Trading binary options hangs on a simple query – will the underlying asset be at a specified time above or below a given price? If so, one of the most clear financial instruments for trade will carry significant profits. But what exactly are binary options, and what benefits and drawbacks do they offer? This page will address those questions as well as detail how to start binary options trading on a day, including tactics, tips, and regional variations to be aware of.

What Are Binary Options?

Firstly, let’s look at how it works. Simply put, binary options are a derivative that can be traded on any market or instrument. They appeal for being straightforward. You know exactly how much you will win, or lose, before making the deal. Complex maths and calculator are not available. This is why they are often known as ‘anything or nothing’ trades.

When you predict news reports, quarterly updates, or global developments, then you are able to make an informed decision as to whether the price will go up or down in the future at any point, making a profit.

There is a whole variety of derivatives to choose from. Binary options can be exchanged on product prices, including aluminum and crude oil. You can opt for a stock price like for example Amazon and Twitter. There are options for foreign exchange rates for both the major and minor pairs. Menu includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

A Brief History

If you want to begin full-time trading in binary options, a thorough understanding of their history will benefit you. For decades, there have been binary or ‘digital’ options. Initially though, it was just massive institution that had exposure and the fabulously rich ones. Nonetheless, 2008 saw the US Securities and Exchange Commission open the floodgates by enabling the trading of binary options.

The internet and technology have provided access to these ‘digital’ choices to the entire world. While it stands, the market for these digital trades can only grow with low barriers to entry for experienced day traders and a easy to understand preposition.

Option Types

There are a variety of different types to choose from. The following brief glossary lists the most common forms.

Binary Options Trading
Binary options

Expiry Times

The expiry periods are another essential component of binary choices. This is when the trade comes to an end, and the point deciding whether you have won or lost. These periods can vary from 30 seconds, 1 minute (turbos) to a whole day (end of day), and even a whole year.

However as an intraday trader, you would be more concerned with binary options trading for 5 and 30 minutes. Nevertheless, opt for binaries with 1 minute expiry times and you have the opportunity to do a great number of trades in a single day.

Is Trading Binary Options Legal?

Despite the image being very negative, the fact is that binary choices are legal. Many firms operate fairly. Opinions were divided because there are those out there who run scams.

Control has resulted in binaries being excluded from the retail sector in some areas. For instance, in the European Union. But these can also be used by skilled traders. Binary is legal in regions like India and Australia – but traders should ensure that they use a reliable broker and read our section below to avoid scams.


The image of binary has been tainted by deceptive ads and cyber crime. Too many unregulated brokers, while running frauds, promise fast cash. Regulators are on the case, and the issue should be resolved soon.

Binaries themselves are perfectly legal, but stay away from promises of ‘instant capital,’ cold calling brokers, and celebrity endorsements, plus any suggestions that you can ‘start free trading of binary options.’

So it’s not a good or bad problem, it’s just a matter of being alert to the dangers and knowing what to look for. If you’re uncertain about a broker, ask the question to ensure they’re properly supervised in a live trading space.

Binary Options Vs CFD Trading

Though close in some respects, some important distinctions exist between binary options and CFDs. You hold theoretically limitless risk with CFDs. When the asset’s price falls dramatically, the trade’s value will grow very high, very fast – for better or worse.

Whereas binary choices function somewhat differently. Although you still spend without owning the asset, the rate of gain and loss is set. For a choice to dial, it doesn’t matter if the price spikes, you have the same percentage as if it fell by just a few pips.

Likewise, if the price goes down to zero, you’ll just lose what you’re putting in. And, to describe the difference – you get a fixed risk with binary options.

That said, just like if it were binary options versus forex trading, you’re limited in your capacity for benefit.

Why Trade Binary Options?

If you want to benefit from binary options trading, you need to consider both their pros and cons first. You need to make sure that binary options suit your business style, risk appetite and capital requirements.


There are a whole range of enticing advantages of binary options trading. The biggest benefits are outlined below.


Although there are plenty of reasons to dive into binary options trading, it is worth highlighting some downsides:

Binary Options: Call & Put
Trading binaries via Mobile App

How Does Trading Binary Options Work?

To beginners selling binary options is straightforward. Only proceed in the steps described below.

Step 1 – Find a broker

That is one of the most important decisions you are going to make. You need a broker that meets all your needs and will boost your efficiency on the trade. Yet how do you know what to look for with so many choices out there?


