3 Ways The Federal Reserve Deals With Recession

Chinese State Owned Bank Releases Test App for Digital Yuan

It is interesting to consider how one of the global financial superpowers helps to curb the tide as we move through what may be the worst global recession in nearly a century. Role Of The Fed By reducing unemployment and stabilizing rates, the Central Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, uses a dual mandate as […]

From Money To Crypto: COVID-19 Changes The Way The World Sees Money

COVID-19 Changes the way the world sees money

Technology has always been one of the key drivers of social transformation. In addition, there have been other reasons: conflicts, natural disasters, and crises, pandemics, and more. Speaking of this, the current situation of COVID-19, a once-in-a-century type of pandemic, has come at an inconvenient time. But the time has never been right. However, what […]

Digital Yuan Won’t Trigger Inflation, Bank of China Claims

Chinese State Owned Bank Releases Test App for Digital Yuan

The Bank of China has been fairly quiet about the digital currency evaluations. Making the overall public in China even more curious about what is happening on the market there. In an official announcement, the bank retorted to those queries, describing how this digital Yuan would get the job done. Assurance Of Now Adverse Results […]

A Guide to Price Action Trading

A Guide to Price Action Trading

Price Action Explanation & Definition Price action trade manages the financial markets using mere price (and price change) to make successful trading decisions. Tape or price has been around for centuries. Many of the great traders of years past would track demand and price changes to decide where the market really wanted to go. This […]

A Guide to Countries Where Bitcoin is Legal or Banned

Where Bitcoin is Legal or Banned

If you are looking for Bitcoin to buy, sell, or invest, you should check to see if it is legal in your area of residence. Countries have vastly different regulations for cryptocurrencies. Some see Bitcoin as an exception, allowing it to be used as currency, a way to pay taxes, buy goods, or they allow […]

Ways of Using Cash to Get Bitcoin

Chinese State Owned Bank Releases Test App for Digital Yuan

Why buy Bitcoin with cash anyway? It is private, quick, and one of the easiest ways to obtain them. If you are interested in buying and selling Bitcoin for real cash, this walkthrough will help out. How Exactly Can I Use Cash To Buy Bitcoin? There are a variety of ways to buy bitcoin with […]

How to Get Free Bitcoin

Chinese State Owned Bank Releases Test App for Digital Yuan

Most early adopters who made a fortune from cryptos had their hands on the coins first by getting them back in the day free from bitcoin sources. There is still a range of ways to get Bitcoin free today, including airdrops, discounts, bounties, tipping, referral services, and faucets. Obtaining Bitcoin Without Grabbing for Your Credit […]