YouTube is a fantastic platform for day traders who are more likely to learn from a video format. What are the best channels specialized in YouTube trading? It’s a subjective question, but we can go by number of subscribers and views if we want to make the most objective decision possible. All of these numbers are listed for each channel listed below as of the time of writing.

Below are those metrics that are most common for use. You can click on the hyperlink embedded in their name to go straight to their channel from this tab.

Best YouTube Day Trading Channels

1. Warrior Trading

521K subscribers | 52 million views

At Warrior Markets, they teach people how to make living trading stocks. Every day, they review their trades on YouTube to give students free educational content.

2. Chris Dunn

211K subscribers | 7.5 million views

This outlet lets people learn skills to succeed in today’s economy.

This platform focuses primarily on cryptos.

3. Trading 212

471K subscribers | 40 million views

Trading 212 is a London fintech business that democratizes financial markets with safe, clever, easy-to-use applications, enabling everyone to exchange equities, cryptos, currencies, assets, and more.

4. ClayTrader

287K subscribers | 22 million views

This Youtuber is a full-time stock trader, lecturer, and blogger. Technical analysis and charts underpins his success. He blogs to help people become better traders.

5. Trade Empowered

144K subscribers | 11 million views

The channel has no self-description, but its trading videos primarily concentrate on large currency pairs.

6. Adam Khoo

462K subscribers | 20 million views

Adam Khoo’s stock-investing insights and equity-exchange tactics give you lucrative prospects in today’s financial markets. Adam Khoo is a professional stock and fx trader and best-selling author of ‘Winning the Game of Stocks’ and ‘Profit from the Panic’. Thousands of students have benefited from his sharp insights into equity and fx investing and trading.

7. Institute of Trading

179K subscribers | 19.5 million views

In 2010, the Trading and Portfolio Management Institute was formed to teach, coach and guide aspiring traders to become reliably successful over the long term. Ex-Goldman Sachs broker Anton Kreil runs the Center.

8. Skyview Trading

193K subscribers | 8.5 million views

In the exchanges, they use options to regularly make money.

9. UKspreadbetting

212K subscribers | 31.5 million views

For those who choose to trade by spread betting rather than through official trading and investment activities, this is a quality educational platform. This is more popular among non-US traders because of the laws and regulations regulating their company within the U.S.

Spread betting is an easy way to trade markets because you don’t pay stamp duty or CGT for the gains you make. That is because the practice is classified as gambling rather than investing, which means spread traders don’t pay taxes on their winnings because spreading betting is their main source of income. Spread bets allow you to exchange a wide variety of instruments from shares, indices, fx, stocks, debt, and interest rates – all without necessarily holding the underlying asset. This helps traders to gamble on the value of a commodity rising or declining in price, allowing this trading medium a very versatile option combined with the amount of leverage spread betting deals and tax-free benefits.

10. The Chart Guys

141K subscribers | 13.5 million views

Self-description of channel is a long disclaimer. But to sum up their platform, they have an emphasis on stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies and take a technically focused view of the markets.

11. Crypto Oracle

67K subscribers | 3 million views

Emerging blockchain industry research.

12. Option Alpha

153K subscribers | 16 million views

Options Alpha has been a pioneer in trading options for more than 7 years. There is no hidden trick to trading options. It’s all about understanding risk management, selling alternatives, and choosing approaches. If you’re trying to use hedging and insurance strategies, or trading and profits, you’ll need to learn more about using strategies properly (meaning you can potentially make a profit).

13. Informed Trades

74K subscribers | 15 million views’s mission is to help traders learn to navigate global financial markets. The YouTube channel is designed to advance this mission by allowing Informed Trades to build and share informative trading videos.

14. Decisive Trading

108K subscribers | 5 million views

Decisive Trading seeks to produce independent, profitable traders. Trade preparation needn’t be complicated. By executing a well-designed, easy trading strategy with a relentless emphasis on self-improvement, you too will enjoy the exciting opportunities presented by trading CFDs and Spread Betting as a hobby or revenue stream. While FX and Index trading still carries a risk factor for losses, at Decisive Trading we aim to teach you how to efficiently manage the markets and execute a solid, well-tested trading strategy. The channel owner taught himself how to deal, and trusted in himself. He made a book error, enduring multiple account blowouts. One of the biggest reasons was that there wasn’t enough high quality educational knowledge out there. Decisive Trading seeks to address this, empowering users to obtain only appropriate, valuable knowledge tht was used and tested by a skilled trader.

