social Media Content

LKS Foundation introduces LKSCOIN (LKS), a new cryptocurrency created exclusively for those who create and post material online. Thanks to LKSCOIN, the content will be tracked on social networks in the future and, in general, on the internet by users. This is also a quick payment mechanism for digital content published on social networks. The […]

The First Approved Crypto Fund from Hong Kong Aims for $100 million

Arrano Capital, Venture Smart Asia’s blockchain arm, reported it had met the Hong Kong regulatory requirements to launch a crypto fund. In its first year, Venture Smart Asia has launched Hong Kong’s first funded crypto-currency fund. They have a $100 million aim under management. Arrano Capital has announced the launch of a new Bitcoin fund […]