13 Quotes That Are Going to Change Your Trading

The next quotes might change your trading style.

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Ethereum options expire this month, suggesting that ETH’s upside is minimal

ethereum logo vs ethereum coin

Ethereum price has been in the uptrend since the beginning of the year, but main options indicators indicate that overcoming the $2,000 mark would be a challenge. To date, the price of Ether (ETH) has increased by 85 percent in 2021, and options traders are still highly positive about altcoin’s short-term results. Over 96,000 ($172 […]

The key differences between STP and ECN Forex Brokers

The key differences between STP and ECN Forex Brokers

Forex brokers can be differentiated by many things, such as whether they are operating with or without a license, the available trading platforms, how the orders are executed, and many more.    The most crucial difference lies in whether your broker is a Dealing Desk (DD) or a No Dealing Desk (NDD) Forex Broker. Dealing Desk […]

Central Bank of Turkey Hikes Up Interest Rates To Mitigate Lira’s Value Drop

Central Bank of Turkey Hikes Up Interest Rates To Mitigate Lira's Value Drop

The Central Bank of Turkey hiked up its repo rate for a one-week timeframe from 8.25 to 10.25% to support price stability and restore the procedure of disinflation. The decision was stated in a press release following the newest meeting of the Bank’s Monetary Policy board. Since inflation grew sharply due to a quicker-than-anticipated economic […]

José Mourinho XTB’s New Spokesperson

José Mourinho XTB's New Spokesperson

XTB will team up with José Mourinho, a football managing legend, to promote the brand globally. The self-named ‘Special One’ promotes trading, investing, and winning for traders. New Ad Scores With Tagline The new ad campaign tells traders to ‘Be Like José – and trade with the company. It’s a popular way for brands to […]

Exchange Rate Description and Guide for Traders

Exhcange Rate 1

What are Exchange Rates This rate is a nation’s currency worth when pitted against the currency of another country or economic area. For instance, how much USD does one need to purchase 1 EUR? As of July 31, 2020, the exchange rate is 1.18, which means that it will take $1.18 to purchase one euro. […]

EURUSD Goes Down 0.20 as Covid-19 Spread Peaks at Record Highs

EURUSD Goes Down 0.20 as Covid-19 Spread Peaks at Record Highs

EURUSD falls as pandemic worries pressure the single currency. France has recorded an unprecedented increase in disease spreads for one day. Spain puts in a country-wide curfew. The second wave of the virus could continue pressuring the ECB to bring on another stimulus. EURUSD has been trading in the red because the second coming of […]

Gold Price Overview: XAUUSD bears aim for $1.883

Gold Price Overview: XAUUSD bears aim for $1883 – Confluence Detector

Gold is pressured from the start of the week to fight $1900 in the USD’s resurgent demand. On Monday, the greenback returns as the second Covid-19 spread speeds up in the Old Continent; as the USA experiences a record-breaking increase in cases during one day. In the meantime, the continuing battle over the USA fiscal […]

GBPUSD Forced To 1.3000 In The Middle Of Brexit And The Pandemic

GBPUSD tries to heal in the risk-off atmosphere due to Friday’s lows. Brexit makes for a risky environment. The United Kingdom has 23,000 new Covid-19 diagnoses. Marketplaces are waiting for news of Brexit, the pandemic, and the USA stimulus. GBPUSD will continue losing on Monday in a 3rd straight day rush under pressure from the downwards […]

How to measure the exchange rate

How to measure the exchange rate

The exchange rate is how much is the cost to swap a currency for the other, but how do we measure it? Exchange rates shift continuously and weekly as currencies are regularly exchanged. This drives rates upward and downward, alike to other commodities like gold or stocks. The marketplace price of a currency – what […]

Best Ten Trading Tips For New Traders

Top 10 Trading Tips for Beginners

There is a lot of trading advice that can support you in your trading path. Here are the top 10 trading tips for new traders: 1. Master the Fundamentals If you are a new face in trading, you need to learn many significant parts of the business. These are: The best hours for trading Things […]

10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About the Trade Industry

The average trader walks through a confounding and contradictory labyrinth of knowledge from a variety of outlets, including blogs, forums, broker websites, books, e-books, courses, and YouTube videos. For all these learning opportunities available, there will inevitably be some very good and some very poor information, but in fact, there is simply no way for […]

Top 4 Forex Traders App

Top 4 Forex Traders App

Active currency traders still want to have access to market data, quotes, maps, and their trading accounts at their fingertips. This has made the mobile software app very popular with forex traders. TAKEAWAYS KEY Forex trading has never been simpler for individuals, and with many platforms now offering real-time trading through fully-functional mobile apps, you […]

The Best Days for Forex Markets

The Best Days for Forex Markets

Many first-time forex traders have hit the running markets. They watch different economic calendars and trade voraciously on every data release. Viewing the forex market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week as a convenient way to trade all day long. Not only can this strategy deplete a trader’s reserves quickly, but even the […]

May I exchange currency while the main market is closed?

May I exchange currency while the main market is closed?

Global currencies are traded at all times of the day in the forex market, even when the market is closed. The forex market is very competitive. The increased availability of advanced technologies and information processing has only increased the number of participants and the amount of trade. Non-Stop Exchange While markets in many foreign countries […]

Where’s FX Market’s Central Location?

Where is the core location of the Forex Market?

There’s no one location of the forex marketplace. Transfers in the FX market happen in various ways, during the whole day, around the world, wherever a currency exchange occurs. MAIN POINTS The FX marketplace is the world’s biggest and most liquid asset marketplace, trading the whole day worldwide. In fact, there isn’t any central location […]

How to Pick a Forex Broker: Everything You Need to Know

How to Pick a Forex Broker: Everything You Need to Know

You can place bets on world currencies through forex (foreign exchange) brokerage accounts. You can also, purchase or sell currency pairs that lead to economic developments around the globe. The forex market operates 24/7. Opening in the U.S. on Sunday afternoon and closing after the stock traders conclude their business on Friday afternoon. The scale […]