When you’re trading binary high frequency on a regular basis, the brokerage fees and costs will easily pile up. You want your income to be maximized so look for brokers with a fair and straightforward fee structure and note that different asset groups are paying out different amounts.


One area worth exploring is minimum deposit law. While some brokers will sell trading binary options with no minimum deposit, others will require a deposit of nearly $50, and some $100. If you are strapped for cash, a broker offering low minimum deposits is perfect! When you are searching for low deposits, binary trading with JC and GCI is a good option.


Other brokers will be specialized in certain properties. If you’re set to crude oil, finding a broker that’s tailored to those binaries may be worthwhile. You should take advantage of related news feeds and the wisest choices available. For example, trading binary inventories with 212 is perfect for those interested in stocks.


With scams out there it is vital that you verify that your broker is properly controlled by the financial body concerned, e.g. FCA, CySec, CFTC. 247 Binary Options trading, IQ choice and are all secure bets.


Binary options platforms are your business hub, and where you’re going to spend several hours a day. There are now several online trading platforms available, just make sure it is easy to use and provides all the charts, trends and resources you need to make wise and accurate trade decisions. Are you going to trade binary options with candlesticks, for starters, or more obscure charts?

Keystone and Nadex provide strong platforms to trade binary options, as does MT4. Do a detailed trading site analysis and test comments before you buy.


Any issue could take your time, and time can make you lose significant cash as an intraday trader. So, verify the broker provides reliable help. Many brokers provide customer service 24/7 through phone calls, online chat and in a variety of languages. Trading binary options with Etrade and 24 Option are wise plays, if you want help of high-quality.

Trading Applications

A growing number of people are using smartphone devices to improve their trading experience. Technology for binary options trading differs greatly though. So, it is worth testing whether your broker has cross-platform capabilities. Search also the charting software that you will need to work on your iOS or Android gadget. For example, binary options trading with IQ Option provides great trading applications.


Lots of brokers are going to sweeten the offer with some useful add-ons. Some may offer free trading plans, lectures, and courses. So, first find out if they’re offering free online courses to boost your trading results. Many brokers do offer free trials on binary trading, so you can try before you purchase.

You may also benefit from rewards, tips, the best reviews of strategy and trade signals, plus free, practice test accounts. Not to mention a few brokers for trading of binary options using Paypal. Don’t be offset by any binary options trading deposit incentive though, these can be a sign of possible scams.

Demo Accounts

For newbies it is a good idea to get to grips with a trial account first. You can try out that assets and options, funded with simulated capital. It’s the best place to make errors and learn before putting real money on the table. Moreover, most free binary options demo accounts do not need deposit, so you can start practicing while saving the initial money.

There’s no single best broker, it’s always up to your individual needs. Some brokers offer small trades of only a few pounds while others need hundreds or even thousands of pounds. The answer – first do your homework.

Step 2 – Choose An Instrument/Market

In pretty much everything you can exchange binaries like stocks, forex, indices, and commodities. You can bet on everything from natural gas prices, to Google’s stock price. Opt for an asset that you understand well, that offers promising returns.

Step 3 – Decide On An Expiry Time

You are likely to be more active as a short-term trader in expiry periods of 30 seconds, 1 minute and the end of the day. You need to balance the frequency of trading binary options with price movement. Although the more trades you do mean greater opportunity for benefit, it is safer to make trades that are less and more accurate. Choose a moment that suits your business style, too.

Step 4 – Decide On Size

In the game of binary choices, scale matters. The bigger the investment, the greater the future benefit. On the other side, the whole of your money is on the line. You need an efficient money management program that helps you to do enough business while also preventing you from blowing your entire resources.

Step 5 – Choose An Option

You will have to choose from any number of the choices listed above. Think carefully about how confident you are in your resolve. Consider factors that will affect your investment, and select an choice that will give you the best chance to succeed. Don’t pick a ladder trade immediately if you want big returns, think which choices are the fairly safe bets.

When you have made the decision, test your trade and confirm it. You can then sit back and wait for payment for the trade.

Demo Video

A video below demonstrates how to trade binary options on a leading provider’s platform:


Binary trading techniques can vary from trade to trade. What can work in forex for a ladder option will prove useless in a gold range option. That said, there are two reasons you’ve got to have a plan.