15. Chat With Traders

112K subscribers | 6.5 million views

For those who prefer the format education in interview style:

Talks with professional traders — in stocks, futures, options, fx and cryptocurrency markets.

16. Trading Chinkaya

223K subscribers | 15.5 million views

Miscellaneous material in trading and financial markets, from technical analyzes to fundamental analysis to material relevant to news. Based in India.

17. Bulls on Wall Street

66K subscribers | 5.5 million views

Wanna know how to swap stocks and earn US stock market profits while sitting on your computer? Need to engage in online stock trading and become an specialist in technical research and stock market strategies? What about leaving your job and learning how to be a successful broker in today’s stock market? Thousands of students have tried and tested their day trading courses and they claim they can turn absolute beginners into professional traders or push an experienced trader to the next level.

18. The Trading Channel

336K subscribers | 12 million views

Professional FX Trader & Trading Coach Steven Hart shares his business experience, aiming to help people shorten the FX Trading curve and build financial stability.

19. Garen Phillips

144K subscribers | 6.8 million views

No self-description and this is not a medium that relates solely to trade. His most recent and important material, however, relates to his journey towards becoming a successful day trader.

20. DayTraderRockStar

49K subscribers | 6 million views

He trades for a living and wants to share on his platform the mental planning, strategic research, and trader awareness needed to help you trade like a pro. They use 5 metrics at DayTradingRadio to determine a high likelihood entry point. This cuts away a lot of guesswork and feelings.

21. Target Hit

50K subscribers | 277k views

This Youtuber is posting his Bitcoin money-trading strategy for free. He uses a trading technique he developed after years of testing out all the indicators. This trading strategy works with almost all instruments, including FX and standard stocks, but Bitcoin trading using his special technical approach has been the most successful as of now.

22. TopDog Trading

77K subscribers | 8 million views

Day trading and swinging stock exchange, FX, E-minis, futures and options use technical analysis strategies for financial market dealings. The Youtuber enjoys teaching day trading techniques to students to enable them to effectively exchange securities, currencies, futures and options.

23. Rayner Teo

380K subscribers | 18 million views

Teo is an independent trader saving retailersfrom self-destruction. He posts about fx investing, stock action selling, and pattern follow-up.

24. Akil Stokes

46K subscribers | 3 million views

Professional FX Trader & Trading Coach Akil Stokes shares informative lessons on how to become a reliably successful trader & motivational tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

25. Meir Barak

37K subscribers | 5.4 million views

“I am a veteran stock trader of 17 years. I teach on Tradenet, the world’s leading day trading school and Day Trade live every day in my live Trading Room, teaching strategies and funding beginner to intermediate traders.”

26. Joseph James

61K subscribers | 17 million views

Joseph runs a ‘Trade Room’ every day at where he teaches & shows his trading technique, so that his students can learn to deal in an interactive atmosphere.

27. Day Trading Academy

53K subscribers | 2.5 million views

Learning day trading is one of the most difficult tasks one can tackle. Many people think they’ll make a million dollars next week as they start their path to becoming a professional day trader. The fact is, being a good day trader requires tremendous effort, determination, and patience. Don’t let anyone convince you that learning how to trade today is quick or can be completed in a few weeks. They’ve been training traders at the Day Trading Academy for over 14 years, and seen many traders excel and struggle. Day trading is one of the best occupations that anyone can dabble in. It’s the world’s only job that would allow people to do well in a recession and financial downturn. They can teach people how to make more when the economy goes down, rathern than when the market goes up.

28. ITM Trading

88K subscribers | 14 million views

They claim to reveal the facts about dynamic financial banking and economic structures to help make intelligent decisions that inspire the future. ITM Trading is a company based in Phoenix, AZ focused on precious metals.

Note: While ITM addresses trade policies, most of what is discussed on this platform is opinionated content. Some of those who campaign for precious metals do so by criticizing monetary regimes in the national currency and government agencies such as central banks. The claims are more politically driven than something focused on an empirical analysis of economic structures, so please take with a grain of salt what they say if you come across this material.

29. Investor Trading Academy

69K subscribers | 6.5 million views

Investor Trading Academy, ITA, is a great name for education in the field of investment and trading for any market or asset class. ITA consists of top financial professionals with dozens of years of educational and pro trading experience. ITA is an independent instructor with a rising traders community.

