Covid-19 News: New cases in Germany up by 8,685, Australia’s Victoria has no new cases

Covid-19 News: New cases in Germany up by 8,685, Australia's Victoria has no new cases

Germany had 8,685 new infections on Monday, the newest info by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) indicated, a record daily boost for the 2nd day.

The overall figure is at the moment 437,866. The number went up by 11,176 on Sunday.

The deaths increased by 24, to an overall number of 10,056. The active cases in the nation have now reached a mark of 100,000.

Europe’s environment is not looking good, and new lockdowns and restrictions are happening in France, Spain, and Italy. The level of new cases each day is worrying and again affecting marketplaces as the disease spreads.

However, Australia will ease the restrictions on the viruses in its coronavirus epicenter, Victoria, because no new cases have been reported in the last day there.

Victoria’s PM Daniel Andrews stated the disease is now controlled and that the state is ready for an economic reopening.

Marketplace News

EURUSD is under pressure due to the pandemic, nearing lows such as 1.1830. In the meantime, even with the positive news, Australia didn’t manage to translate that to a bullish run, so the AUDUSD went down by 0.28 percent to 0.7114.