Primarily, a policy avoids the intervention of feelings in trade decisions. Fear, greed and ambition all can lead to mistakes. A plan allows you to concentrate on the data and maths.

Second, a plan lets you repeat successful business decisions. When you figure out how this binary choice worked and why, you can repeat it to generate consistent profits.

Building A Strategy

Your binary options trading approach has two key components, generating a signal and determining how much to sell. The second is money management, in fact. How, then, do you decide on these two steps?

Step 1 – Creating A Signal

The signal will tell you in which direction the price will go, so you can make a guess in advance. Using technological research, and the news are the two key ways to build signal.

Charts, Patterns & Indicators

You can be able to forecast potential price changes if you can find trends in your graphs. We focus on the principle of ‘repeating history.’ Using Heiken-ashi, other candlesticks, and line charts to start trading binary options. The good traders, armed with charts and trends, would develop a plan around their findings.

Then you can incorporate indicators into your plan, telling you when to make a binary option and which binary option you should be searching for. Such analytical resources will prove invaluable, so make sure your broker provides the features to perform a detailed examination of the market.

Some of the best things about binary trading is that you can use any number of the normal measures, trends, and resources to help forecast potential movements in binary options. You may then start trading with / using:

See our pages of charts and patterns for more comprehensive directions.


Without technical indicators, you can trade binary options while depending on the news. The advantage of the news is that its interpretation and use is fairly straightforward. You may need to watch for business updates, such as annual report launches. Alternatively, watch for more global news, such as shifting away from fossil fuels, that could affect a whole industry. Small announcements can send rocketing or plummeting prices.

Thus you can stay in the know and until the rest of the market catches on you can trade your binary options. You’ll have to be tuned into a number of news outlets to do so. You can browse online in the background and have the TV or radio on. In terms of trading knowledge some of the most important news outlets are:

Step 2 – How Much You Should Trade

This is always best to keep simple if you’re just starting out. It’s smart to trade the same amount into every trade before you find your footing. Below are 3 trading strategies for both beginners and seasoned traders on binary options.

Martingale Strategy

Using the martingale trading technique, binary options aim to recover losses as soon as possible. To do so you will be selling bigger sums of money after a loss in the trades. So, every time you trade, you’d set an number, say $250. If you lose $250 on that, though, you’d bet $500 on the next deal. When the trade wins, instead of being stuck around the break-even point, you’ll be back in the black, already.

The problem with this approach is that if you go on a losing streak in a short span of time you will lose a significant amount of money. Use this technique only if you have reasonably reliable means of making trade decisions. If you are still in the process of trial and error, find another method.

Percentage Strategy

A system based on a percentage is common among binary options traders and other traders alike. The idea is to assign a percentage that you wish to lose. It is normal between 1-2 per cent. So, if you had $10,000 in your account and your risk was 2%, you could trade $200 on a single trade.

If you are more risk-tolerant and have good performance, you may want to increase the risk margin to 5%. This program has the advantage that you can never lose more than you can afford to. Which makes it an perfect solution if you’re new to binary options trading.

Straddle Strategy

This example is best used in times of high uncertainty and right before major news announcements break. Traders of all levels of experience will employ this technique. It gives you the opportunity to avoid selecting the call and put option, and instead allows both to be placed on a specified instrument.

You want to use put when the instrument’s value has increased, however you think it will quickly decrease. Place a call option on it once the descent has begun, anticipating it bouncing back swiftly. You can do that in the opposite direction, too. Simply call down asset prices and place the increasing asset value on top of that.

This greatly increases the chance of achieving a successful outcome on at least one of the trade options. If you’re in a competitive market, you might see this easy program turning beautiful profits. This works well as a 60-second strategy trading binary options, which can also cover up to a day’s expiry periods.

Bots & Algorithmic Trading

You may want to consider using an automated program to implement once you have built a plan that directs you to consistent income. These robots typically rely on pre-programmable signals and algorithms.

The bots then do all the work, selling options on your behalf. The positive side is that they can do much more business than you can manually, which raises the future profit margin. They can trade through various properties and markets as well.

When it comes to auto trading and searching for robot feedback, it’s worth investigating your brokers bid. Many allow you to create a fairly simple programme. You can use your own entry points which depend on bands from Bollinger, patterns from RSI / MFI and moving averages.