30. Oliver Velez Trading

107K subscribers | 6 million views

Mr. Velez operates one of the world’s biggest private trading houses with over 7,000 fully-funded traders. Such traders are carefully educated, step-by-step, to become a skilled, reliably successful trader. This channel will provide insight into Oliver Velez’s special and efficient trading education. Here you’ll be introduced to some of the same techniques, methods, and ideas that made many of his students become some of the most experienced financial traders.

31. CryptoJack

66K subscribers | 900K views

He claims to love Crypto and invites people to follow him while he invests and trades everything Crypto-related. He has daily videos focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USI Tech and others. He is also open for email inquiries.

32. Day Trade to Win

32K subscribers | 4 million views

Here you can learn how to trade e-mini, currencies, and other commodities with Price Action. They are done by noon, because they trade the open.

33. TradeStation

38K subscribers |540k views

TradeStation, a charting software provider and trading company, has a marketing and educational platform. It addresses topics from technical research, technological metrics, to macroeconomic problems.

34. Patrick Wieland

106K subscribers | 9 million views

A Momentum DayTrader that shares his quest to conquer the stock market and crack the standard. Wieland started Day Trading in late 2015 and has been addicted since. He will post his Day Trading Videos Live daily to show how one can build a large account in a short time, using Das Trader Pro and SureTrader in the small cap market.

35. Stock Trading Master

26K subscribers | 1 million views

News and information about the stock market. Was featured in the past on broad networks (CBS, Fox, NBC)..

36. Djellala

23K subscribers | 3.7 million views

Trading stocks in focus.

37. NetPicks Trading

45K subscribers | 4.9 million views

They help ordinary people develop a market-based income-generating skillset.

38. The Boiler Room

96K subscribers | 6 million views

Here they encourage safe trading types that suit each and every one’s different trading objectives. The channel covers some of the trades the Youtuber does every week. He goes over his entrance and exit points, and his philosophy. He is there to share and learn from his mistakes. The main aim is to have balanced, insightful and entertaining content to help shorten the learning curve of every channel visitor.

39. Trade Room Plus

38K subscribers | 1.8 million views

Trade Room Plus run a skilled consumer live exchange room and trading school. Their key goal is to promote and show trading discipline to help members achieve viability for long-term spread bet investing. They use proven wagering methods and successful money management techniques. They will show people how to spread bets and exchange efficient trading strategies. They trade fx, indices, commodities and equities in their day-to-day trading space.

40. Tradeciety

59K subscribers | 3 million views

They enjoy providing traders with straightforward, easy-to-understand business perspectives. They call themselves “Trading Nomads”, because they wander the globe, trading with laptops everywhere they go. They believe anyone can do this with dedication, hard work and the right attitude, and it is their mission to inspire as many traders as possible to realize their dreams.

41. Trading Fraternity

129K subscribers | 10.4 million views

They teach people how to sell stocks and options, how to make money through properties and entrepreneurship. No matter if we are talking about trading NASDAQ, Blue-chip, or Penny stocks or OTC PINK SHEETS – you’d better know the rules.

42. Trade Academy

24K subscribers | 1 milion views

Through HD video courses, you can learn to trade at your own rate at Trade Academy.

43. Trade Genius

26K subscribers | 2.7 million views

This platform targets prominent tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. Emphasis on binary options as a trading tool.

44. Real Life Trading

27K subscribers | 2 million views

Real Life Trading is a refreshing and innovative business that is transforming the industry standard related to stock market trading and knowledge! They are a group of innovating, inspiring, otpimistic and goal-oriented people, from around the globe. They aim to bring something new to each visitor’s life and grant them an outstanding stock market education, for free.

45. Market Traders Institute

21K subscribers | 2.3 million views

Market Traders Center is one of the world’s first Forex trainers that gives traders a standardized way of learning how to meet their Forex trading targets. With more than 20 years of service to traders across the globe (unlike the “here now, gone tomorrow” schemes that have troubled inexperienced traders for years), MTI has educated more than tens of thousands of traders with its time-tested tactics and techniques — designed by a real trader for traders focused on real-life trading experiences. MTI is committed to offering the most up-to-date trading tools and services, along with one thing you certainly won’t find somewhere else — the real trading psychology that separates effective traders from the trading hopefuls.