Though, even though you have your program up and running on autopilot, you can’t go into binary options trading, you need to stay tuned in. If any errors occur, you’ll need to be there to fix the issue. Technical failures and unforeseeable changes to the market can all cause problems, so stay alert.


Most pdfs binary alternative techniques fail to take time variables into account sufficiently. Those techniques with different time choices will work better. You may want to explicitly look for a binary choice strategy of 5 minutes. Instead, 15-minute binary options trading can suit your needs better. So, whatever approach you choose for above, make sure you take time into consideration.

Summing Up Strategy

Trading with profitable binary options depends on finding a strategy that suits your business style. So, find the instrument that you will be dealing with. Use an efficient money management program and use charts and trends to produce indicators. Using news announcements to your advantage, too.

When you are first attempting a new barrier, crack, hedging, or some other binary tactic, why not try it first on a trial account? This will allow you to tackle any problems before investing your own money.



As Benjamin Franklin said – a knowledge investment pays the best interest. The best traders never cease to grow. The markets change, and along with them, you need to adapt.

Using some of the tools listed below to do this.

All of this will play a vital role in the trading of your binary options. Free trading videos and examples will help give you an advantage on the rest of the market so make as much use as possible of them.

Trading Journal

There are currently no University binary options available. Explanations as to why that alternative wasn’t working may be difficult to get through. Keeping a journal with all of the results of your binary option trading could solve that problem. A clear record of each trade, date, and price will help you streamline your plan and raise future profits.

If you’re keeping it an excel document or using tailor-made software, it could help you prevent potential hazards. As an added benefit, it will considerably improve the filing of tax returns at year-end. A journal is one of binary options’ best-kept secrets and now that you know, use one.


Successfully trading binary options isn’t just about getting the correct strategy. When you can’t control your feelings you are going to make costly mistakes. What is convenient is never successful, as Robert Arnott said. Fear and greed will distract you from the numbers when the pressure kicks into.

You have to accept that losses are part of trading, and then stick to your plan. When it is based on accurate mathematics and diligent scientific analysis, then you must remain faithful to it. If you start to behave incoherently your income will suffer.

Regional Differences


When binary options rise in popularity around the globe, regulatory bodies are scrambling to instill order. This means you will all be regulated by various laws and restrictions, depending where you deal and the markets you move into.


For instance, if you’re a binary options in the United Kingdom, you’ll need a UK gambling commission license. When you opt for a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved broker, you will be guaranteed an additional degree of security. Beware of other brokerages registered with the FCA, since that isn’t the same as regulation.

Brexit has introduced international controls with complexities. The MiFID II guidelines were set to be enforced in Europe to apply binary rules but the United Kingdom does not follow the guidelines now. This means that the UK is no longer under European Union pressure to reclassify binaries as financial instruments.

United States

Trading binary options for USA residents is constrained by only selecting two brokers. Nadex and CBOE are the only two choices which are approved. Luckily, both are large companies offering competitive pricing as well as a variety of different assets for binary trading.

Rest of the World

In Australia, the show is run by the Australian Commission on Securities and Investments (ASIC). If you are interested in Cyprus and Israel-based brokers, then verify that they are CySec controlled. In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) controls binary options.

In Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Malaysia, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, you can also start binary options. Each have their own regulatory bodies and varying specifications.

So, be sure to do your homework before you sign up for a binary broker on the other side of the planet, if you want security.


The major national differentiation comes in tax form. Some nations, such as the United Kingdom, consider binary options to be a form of gambling. That comes with notable advantages. The HMRC won’t charge you any taxes on income from binary options. For the future, however, binaries may fall under the umbrella of financial derivatives and may incur tax obligations.

Having said that, if your only source of income is binaries and you find yourself a full-time trader, then you may be liable to pay income tax. Although you are definitely still excluded, clarity is worth finding.

Tax control varies greatly outside of the UK. For Japan and Germany, for example, the binary alternatives come with significantly different tax obligations. So, seek advice before you start trading to determine whether you will be excluded from tax. If not, are you paying income tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax and/or some other form of tax?

Can Trading Binary Options Make You Rich?

While exciting and complex, you’ll need to use this page and other sources as guides for making a living out of binary options trading. Could binary options trading make you rich? Maybe, if done right. There is no issue of profitably, this is shown by many millionaires. But, to get there, you’ll need the right broker, an successful plan, and by using the tools described above, you’ll need to invest in your trade education.