46. Madaz Trader

14K subscribers | 800K views

Day Trading full-time.

47. Bitcoin Trading Challenge

30K subscribers | 1.9 million views

A Crypto Day-Trader teaching other traders the business. The channel provides various forms of crypto market analyzes, including scientific, simple and sentiment analysis.

48. Trading With Paul

12K subscribers | 600K views

Paul from has the goal to help you escape all the scams in fx, Binary Options and Cryptos and show the systems and services that will actually support you.

49. T3 Live

14K subscribers | 2 million views

An instructional destination for learning how to master the risky and competitive field of stock market trading using proven, realistic strategies, interpreting market statistics, stock charts effectively, with the goal of reducing risk of loss and optimizing your stock trading portfolio and benefit potential. T3 Live broadcast every day from their Wall St. trading floor offices, with the hottest stocks and their best day picks.

50. Lex Van Dam

17K subscribers | 1.3 million views

Lex van Dam – Hedge Fund Boss, producer of BBC TV’s Million Dollar Traders & founder of Lex van Dam Trading Academy.

51. Simpler Trading

20K subscribers | 5.9 million views

Tune into today’s options market as experienced investor John F. Carter analyzes recent activity. With over 20 years of trading experience, John has been featured on CNBC, CME Group, Bloomberg, Fox Business, TastyTrade, etc. The Simpler Trading group includes John F. Carter, Henry Gambell, Raghee Horner, Carolyn Boroden, and others. Track shares, futures, and tokens with regular live trades.

52. Shadow Trader

28K subscribers | 2.9 million views

“Weekly market reports describing the state of the global indices from a technical perspective and what investors & traders need to be aware of in the week ahead, and live trading videos from during the week.”

53. Trade Ideas LLC

13K subscribers | 1.9 million views

Trade-Ideas software is what you need to survive as a trader, or they claim so. They have efficient statistical analysis and pattern recognition servers that connect directly to the exchanges and track each tick for each NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE trade. Servers build statistical baselines for what is normal and uncommon for any stock, index, and ETF. Users will pick various things to track and filter to optimize the range of stocks being watched. The effect is an unrestricted, real-time source of actionable trading incentives delivered directly to mobile users.

54. Major League Trading

13K subscribers | 190K views

Focus on strategies for day trading at NADEX.

55. Trading With Venus

16K subscribers | 900K views

Venus partner with traders looking to produce regular, efficient fx trading. Most know the technological and basic specifics, but have not been consistently successful. Venus gives them the missing pieces to turn their trade from gambling to a reliably profitable, stable business.

56. LEARN DAY TRADING & ALGOs with Vinny E-Mini

Unknown number of subscribers | 1.2 million views

They teach a Day Trading & Coders Group how to trade Futures & Forex everyday. Study Futures Trading & Forex with AI ROBOTS & Automated Systems that they transact everyday LIVE on the channel. Total walk through nightly streams that go through the success of day trades & maximize the right timing & range for next day trading.

57. Market Gauge

7K subscribers | 600K views

MarketGauge offers day trading tactics, guidance and tools for traders at all skill levels.

58. The Trade Risk

14K subscribers | 700K views

The Trade Risk was created by Evan Medeiros, a trader who specializes in end-of-day swing trading and loves exchanging his insights and knowledge with other stock traders. The most popular videos on this channel are stock market recaps, released every Tuesday and Friday to catch you up with the most significant market activity. You’ll also find a number of detailed, in-depth, trade tutorials. What you see is based on factual, quality-only, scientific research.

59. Trading Heroes

10.5K subscribers | 1.3 million views

These videos are a series of tips on using fx trading tools, interviews with experienced traders and business insiders, and personal trades of the Youtuber.

60. Payd Alerts Stock Trading

6K subscribers | 400K views

Day trading with penny stocks in focus.

61. AlphaShark Trading

4K subscribers | 600K views

Channel designed to deliver regular updates on the broader stock market and individual indices, commodities and shares through a combination of technical and fundamental research. Content is targeted at buyers, brokers and individuals typically active in the stock market. Andrew brought his experience and performance to help others trade in 2011. With his “New Wave” of Trade, he launched the LIVE trading room using his two special trading strategies. Those provide a step-by-step method to determine irregular operation opportunities and how to arrange earnings trades.